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Lot#: 43539470

Brunette Ponytail Barbie #4, 1960/61 in "Evening Splendor" Ensemble. $200/400

12" (30 cm.) Brunette ponytail, blue eye shadow, wearing "Evening Splendor", #964, (complete including shoes and accessories except lacking earrings). Marked "Barbie R. Pat. Pend. CMCMLVIII by Mattel, Inc". Doll is very good, rub on lips, ponytail re-fixed. Mattel, Ponytail Barbie #4, 1960/61.

Lot#: 43539471

Twist 'n Turn P.J. with original swim suit and "Red for Rain" costume, 1970. $100/200

With blonde straight hair and bangs, long lashes, smile, twist 'n turn body style, straight legs, original swim suit and wearing "Red for Rain", #3409, raincoat, hat and white boots, Marked "1966 Mattel, Inc. US Patented US Pat Pend Made in Japan". and P.J. tag on swim suit. Excellent condition except faint tiny spots on right leg. Mattel, 1970.

Lot#: 43539472

Twist 'n Turn Black Francie in striped suit. $100/200

12" (30 cm.) Long brunette straight hair with bangs, brown eyes, coral shaded lips, twist 'n turn body, bent knees, wearing striped shorts and jacket with white belt and orange buttons, orange tank and knee-highs, brown ankle boots. Marked "c. 1966 Mattel, Inc. US Patented US Pat,. Pend. Made in Japan". Very good, light rub above upper lip. Mattel, 1967.

Lot#: 43539473

Twist 'n Turn Skipper, Mint in Original Sealed Box. $200/300

Long blonde "java brown" hair with bangs and two side ponytails with bows, real lashes, blue eyes, coral lips, twist 'n turn body bent knees, wearing original orange vest with yellow polka dots over two piece suit, with original wrist tag, stand, and seated in original box with "Java brown" sticker indicating hair color. Mint condition. Mattel, 1970.

Lot#: 43539474

Talking P.J. with bendable legs in original costume, 1969. $100/200

12" (30 cm.) Blonde platinum blonde hair with bangs and side ponytails held by colorful beads, real lashes, brown eyes, pull-string talker, bendable knees, wearing original hot pink mini dress, lace-edged orange panties, and beaded necklace (missing pilgrim shoes and sunglasses). Marked "1967 Mattel US & Foreign Pats. Pend. Hong Kong" Very good, tiny pin hole at back of left leg, talker not working. Mattel, 1970.

Lot#: 43539475

German "Great Shape" Barbie in Original Costume, 1980. $100/200

12" (30 cm.) Platinum blonde hair with original off-center part and long side-swept ponytail, wide smile, twist 'turn waist, one knee modeled bent, wearing original aqua green exercise suit with striped leggings, pink sash, pink shoes, exercise bag. Excellent condition. Mattel, 1980.

Lot#: 43539476

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #4 as "American Airlines Stewardess" with other early costumes. $300/400

With long blonde ponytail and curly bangs, thick black eyeliner, coral lips, wearing "American Airlines Stewardess", #984 costume including black bag, duffle bag, and cap. 1960-1961. Marked "Barbie R. Pat. Pend. C.MCMLVIII by Mattel, Inc". Very good condition, very minor lip rub. Along with other early costumes: "Evening Splendor", #961 (missing earrings, purse and shoes), "Apple Print Sheath", #917, with shoes; and "Winter Holiday" #975.

Lot#: 43539477

Christie with Twist 'n Turn body and bendable legs, 1969, Mint in original box. $200/400

121" (307 cm.) Dark brown hair, brown eyes, coral lips, real lashes, twist 'n turn waist, bendable legs, wearing original swim suit and still sealed in original box with stand, booklet and wrist tag. Mattel, 1969. Mint in box.

Lot#: 43539478

Two Francie dolls known as "baggie" models. 1975. $150/200

11" (28 cm.) One with long platinum blonde hair and wearing red two piece suit, and the other with long brunette hair wearing yellow suit. Each marked "c.1966 Mattel, Inc Taiwan". Excellent condition.

Lot#: 43539479

Talking Stacy with Bendable Legs in Original Box. 1970. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Red ("so-called "copper penny") hair, blue eyes, real lashes, bendable knees, pull-string talker, wearing blue and silver metallic original swimsuit and preserved in original box with cello-wrapped hair, wrist tag, stand. Doll mint except talking mechanism not working, box has some wear. Mattel, 1970.

Lot#: 43539437

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #6 with Coral Lips in "Picnic Set" Ensemble. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) With very lush curly bangs, blue eyeshadow, coral lips, wearing "Picnic Set" #967 with accessories. Marked Midge1962/Barbie 1958. Barbie Ponytail Style #6, 1962. Excellent condition.

Lot#: 43539438

Titian Bubble-Cut Barbie, 1962, in Red Swim Suit with Original Box. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Titian bubble-cut coiffure, blue eyes and eye shadow, rich coral lips, wearing original red helenca swimsuit and red heels, and presented in original labeled box, original box. Marks: Midge TM c.1962 Barbie 1958 by Mattel, Inc. Patented. Excellent condition, beautiful complexion and nails. Mattel, second issue of Bubble cut Barbie, 1962.

Lot#: 43539439

Titian Bubble-Cut Barbie, 1st issue, 1961, in "Swinging Easy" Ensemble. $300/400

Titian bubble-cut coiffure, thick upper eyeliner, bright red lips, painted nails, wearing "Swinging Easy" ensemble, #955 (necklace missing). Marked Barbie R. Pat. Pend by Mattel Inc. Generally excellent. Mattel, 1st issue of Bubble cut Barbie, 1961.

Lot#: 43539480

Talking Christie with Bendable Legs in Original Box. 1969. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Short dark brown hair, brown eyes, real lashes, coral lips, bendable legs, talking mechanism, wearing original presentation costume, and preserved in original box with wrist tag and stand. Doll is mint except talking mechanism not working. Mattel, 1969.

Lot#: 43539481

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #1 with Original Shoes. $1200/1500

12" (30 cm.) Blonde ponytail with soft curly bangs V-shaped brows, side-glancing eyes, smoky eyeshadow, bright red lips, holes in feet for posing, wearing original red and white striped suit. Marked "Barbie Pat. Pending c. MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc. Very good, hair a bit thin and ponytail cut, light body rubs, beautiful lips and nails. Mattel, Barbie Ponytail model #1, 1958/1959, shoes, sunglasses, and swim suit.

Lot#: 43539482

Talking Julia with bendable legs in original metallic jump suit., 1968. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) With red cropped hair, brown eyes, real lashes, coral lips, talking mechanism, bendable legs, and wearing original gilt and silver metallic jump suit with belt, with original wrist tag and stand. Near mint, talking mechanism not working. Mattel, 1968.

Lot#: 43539483

Christie with bendable legs in "Leisure Leopard" ensemble, 1970. $200/300

Lot#: 43539440

Blonde Ponytail Barbie. #6, 1962, in Original Swimsuit. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Blonde ponytail very full forehead curls, full soft red lips, wearing black and white striped suit and black heels. Marked "Midge c. 1962 Barbie c.1958 by Mattel, Inc". Excellent condition. Mattel, Barbie, #6 issue of ponytail Barbie.

Lot#: 43539484

Blonde Bubble-Cut Barbie wearing "Fancy-Free" costume. 1964. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Blonde bubble-cut hair, blue side-glancing eyes, pink lips, wearing "Fancy Free" ensemble, #943, of blue and red dress with rick-rack trim and white shoes. Excellent condition. Marked "MidgeTM c. 1962 BarbieR c.1958 Mattel Inc Pat. Pend,". Mattel, 1962.

Lot#: 43539441

"White Ginger" Bubble Cut Barbie,1961 issue as "Drum Majorette". $300/400

With "white ginger" bubble-cut coiffure, pink lips, wearing "Drum Majorette" costume with baton, white boots and ceremonial hat and gloves. #0875. Marked "Barbie Pat. Pend. c.MCMLVIII by Mattel, Inc." Excellent condition, waistband on skirt stretched. Mattel, 1st issue of bubble-cut model, 1961.

Lot#: 43539485

Brunette Skooter in original box along with second costume in box. 1966. $200/300

9" (23 cm.) Brunette hair with side ponytails and bangs, brown eyes, freckles, bendable legs, wearing "Let's Play House", #1932, and presented in original box. Excellent condition, hair a tad mussed. Included is another costume, Day at the Fair", #1911 in original box.

Lot#: 43539486

Two Todd Dolls in Original Box and Extra Costume. $200/400

6" (15 cm.) Including red haired posable Todd, #3590, with blue shirt and shoes and plaid pants, still seated in original box, 1971. With European Todd with brunette hair and original costume, in original box, #8129, 1976. Both dolls excellent, boxes a tad worn. And with additional fireman's costume #2654, unplayed with in original window box.

Lot#: 43539442

Ken with Brunette Flocked Hair, 1st issue, 1961, Original Box. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) With flocked brunette hair, bright blue eyes, red swimsuit and clogs, original booklet, towel and stand, and original box. Near mint condition, especially fine hair. Marked "Ken TM Pats Pend C. MCMLX by Mattel Inc". Mattel, 1961, first year of issue of Ken.

Lot#: 43539487

Yellowstone Kelly with Accessories, 1974. $100/200

With reddish hair and brown eyes, pink lips, twist 'n turn waist, bendable knees, wearing original red polka dot shirt with striped slacks and shorts, knee-high stockings, white sneakers, sleeping bag, and green grilling supplies. Marked "c. 1966 Mattel, Inc. USA & Foreign Patented Other Pats. Pending Made in Hong Kong". Excellent condition. 1974.

Lot#: 43539443

Blonde Midge in Original Swim Suit and Box, 1963. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Ash hair in flip cut with bangs, large blue eyes, coral shaded lips, wearing original turquoise and blue two piece swim suit, white heeled shoes, and presented in original box with stand and booklet. Marked "Midge 1963/Barbie 1958 by Mattel, Inc." Excellent condition. Mattel, 1st issue of Midge, 1963.

Lot#: 43539488

Walk Lively Steffie in original costume, 1972. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Very long brunette hair with center part, brown eyes, real lashes, pink legs, wearing original costume and pink pilgrim shoes, with walking mechanism allowing the head to turn side to side. Marked "1967 Mattel Inc. US Pat. Pend Taiwan". Excellent condition. Mattel,1972.

Lot#: 43539444

"Fashion Queen" Barbie with Original Costume and Wigs, 1963. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Brown molded hair with detachable blue hair band, pronounced black eyelids, blue eyeshadow, white eyedots, pink lips, wearing gold and white brocade striped swimsuit with matching bandanna, white open toe shoes, and with three original wigs on hat stand. Marked "Midge c. 1962 Barbie c. 1958 by Mattel Patented". Excellent condition. Mattel, the model was marketed as "Fashion Queen", introduced in 1963.

Lot#: 43539489

Busy Ken with Holdin' Hands in original box, 1971. $150/250

12" (30 cm.) Modeled brown hair, blue eyes, smiling expression, bendable legs, hands open to hold objects, wearing red sleeveless tee and belt, blue denim pants, original stand, and with original accessories including television, travel case, soda set, television and phone, all contained in original box. Mattel, 1971 model #3314.

Lot#: 43539445

Blonde Ponytail Barbie, #5, in "Wedding Day" Ensemble. $300/400

12" (30 cm.) Blonde ponytail with soft lush bangs, pale blue eye shadow, red lips, wearing "Wedding Day" ensemble, #972, including gown, bouquet, gloves, pearl coronet with veil, pearl necklace, white open toe heels. Marked "Barbie Pat. Pend C. MCM?? by Mattel, Inc. Excellent condition. Mattel, Ponytail Barbie #5, 1961.

Lot#: 43539446

Red-Haired Skipper in Original Box, 1963 and "Ice Cream 'n Cake" costume in box. $300/400

9" (23 cm.) With long straight hair and bangs, coral lips, blue side-glancing eyes, wearing original red and white suit and red shoes. Presented in original box, with original cello-wrapped hair, unplayed with. Along with costume "Ice Cream 'n Cake", #1970, still sealed in original box. Mattel, 1963/64.

Lot#: 43539447

Brunette Bendable Leg Skipper in "Learning to Ride" Ensemble. $100/150

9" (23 cm.) Brunette hair, pink lips, bendable legs, wearing complete "Learning to Ride" ensemble, #1935, including hat, riding crop, boots and gloves. Marked "c. 1963 Mattel Inc". Excellent condition. Mattel, 1965.

Lot#: 43539448

"Color Magic" Barbie, 1966, in "Flower Wower" Costume. $150/250

12" (30 cm.) With golden blonde hair, side-glancing eyes, pronounced upper eyeliner, vibrant peach lips, bendable knees, wearing 1969 "Flower Wower" dress, #1453, with matching head band, panties, white heels. Marked "c. 1958 Mattel, Inc. US Patented, US Pat. Pend.". Generally excellent, left hip joint tad loose, light smudge at knees. Barbie, "Color Magic", 1966, with very beautiful facial painting.

Lot#: 43539449

Titian Ponytail Barbie #6 in "Orange Blossom" Ensemble, 1962. $400/600

Lot#: 43539490

Brunette Ken in Fashion Favorite Baseball Uniform, 1981. $80/120

With sculpted brunette hair, smiling expression, twist 'n turn waist, wearing baseball uniform from Fashion Favorites # 3786. Excellent condition. Mattel 1961.

Lot#: 43539491

Free Moving Curtis in original costume, 1971. $80/125

Black sculpted hair, brown complexion, brown eyes, twist 'n turn waist, tab at back torso allowing greater articulation, wearing original orange striped knit shirt and white shorts, socks, sneakers. Marked "c. 1968 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan US Patent Pending". Excellent condition. Mattel 1975.

Lot#: 43539492

Blonde Bubble-Cut Barbie, 1962, in "Career Girl" Ensemble. $300/500

12" (30 cm.) With "white ginger" bubble-cut coiffure, brilliant eyes with blue eyeliner, pale pink lips, wearing "Career Girl" ensemble, 1964, complete with all accessories, with original stand. Marked "Midge TM c. 1962 Barbie c. 1958 by Mattel Inc. Patented". Excellent condition. Mattel, Barbie Bubble-Cut model, second issue, 1962.

Lot#: 43539493

Fashion Photo Christie in original box, 1977. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Lush reddish brown hair in original coiffure, brown eyes, smiling expression, wearing original costume and along with original camera, posing stand and instructions for play, in original box. Doll near mint, box a tad worn. Mattel, 2324. 1977.

Lot#: 43539494

Commemorative Ponytail Barbie for Montgomery Ward, 1972. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Dark brunette ponytail with curly bangs, side-glancing blue eyes, red lips, black and white swim suit, white shoes, wrist tag. Marked "Midge R. c. 1962 Barbie R c. 1958 by Mattel, Inc. Patented". Excellent condition. The commemorative edition of early Barbie was created especially for Montgomery Ward in 1972.

Lot#: 43539450

Sleep-Eyed "Miss Barbie" with original costume and wigs. $300/400

12" (30 cm.) Brown molded hair with original orange detachable hair band, blue sleep eyes, blue eyelids, coral lips, bendable legs, wearing original pink knit suit with double ruffle and matching cap, and with three interchangeable wigs on original wig stand. Marked "C. M.I. (head) c. 1958 Mattel, Inc. US Patented US Pat. Pend" (body).

Lot#: 43539495

Blonde Ken wearing "Play Ball", with two additional boxed costumes. $200/300

Sculpted blonde hair, blue eyes, coral lips, slightly shorter early body, wearing "Play Ball" costume, #792, including bat (missing cap). Marked "Ken c. 1960 by Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne Calf USA". Included is soda jerk costume in original box, and red shirt fashion pak in original packaging. Excellent condition. Mattel, 1963.

Lot#: 43539451

Blonde Bubble-Cut Barbie, 1962 issue, in Original Suit with Box. $300/400

12" (30 cm.) With blonde bubble cut, side-glancing eyes, thick dark upper eyeliner, coral lips, wearing red Helenca swimsuit, red open-toe shoes. Marked "BarbieR Pat. Pend. c.MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc." Excellent condition, presented in original box with booklet and stand. Mattel, 1962.

Lot#: 43539496

Bubble Cut Barbie and Skipper with Additional Matching Costumes "Day at the Fair". $400/500

Blonde bubble cut Barbie with coral lips, second issue of 1962 is wearing original red Helenca suit; along with red-haired straight leg Skipper wearing "Silk and Fancy" dress, #902 (missing belt) and Dress Coat#1906 (missing purse). Also included are matching "Day at the Fair" for both dolls (missing cotton candy). Excellent condition.

Lot#: 43539452

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #4 with Case, 900 series costumes, and accessories. $400/500

12" (30 cm.) With blonde ponytail, blue eyeshadow, coral lips, wearing black and white swimsuit and black one-toe shoes. Marked "Barbie R. Pats Pend X.MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc." Presented in early vinyl case with images of four early costumes on the lid, along with five early costumes (complete except as noted): "Cruise Stripes" #918; "Barbie-Q" #962; "Winter Holiday" #975; "Sweet Dreams" #973 (missing one pom-pom on shoe); and Fashion Undergarments #919 (missing girdle). Along with coral swimsuit, 2 pairs original shoes, one pair pink shoes, woven purse with flowers, gloves, sunglasses, and glasses, 2 pearl necklaces, and sheath dress pattern. Excellent condition. Mattel, 1960/61.

Lot#: 43539497

Blonde Bubble Cut Barbie with three early costumes. $300/400

12" (30 cm.) Blonde bubble cut, pink lips, red Helenca swimsuit and red shoes, marked "Midge TM c. 1962 Barbie by Mattel, Inc. Patented". Included with doll are three costume sets: "Barbie in Japan" #821 (1964); "Senior Prom" #951 (1963/4); and "Tennis Anyone?" #941 (1962/64). Excellent condition.

Lot#: 43539453

Allan in original costume with box, stand and booklet. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) With modeled red hair and freckles, brown eyes, wearing original striped jacket and blue shorts, blue sandals, wand with original stand, booklet, and original box. Excellent condition. Mattel, 1964.

Lot#: 43539498

Barbie stand for #1 ponytail Barbie. $200/300

Marked "Barbie TM by Mattel" with raised lettering on top and "Japan Mattel International" on underside. Excellent condition except light rust on spokes. 1959.

Lot#: 43539454

"Talking Truly Scrumptious" Barbie, Model 1107, 1969. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) With pull-string talking mechanism (not working), blonde ponytail drawn from face, wearing long dress of hot pink and coral with black lace overlay, flowers in cap, with white heeled pilgrim shoes, wrist tag. Marked c. 1967 Mattel, Inc. US & Foreign Pats. pend. Mexico. Excellent condition, 1969.

Lot#: 43539499

"Bob Mackie Barbie" 1st issue, MIB in original presentation. $200/300

With gold sequin gown and feather boa, on original gold lettered stand, and with jewelry and coiffe, with original booklet. This was the first of the series, #5305, Mattel, 1990.

Lot#: 43539455

"Truly Scrumptious" Barbie, Model 1108, 1969. $200/300

With blonde ponytail pulled away from her face, real lashes, coral shaded lips, marked "Midge T.M/ c/ 1962 Barbie R c. 1958 by Mattel, Inc. Patented". Wearing long pale pink dress with lace overlay, and large picture hat with floral and green tulle, pale pink pilgrim shoes. Excellent condition. Mattel, circa 1969.

Lot#: 43539456

Red-Haired Midge with original box and costume. $300/400

With red bobbed hair and bangs, large blue eyes, freckles, two-piece lime green and orange swim suit, white shoes, with original cello pack on hair, wrist tag, and box. Near mint condition. Mattel, 1963.

Lot#: 43539457

Brunette Ponytail Barbie, #5, as "Suburban Shopper", 1960/61. $300/500

Dark brunette ponytail with curly bangs, ruby lips, wearing "Suburban Shopper" ensemble #969, with summer dress, basket of fruit, white heels, straw hat with wide flat brim. Marked "Barbie Pats. Pend MCM LVIII by Mattel, Inc.". Excellent condition, model #5 of the ponytail Barbie, 1961.

Lot#: 43539458

Blonde Swirl Ponytail Barbie wearing "Sparkle Squares" ensemble. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Blonde hair with side-swirl ponytail, blue eyeshadow, pale lips, wearing, "Sparkle Square" ensemble, #1814, comprising dress, matching coat, silver purse and sash white pilgrim shoes. Marked "Midge TM c. 1962 Barbie R c. 1958 by Mattel, Inc. Patented". Excellent condition, hair re-fixed. Mattel, 1964.

Lot#: 43539459

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #2, 1959/60 in "Sweater Girl" Ensemble, $500/800

12" (30 cm.) With soft curly blonde bangs, ponytail, V-shaped brows, full red lips, wearing 1959 "Sweater Girl" ensemble, #976, comprising knit sleeveless sweater and cardigan, pencil skirt, "How to Knit" booklet, bowl of yarn, scissors, and original #2 shoes. Marked "Barbie Pat. Pend c. MCMLVIII by Mattel, Inc." Generally excellent, ponytail re-fixed. beautiful painting and fingernails. Barbie , #2 Ponytail, 1959/60.

Lot#: 43539460

Titian-Haired "American Girl" Barbie wearing "Satin 'n Rose" ensemble, 1965. $200/400

With titian hair in American Girl cut, pink lips, bendable knees, wearing "Satin 'n Rose" ensemble with magenta satin jacket, bodice, wrap skirt, pants, open toe shoe, and with original swim suit. Marked "1958 Mattel, Inc. US Patented US Pat. Pend". Excellent condition. Mattel, 1965.

Lot#: 43539461

Brunette Ponytail Barbie #4 in Original Swimsuit. 1961. $200/400

12" (30 cm.) Brunette ponytail with firm curls, ruby lips, wearing original black and white swim suit and black heels, Marked "Barbie pat. Pend. C. MCMLVIII by Mattel, Inc.". Excellent condition. Mattel, #4 ponytail model, 1961.

Lot#: 43539462

Brunette Ponytail Barbie, #6, wearing "After Five", 1962. $200/400

Brunette ponytail, blue eyeshadow, red lips, wearing "After Five" ensemble with matching hat and black open-toe heels, #934. Marked "Midge TM 1962 Barbie 1958 by Mattel, Inc. Patented". Excellent condition. Mattel, #6 ponytail model, 1962.

Lot#: 43539463

Blonde Midge in "After Five" Ensemble, 1963. $200/300

12" (30 cm.) Blonde Midge with flip curls, freckles, large blue eyes, coral lips, wearing "After Five" ensemble, #934, with dress, hat, and open toe shoes. Marked "Midge TM 1962 Barbie R. 1958 by Mattel, Inc". Mattel, 1963.

Lot#: 43539464

Ken with Sculpted Hair as "Skin Diver", 1963. $200/400

12" (30 cm.) Sculpted light brown hair, pronounced blue eyes, coral lips, wearing "Skin Diver" outfit, #1406, with accessories. Marked "TM Ken by Mattel". Excellent condition. Mattel, 1963.

Lot#: 43539465

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #4 wearing "Knitting Pretty", 1963. $300/400

12" (30 cm.) Blonde ponytail with curly bangs and very full ponytails, smoky eyeshadow, ruby lips, wearing "Knitting Pretty" skirt and sweater set, #954, along with "How to Knit" booklet, bowl of yarn scissors, original stand, original shoes and box Excellent condition. Mattel, 1961.

Lot#: 43539466

Titian -Haired Midge in Original Swimsuit, with stand, booklet and box, 1963. $300/400

12" (30 cm.) With titian hair in flip hair style, freckles, blue eyes, coral lips, wearing original two-piece suit, with booklet, white shoes, wrist booklet, original stand and box. Near mint condition. Mattel, 1963.

Lot#: 43539500

12" Black-complexioned Ken as "Jewel Secrets", 1986. $100/200

With sculpted hair, smiling expression, twist ' turn body, wearing silver metallic costume with turquoise belt and bow tie. Excellent condition. Mattel, 1989.

Lot#: 43539467

Barbie, Ken, Allan and Skipper in "Masquerade" costumes. $400/500

Including brunette Bubble-Cut Barbie (style #2), titian-haired Skipper, Ken with blonde flocked hair, and Allan with original face mask, each wearing "Masquerade" costume of 1963. Very good/excellent, all missing invitations, Ken with wrong hat and mask, Mattel, 1966/64.

Lot#: 43539501

"Bob Mackie Barbie", 2nd issue , MIB, 1991. $200/300

With elaborately arranged platinum hair, sequin gown and cape, on gilt lettered stand and in original display box. MIB, 1991.

Lot#: 43539468

Titian Bubble-Cut Pink-Lip Barbie in "Barbie Baby-Sits" costume. $300/500

12" (30 cm.) With titian bubble-cut side-glancing eyes, pink lips, with white dress from "Friday Nite Dates" and orange skirt from Mix 'n Match set, along with "Barbie Baby-Sits", #953, elements: striped apron, baby in fitted bed, alarm clock, bottle, telephone, telephone number sheet. pretzels, blanket, pillow. Marked "Barbie Pat. Pend C.MCMLVIII by Mattel". Excellent condition. Mattel, second issue of the Bubble But Barbie, 1962.

Lot#: 43539502

"Bob Mackie Barbie", Black Starlight Splendor, MIB, 1991. $200/300

Black complexioned Barbie wearing elaborately designed sequin gown in black, white and silver, boa feathers, matching turban, on gilt lettered stand and in original display box MIB. 1991.

Lot#: 43539469

Allan with original costume and in original box. $200/300

Sculpted red hair, freckles, brown side-glancing eyes, wearing original striped jacket, blue shorts, blue sandals, and presented in original box. Marked "c. 1960 by Mattel, Inc, Hawthorne Calf, USA". Near mint condition. Mattel, 1964.

Lot#: 43539503

Midge "American Girl", 1965 in "Career Girl" ensemble. $300/400

Brunette bobbed coiffure known as "American Girl" with blue hair band, blue eyes, freckles, coral shaded lips, bendable legs wearing "Career Girl" ensemble with complete accessories. Marked "c. 1958 Mattel, Inc. US Patented US Pat. Pend." Excellent condition. Mattel, American Girl model of Midge, 1965.

Lot#: 43539504

12" "Golden Dream Christie", 1980. $100/200

With brown complexion, auburn and black hair in elaborate curls, wearing bronze metallic jump suit with matching collar cape, #3249. Marked "Mattel, Inc.1966 Taiwan". Excellent condition.1980.

Lot#: 43539505

Black Vinyl Barbie Serenade Costume Case with a bounty of costume elements. $300/400

Costumes include: Skirt and underdress from "Friday Nite Date" #979; red raincoat from "Fashion Shiner" #1691; two lace overlays from "Orange Blossom" #987; nine pieces from 1962 fashion paks; red dress from "Benefit Performance" #1667; Sweater set and skirt, #976; Satin Coat fashion pak 1963; "Great Coat" and matching hat #1459; three aprons from "Barbie Baby Sits" #953; "Swirly-Cue" Dress #1822; "Drizzle Dash" coat #1808; striped skirt from "Barbie in Holland"; "Ski Queen" Jacket #948; "Trail Blazer" Jacket #1846; "Ice Breaker" jacket and skirt #942; two "Movie Groovy" skirts #1866; "Shirtdressy" dress #1487; "Hurray for Leather" skirt #1477; "Slumber Party" pajamas; "Masquerade" onesie #944; "On the Go" fashion pak dress; "Mad for Each Other" Skirt #1881; "After Five" hat; "Square Neck" sweater from 1962 booklet; and original swimsuits or costumes for Midge, Talkin' P.J., P.J. Twist ' Turn (two), red Helenca Barbie suits (two), sleep-eyed Barbie, Talking Barbie (three tops), and nursing ensemble with diploma. Very good/excellent condition. Note: these are partial elements of costumes only as listed.

Lot#: 43539506

Blonde Ponytail Barbie #2, 1959/60, in Original Swim suit. $1500/2200

12" (30 cm.) Blonde ponytail with soft bangs, side-glancing eyes with rich eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, rich red lips, wearing black and white swim suit and black heels. Marked "Barbie Pat. pend. C. MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc". Excellent condition, beautiful original painting well preserved. Mattel, Barbie. #2 Ponytail model, 1959/1960.

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