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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Auction Utopia, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Welcome to Auction Utopia - Online Auction Sale

Lot#: 2

5 magazine style books that bridge the history

Lot#: 3

4 CDs. The Beatles double discs, the Beatles

Lot#: 4

5 CDs. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Eric Clayton,

Lot#: 5

4 CDs. The Rolling Stones Rewind, Rolling Stones

Lot#: 6

3 CDs. The Tragically Hip. ( Road Apples, Fully

Lot#: 7

Lot of 45s. 31 in total.

Lot#: 8

Lot of 45s. Total of 17.

Lot#: 9

Lot of 45s. 19 in total

Lot#: 10

Lot of 45s. 14 in total

Lot#: 11

Lot of 45s. 38 in total

Lot#: 12

Lot of 45s. 34 in total

Lot#: 13

Lot of 45s. 27 in total

Lot#: 14

Lot of 45s. Total of 20.

Lot#: 15

Lot of 45s. 23 in total.

Lot#: 16

Lot of 45s. 32 in total

Lot#: 17

Lot of 45s. 28 in total.

Lot#: 18

Lot of 45s. 32 in total

Lot#: 19

Lot of 45s. 30 in total

Lot#: 20

Lot of 45s. 21 in total.

Lot#: 21

Lot of 45s. 38 in total.

Lot#: 22

Late 1990's Rock and Roll Elmo made by Tyco.

Lot#: 23

Collector Plate. Stoney Cooper and Wilma Lee

Lot#: 24

Rileys Toffee Tin old. Halifax England. Shoe

Lot#: 25

Fisher-Price portable record player. Working

Lot#: 26

Shure Microphone Shure Brothers old yet new in

Lot#: 27

Chinese iron musical balls. 2 in total. 2 sizes.

Lot#: 28

Pocket Watch Ingersoll Yankee made in USA

Lot#: 29

Stop Watch. Swiss made Chaimilan shock resistant.

Lot#: 30

Pocket watch. Ingersoll Eclipse

Lot#: 31

Quartz watch. Moulin. Pearl like facing

Lot#: 32

Watch lot. Timex water resistant some wear,

Lot#: 33

2 watches. Pekkle theme jelly band 97 Japan

Lot#: 34

Watch Limited Edition M&M new condition

Lot#: 35

Watch. Delicate tiny "Lorie" wrist watch. See

Lot#: 36

Watch. Disney Mickey Mouse water resistant base

Lot#: 37

Watch. Boy London. Appears new. Untested

Lot#: 38

Watch. Phasar water resistant quartz stainless

Lot#: 39

Watch. Casio. Quartz water resistant. Some wear.

Lot#: 40

Watches 3 no bands. Britix 17 Jewel

Lot#: 41

Three Timex watches. No bands. Some wear.

Lot#: 42

3 watches . 2 without bands. Untested note wear

Lot#: 43

Watches without bands. 2. See pictures for

Lot#: 44

Icetime Watch. Men's' Diamond Series Victory

Lot#: 45

Chatelain Quartz watch. Working. Appears new.

Lot#: 46

MMcrystal Design ring with Swarovski's

Lot#: 47

MMcrystal Design Earrings with Swarovski's

Lot#: 48

MMcrystal Necklace

Lot#: 49

2 pair of cufflinks. Very nice black stones

Lot#: 50

Cuff links, tie clip, jacket clip

Lot#: 51

Earrings. Two sets pierced version. Winnie Pooh

Lot#: 52

5 Lapel Pins. One stamp signed Birks See pic

Lot#: 53

Stunning men's cufflinks. Stamped Canada.

Lot#: 54

Lapel Pins. 5 in total.

Lot#: 55

Unique retracting pocket knife. Seagers Special

Lot#: 56

Signed Stamped Cufflinks and one other set LOT

Lot#: 57

Tie clips and one lapel pin.

Lot#: 58

Fine 14K gold chain with a beautiful pendant

Lot#: 59

Sterling silver chain& pendant chain stamped SMA

Lot#: 60

Authentic Fossil watch in gift box. Water

Lot#: 61

Lot incl frog jewelry set which includes ear rings

Lot#: 62

Tie pin and cufflink jewelry set. Ruby colour

Lot#: 63

Lot of 6 Red Rose Tea collectors figurines.

Lot#: 64

Red Rose Tea collectors figurines

Lot#: 65

Red Rose Tea Figurines. Seven in total

Lot#: 66

Red Rose Tea collectible figurines

Lot#: 67

Red Rose Tea collectibles figurines 5 in total

Lot#: 68

Vintage rhinestone necklace. A beautiful

Lot#: 69

Vintage necklace. Needs some repair.

Lot#: 70

Faux pearls knotted between each pearl and a

Lot#: 71

M&M the official candy watch.

Lot#: 72

Beautiful vintage Rhinestone brooch

Lot#: 73

1950s - Vintage Austrian Brooch - AUSTRIA

Lot#: 74

Stunning vintage Brooch. All in tact. Shine

Lot#: 75

Stunning Rhinestone brooch.Aurora Borealis display

Lot#: 76

Beautiful Rhinestone tree Avon brooch.

Lot#: 77

Beautiful piece. Maple leaf gold tone brooch

Lot#: 78

Candle brooch. Shining with green and one red

Lot#: 79

Eagle pendant chain. From the 70s.

Lot#: 80

Blue stone surrounded with clear stones.

Lot#: 81

Stunning brooch

Lot#: 82

Wreath bell brooch and 3 angel lapel pins.

Lot#: 83

70s key heat chain. 16 inch chain.

Lot#: 84

Estera signed Brooch. Sterling finish with

Lot#: 85

Gem stone pendant. Beautiful piece.

Lot#: 86

Stunning delicate gemstone heart pendant

Lot#: 87

Signed Sarah Cov Canada Necklace

Lot#: 88

Closed umbrella brooch

Lot#: 89

Lot of Brooches. Owl turtle and Paris.

Lot#: 90

Signed 1962 (C) Abon gold tone Rose accents glove

Lot#: 91

Trillium Brooch and necklace.

Lot#: 92

Brooch with amazing detail

Lot#: 93

4 shell seating tags and portable ashtray

Lot#: 94

Vintage rhinestone clip on earrings.

Lot#: 95

Vintage gem here. Colourful clip on earrings.

Lot#: 96

Vintage button pearl style clip on earrings

Lot#: 97

Vintage Estera earrings with turquoise colour

Lot#: 98

Earrings. Vintage. Clip ons

Lot#: 99

2 pair of Clip on Vintage Earrings.

Lot#: 100

2 pair of vintage clip on earring. one set stamped

Lot#: 101

Vintage clip on earrings. Pink pearl and pearl

Lot#: 102

Stud earrings. Shine like a diamond. Simply

Lot#: 103

Vintage clip on earrings.

Lot#: 104

Vintage Swiss Tissot dainty designed watch see

Lot#: 105

Birks Champion watch 17 Jewels

Lot#: 106

Ladies dainty vintage Timex watch.

Lot#: 107

Beautiful necklace and pendant with a pearl

Lot#: 108

2 pair of pierced earrings.

Lot#: 109

Stunning Bracelet with nice stones

Lot#: 110

Two hearts and pearl design pendant

Lot#: 111

Two pendants. Natural stone look and hand

Lot#: 112

Two pendants and 1 set of pierced style earrings.

Lot#: 113

Lot of vintage cli pons and some pierced all

Lot#: 114

Lot. Large size barrette, metal

Lot#: 115

A project lot of stunning earrings needing repair

Lot#: 116

CAAC Shanghai Stick Pin Hat with tiny flower and

Lot#: 117

Fashion pierced ears earrings and Sarah Stamped

Lot#: 118

Stamped Persian Germany clip and vintage

Lot#: 119

Nice Bracelet. Green and Silver tone stamped

Lot#: 120

Scottish Heather flower Brooch hand made

Lot#: 121

Vintage Tie pin Stamped on both pieces.

Lot#: 122

Cufflinks Stamp signed Patented Krementz

Lot#: 123

Very nice cufflinks. Blue stone and chain

Lot#: 124

Cufflinks gold tone stunning design.

Lot#: 125

Cufflinks silver finish with black and shell

Lot#: 126

Tie Pin silver and pearl design. Vintage

Lot#: 127

Leaf tie pin stamped signature. See pic.

Lot#: 128

Cuff links. Gold tone stamp signed

Lot#: 129

1 Cufflink snap vintage.

Lot#: 130

Gold tone watch. Mortima 17 Jewels approx. 6 inch

Lot#: 131

New Bracelet with stainless steel clasps.

Lot#: 132

Stainless steel new bracelet adjustable

Lot#: 133

New bracelet gold finish. Magnetic and link clasp

Lot#: 134

The Rugrats Movie collector wrist compass

Lot#: 135

3 digital watches. 2 Gum watches 1 Kelloggs

Lot#: 136

Time Quartz watch with Tan Leather genuine

Lot#: 137

Vintage carriage quartz watch. Note band wear a

Lot#: 138

Timex watch. Some wear noted.

Lot#: 139

Cross Pen New still in gift box

Lot#: 140

Cross Pen in hard case package 3502 Chr bp

Lot#: 141

Scottish Dirk Dagger. Stunning jeweled design

Lot#: 142

Centennial Issue 1867 1967 stamp box. Designed a

Lot#: 143

Three stooges golfing picture in frame and one

Lot#: 144

Pewter Salt and pepper shakers and sailboat clip

Lot#: 145

Set of unique gadgets

Lot#: 146

Oval tin Murray's "Big

Lot#: 147

Rare Fortune 3 Way Teller

Lot#: 148

New heavy tin chopper parking only parking sign.

Lot#: 149

New Chain gold tone with gift box.

Lot#: 150

Cross pendant with 20 inch chain. Chain is

Lot#: 151

Royal Canadian Mint 1985 coin set including a

Lot#: 152

Royal Canadian Mint 1980 Coin Collection.

Lot#: 153

Royal Canadian Mint 1992 coin collection displayed

Lot#: 154

Royal Canadian Mint 1992 coin set protected

Lot#: 155

2015 Lunar Lotus Year of the Sheep $15 Coin

Lot#: 156

2016 $20. Fine Silver Coin Maple Leaf Maze

Lot#: 157

2014 50-Cent Royal Canadian Mint Plated Coin

Lot#: 158

1873 - 1973 PEI Canada Dollar

Lot#: 159

United States Gold Clad Bar with protected casing

Lot#: 160

"One Troy Ounce 100 Mils .999 Fine Gold Clad Bar"

Lot#: 161

Last Supper Gold Clad bar. Encased

Lot#: 162

1988-D United States E Pluribus Unum Nickel

Lot#: 163

2015 Warner Brothers $20 coin. Fine Silver

Lot#: 164

D link wireless N USB adapter still in package

Lot#: 165

Trendnet ac1200 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter

Lot#: 166

Cd/Dvd Disk Repair kit

Lot#: 181

Walt Disney "PARDNERS" record player

Lot#: 182

Disney-Wonderful Works of Music record set

Lot#: 183

Coca-Cola playing cards sealed in tin

Lot#: 184

Star Wars collectible playing cards

Lot#: 185

Video/Audio tape eraser

Lot#: 186

Paul Peel print - The Tired Model

Lot#: 187

Fred J. Eaglesmith + Flying Squirrels cassette set

Lot#: 188

Set of 6 children's and classical albums

Lot#: 189

6 children and Christmas albums

Lot#: 190

4 children's albums

Lot#: 191

4 vintage children's albums

Lot#: 192

The Webster Library of the World's Greatest Music

Lot#: 193

9 unique 45 records

Lot#: 194

Vintage Bicycle collectible playing cards

Lot#: 195

6 card game decks

Lot#: 196

6 New Decks of playing cards

Lot#: 197

6 decks of gently used playing cards

Lot#: 198

Disney 75 year Mickey Mouse playing cards

Lot#: 199

4 decks of unique or new playing cards.

Lot#: 200

3 sets of collectible playing cards or games

Lot#: 201

4 memorable rock albums

Lot#: 202

4 albums from rock and rolls earlier years

Lot#: 203

4 albums from music's true icons

Lot#: 204

4 classic Rock albums

Lot#: 205

7 unique rock albums

Lot#: 206

6 albums including Symphony waltzes and classic

Lot#: 207

The Doors-Greatest Hits album

Lot#: 208

The Rolling Stones-Emotional Rescue record

Lot#: 209

Queen-The Game record album

Lot#: 210

Don McLeans-American Pie record album

Lot#: 211

Paul Simon - Graceland record album

Lot#: 212

2 David Wilcox record albums

Lot#: 213

Jani Joplin's Greatest Hits record album

Lot#: 214

Kiss-Rock and Roll Over record album

Lot#: 215

Buddy Holly/The Crickets 20 Golden Greats

Lot#: 216

Ray Charles-The World of Ray Charles record album

Lot#: 217

Pink Floyd-A Collection of Great Dance Songs

Lot#: 218

Supertramp - Breakfast in America record album

Lot#: 219

3 great record albums Rolling Stones/Beach Boys

Lot#: 220

Jim Croce-His Greatest Hits record album

Lot#: 221

Steppenwolf-Sixteen Great Performances record

Lot#: 222

Bob Dylan Greatest Hits record album

Lot#: 223

The Police,Styx,Steve Miller Band record albums

Lot#: 224

Cream - Fresh Cream record album

Lot#: 225

Bob Seger-Against The Wind record album

Lot#: 226

Bob Dylan-Greatest Hits Vol 2

Lot#: 227

4 record albums - John Denver,Carpenters,Payolas

Lot#: 228

Eric Clapton-(No Reason to Cry) record album

Lot#: 229

Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard record album

Lot#: 230

Michael Jackson - Thriller record album

Lot#: 231

Beatles- Beatlemania record album

Lot#: 232

Beatles-Long Tall Sally record album

Lot#: 233

The Beatles/1962-1966 record album

Lot#: 234

Michael Jackson - Bad record album

Lot#: 235

4 movie sound track record albums

Lot#: 238

Large Coca-Cola plush collector, Polar Bear

Lot#: 239

1960s Smokey the Sherrifs Bear from Burk Falls

Lot#: 240

Two Beanie type Mickey Mouse

Lot#: 241

Baby Minnie Mouse with hat? Or is that

Lot#: 242

Minnie collection, baby Minnie is battery operated

Lot#: 243

Large size Scooby Doo Plush Toy

Lot#: 244

Disney Mickey Mouse Disney World and Minnie

Lot#: 245

RCA Victor phonograph. Needs electrical cord

Lot#: 246

4 vintage hits record albums

Lot#: 247

4 record albums with hits from days gone by

Lot#: 248

4 record albums celebrating past stars and music

Lot#: 249

4 very popular rock record albums.

Lot#: 250

3 record albums including Bee Gees and the Monkees

Lot#: 251

Wow!! Look at these 3 diverse record albums

Lot#: 252

2 unique record albums. Beetles and John Lennon

Lot#: 253

Elvis in Concert double record album.

Lot#: 254

6 various 45 records including Tears Are Not

Lot#: 255

vintage K-Tel Record Selector

Lot#: 256

Record player accessories

Lot#: 257

Disney-Mickey's Band Concert 45 record case

Lot#: 258

20 metal Webster-Chicago Corp 45 record centers

Lot#: 259

6 Lawrence Welk record albums

Lot#: 260

6 Lawrence Welk record albums

Lot#: 261

5 Lawrence Welk record albums

Lot#: 262

4 music soundtrack record albums

Lot#: 263

5 music soundtrack record albums

Lot#: 264

4 Big Band record albums

Lot#: 265

4 big band albums in good condition.

Lot#: 266

4 easy listening record albums

Lot#: 267

4 very enjoyable record albums

Lot#: 268

4 Swing record albums

Lot#: 269

4 record albums from stars of our past

Lot#: 270

4 record albums from stars of our past

Lot#: 271

4 older dance record albums

Lot#: 272

3 unique record albums.

Lot#: 273

3 masterpiece record albums

Lot#: 276

3 books. 99 my life in pictures Wayne Gretzky

Lot#: 277

Double Exposure Take Two Hardcover book. Great

Lot#: 278

Top 100 Hockey books

Lot#: 279

Hockey-Howe and Lemieux books

Lot#: 280

2 NHL hockey books

Lot#: 281

3 books

Lot#: 282

2 Baseball Books

Lot#: 283

Book. An Historical Guide To Arms & Armor .

Lot#: 284

Books 2. The History of American Bandstand

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