Santa Postcards, Nesting Pyrex Bowls W/Lids, Plus More!

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Lot#: 1

Lot#: 1 - Nesting Pyrex Bowls W/Lids

Nesting Pyrex Bowls w/Lids - All are clean - and ready for use - the largest one does have damage on the rim of the lid - and it looks like the previous owner filed it down and there are no sharp edges on it at all. All are in safe and usable condition. (1 QT, 1-1/2 QT, 2-1/2 QT Bowls)

Lot#: 2

Lot#: 2 - Express Redi Set Go +

Nice Working Express Redi Set GO with 2 inserts - tested and works (note the light did not come on - the unit got hot just fine); the Rival Crock-Pot Stoneware Slow Cooker is a large Crock-Pot - Tested and works - the Stoneware insert is in very good condition - Lid is also in very good condition.

Lot#: 3

Lot#: 3 - Black Metal Bird Cage W/Stand+

Nice Black Metal Heart Shape Bird Cage with Bird inside (not real) that hangs on a Black Metal Stand that is wrapped in a vine (13-1/2"H overall)(Heart Cage is 6-1/2"H x 6"W x 4"D); Stoneware Vase (9-1/2"H not counting the silk flowers); Green Metal Planter with Fern and vines (not real either) (6-1/2" Dia x 5"H); Smaller Flower pot with silk greenery is 3-1/2"H x 3-1/2"Dia); Doll Furniture: Swing by Geppeddo ("Wing" KX934) (6"H x 6-1/2"W x 5"D) Bench by Geppeddo ("Bench" KX935) (8"H x 8-1/4"W x 4-3/4"D). All are in good condition.

Lot#: 4

Lot#: 4 - CD's Music Victoria's Secret +

16 CD's of Music with Cases: Entertaining Solo Piano For Cocktails; Entertaining Solo Piano for Dinner; Romantic Classics; Serenade Bouquet by Dan Troxell; The Romantic Piano; The Heart of Christmas - Harp & Strings, Classical Guitar, Classical Piano, Woodwind Sounds; Romancing Thesax; The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber; Victoria's Secret - Winterscapes, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, The Spirit of the season; A Christmas To Remember by Wayne Caulk; Much to His Dismay by Ian Ross & Friends. (These have not been tested for playability).

Lot#: 5

Lot#: 5 - Work Out DVD's

8 of them (5 are still sealed): Cardio & Core Dance Blast with Karen Joy Allen (Sealed); Winsor Pilates - The Back Workout (Sealed); Winsor Pilates Step-by-Step guide * 20 Minute Workout (Open); Winsor Pilates - Accelerated Body Sculpting (Sealed); Winsor Pilates - Buns & Thighs Power Sculpting (Open); Winsor Pilates - ABS - Power Sculpting (Open); Winsor Pilates - Advanced Power Sculpting (Sealed); Winsor Pilates - Upper Body Sculpting (Sealed).

Lot#: 6

Lot#: 6 - Large Brass Eagle

Large Brass Eagle on a branch ready to fly off or just landed on the branch (10-3/4"H x 15"W x 5-1/2"D) in good condition.

Lot#: 7

Lot#: 7 - Grouping of Snow (People)

International Bazaar - Porcelain Snowman Night Light - Tested and works fine (around 9"H); Snowmen Melt Your Heart - signed Suzi by Blossom Bucket Inc.; Patriotic Snowman - Clothtique by Possible Dreams LTD 2000 (5-1/2"H x 4"W x 3"D); Snow Family - is for the top of one of those candles container (should fit a 3-1/2"Dia); New In Sealed Container - Snowman Candle holder - Yankee Candle - Sparkling Cinnamon - 4 scented Tea Lights (5-1/2"H x 5"W x 3-1/2"D); 2 Cookie Container Snowmen (Note: Do not pick up from head) - They do have some residence of tape where the previous owner taped the head and bottom together (8-1/2"H x 5"Dia) SCM Designs Earthenware - Hand wash only Do Not Microwave; Singing & Swinging Snowman in box with tags - Batteries will need to be changed out since the Squeeze the hand does not work - Sing "Singing in the Snow" (10-1/2"H x 6-1/2"W x 5"D).

Lot#: 8

Lot#: 8 - Reader's Digest Condensed

7 Reader's Digest Condensed Books: Volume 6 1993, Volume 4 1993, Volume 1992, Volume 2 1969, Volume 2 1982, Volume M 1990, 1966 First Edition.

Lot#: 9

Lot#: 9 - "Wee Toddler" Little Red Wagon

"Wee Toddler" Little Red Wagon with pull along cord handle - sides will come off, Easy for storage - Wheels show that it has never been used outside - Looks Great (not counting the railing or the wheels - it is 5-1/2"H x 20-1/2"L x 12-1/2"W)

Lot#: 10

Lot#: 10 - Doll by Peggy Nisbet (England)

A Peggy Nisbet Model P/653 King Henry VIII 1491-1547 Made in England - Original Price was $60.00 comes with original box. (7-1/2"H).

Lot#: 11

Lot#: 11 - Johann Haviland - Germany

Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany Dishes - 4 matching Bowls (1-1/2"H x 8-1/8"Dia) and 2 matching Serving Platters (12-1/8"L x 9-1/4"W) - all are in very good condition.

Lot#: 12

Lot#: 12 - 2 Wall Shelves and Coat Tree

2 Wall Shelves - one is 2 shelf with a place to display plates (16"H x 41"W x 2-1/2"D); 1 has a heart and a single Shelf (10-3/4"H x 33"W x 6"D); Aluminum Light weight Coat Tree (is missing one hook) (69-1/2"H) (Feet are 21-1/4" x 21-1/4").

Lot#: 13

Lot#: 13 - Health Self Help

You the Owner's Manual (Updated and Expanded Edition) by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. & Mehmet C. Oz, M. D.; Paula Deen's Kitchen Wisdom and Recipe Journal by Paula Deen with Sherry Suib Cohen; One Minute Wellness the natural health & Happiness System that never fails by Dr. Ben Lerner with Dr. Greg Loman; What The Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell, M. D.; Suzanne Somers' Eat Great, Lose Weight; Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism; Gwen Shamblin's Inspirational Way to Lose Weight, Stay Slim and Find a New You - The Weigh Down Diet; The 8- Week Cholesterol Cure by Robert E .Kowalski.

Lot#: 14

Lot#: 14 - Thermometer (Vintage)

Agrico Marshall Grain Co. Amanda, Ohio Thermometer Phone #969-2301 (13-1/8"H x -3-3/4"W)

Lot#: 15

Lot#: 15 - 1940's Valentines

2 sheets (front and Back) total of 11 Valentines.

Lot#: 16

Lot#: 16 - 1940's Valentines

1 Sheet (front and Back) total of 11 Valentines.

Lot#: 17

Lot#: 17 - Greenery and Bird Nests

2 Large Bird Nests with wooden Stick Bases (4-1/2"H x 8"W x 7-1/2"D each); 3 Stem Sprays of vines (new with tags); 2 Rolls of Signature Accents - 5 ft. Garland each (reg. Price of $9.99 each) New in package; Vine Rings (new with tags of $2.99 each) there are 6 of these (10"L x 9"W).

Lot#: 18

Lot#: 18 - 2 Metal Containers & Buttons

1 metal Container is for the Koyo Accessory Sewing Machine which is now has buttons in it and another metal container that is marked inside Beech Nut Black Fruit Cake that has Metal and Wooden Buttons in it.

Lot#: 19

Lot#: 19 - Pink Metal Roses

Pink Metal Roses Collar Necklace, Pink Metal Roses Earrings Clip, Pink Metal Roses Bracelet. Nice Set - For Avon New Looking in Boxes

Lot#: 20

Lot#: 20 - Solitaire CZ Necklace

Silver tone Marked SB for Avon - Brilliant Sparkle New Looking in Box.

Lot#: 21

Lot#: 21 - Children's Placemats

Children's Placemats that is super easy to clean and some of their favorite characters: Hello Kitty 2013; Garden Blooms (Disney); Three Time Piston Cup Champion (Cars)(Disney); Marvel Avengers Assemble 2012. All are in good condition. (17-1/2"L x 12"W).

Lot#: 22

Lot#: 22 - Doll by Peggy Nisbet (England)

A Peggy Nisbet Model P602 Catherine of Aragon - Made in England - Original Price was $50.00 comes with original box. (7-1/2"H).

Lot#: 23

Lot#: 23 - 1940's Valentines

2 Sheets (front and Back) total of 10 Valentines.

Lot#: 24

Lot#: 24 - Oriental Decorations + More

Oriental Hand made - ready for framing almost - a couple of the wood look is loose, but if you put it in a glass frame - it should be fine (14"H x 25-1/2"W); suki cups with Oriental Women on the front - comes in original box (1-3/4"H x 1-1/2"Dia); also included is Jewelry/music box with oriental designs on the front and top (with inlays of mother of pearl) - tested and plays fine - looks like the was something attached to stem on the inside - so the music box will play open or closed (4-1/2"H x 7-1/8"W x 5"D); 3D Wooden Handmade by Rautte Sivol (?) - Swiss Mountains (?) (4-1/4"H x 10-1/4"W); Wooden Plaque (Schwartzwalder) (10-1/2"H x 6-1/8"W) on back it states Werkstattarbeit - Handgeschnitzt; along with the Legend of the Dreamcatcher - this was an item you received free for support (7-1/2"H x 4"W).

Lot#: 25

Lot#: 25 - 15 DVD's

15 DVD's some with cases: original case - Monster-In-Law both Disc 1 and 2; My Big Fat Greek Wedding; Feeling Minnesota; Behind Enemy Lines; Unthinkable; Jumper; After Dark Horrorfest III (From Within Death is Searching); The Yards; Ordinary Decent Criminal, My Name is Modesty, Best of the Best: Without warning; Life is Tough, EH Providence?, The Bounty Killer, The Price of Power, Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid; Fest of Love; Out of Reach, Today You Die; Barney Best Manners; Gone to Texas and Blue Steel (Double Sided); Patriot Games. (Note: These have not been tested for Playability.)

Lot#: 26

Lot#: 26 - 10 books of Great Reading

10 Hardback books but 17 Stories: A Scots Quair - A Trilogy including Sunset Song, Cloud Howe, Gray Granite - Lewis Grassic Biggon; Northwest - by Veralee Wiggins; Six Gothic Tales - Jamaica Inn, Mission to Malaspiga, Mistress of Mellyn, The High Valley, Thunder Heights, Tregaron's Daughter - Reader's Digest; Out of Time by Patricia Lewin; Fallout b Trudy Krisher; The Inheritors by Harold Robbins; The Redemption of Sarah Cain by Beverly Lewis; Kate's Choice by Louisa May Alcott; Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs by Patrick F McManus; Kill the Butler! by Michael Kenyon.

Lot#: 27

Lot#: 27 - Puzzle (Ringling & Barnum)

New in Sealed Box - Ringling and Barnum Bros & Bailey Circus - Jigsaw Puzzle - over 200 fully interlocking pieces - 14" x 18"

Lot#: 28

Lot#: 28 - Puzzles Thomas Kinkade + More

3 Puzzles in One box Thomas Kinkade ("Hidden Cottage II" 100 Piece Mini Puzzle 9" x 7"; "Stepping Stone Cottage" 550 ice Jigsaw Puzzle 24" x 18"; "Lamplight Brooke" 700 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 34" x 12"); The Masterpiece Collection - 500 piece puzzle - DaVinci's Last Supper; 500 piece Puzzle - Buckingham Fountain (Note: These puzzles pieces have not been counting to confirm they are all there.)

Lot#: 29

Lot#: 29 - 3 Outfits for a Little Girl

These outfits does not have any tags on them stating the size - so a guess is the first one black and white dress could be 2-3 Toddler; yellow outfit (2 piece) 6 to 12 months; dress 6 to 12 months.

Lot#: 30

Lot#: 30 - 12 Valentines 1940's Vintage

12 Vintage Valentines on 2 display sheets front and back.

Lot#: 31

Lot#: 31 - 11 Stereo view Cards 100 yrs.

#1368 Among the Junks on River at Shanghai, China Copyrighted 1903; #1373 Animated Scene in a Native Village, Island of Java Copyrighted 1903; #1372, Native Women and Children Fetching Water from a Spring, Malang, Java Copyrighted 1903; #11 Projected "The Last in Bed blows out the Light" Copyright 1897; #349B Trails of the Day are Over Copyright 1889; #619 Her Guardian Angel Copyright 1898; Breaking Home Ties Copyright 1897; #1141 "Only a baby small, never at rest, small, but how dear 'o us, God knoweth best" copyright 1904; #10303 - Royal Palace, Berlin, Germany copyright 1900; #11778 - In the Lovely Casino Gardens, Monte Carlo Monaco copyright 1900; Winer Sporting on the Ice Mountain, Niagara Falls, N.Y., U.S.A. (Good their age)

Lot#: 32

Lot#: 32 - 12 Valentines 1940's Vintage

12 Vintage Valentines on 2 display sheets front and back.

Lot#: 33

Lot#: 33 - Brass Eagle on Rock

Brass Eagle on Rock - in good condition - may need tighten on the bottom. (13-1/4"H x 12-1/8"W x 5"D)

Lot#: 34

Lot#: 34 - Office Supplies and More

Hugh Lot - lots of items - Frames, Daily File, Dyo, Mortise Lever Lock, Frames, Franklin Computer (Powers one and works), Standing Flashlight, Leather zipper binder; notebook, Bird Clock for the wall, Mirror, Desktop Publishing Papers (open), Paper with Doves on them, New in packages note cards with envelopes, Multiple photo frames for the office wall and more.

Lot#: 35

Lot#: 35 - Greenery and Garland

10 vine rings; 2 5 ft. Garland new original price $9.99 each; small swag; small wreath;; 8 Planting pots (silk or real - all are metal)(5-1/2"H x 6-1/4"W x 6-1/4"D; and 3 stems

Lot#: 36

Lot#: 36 - Bear and Santa Orns + More

There are a total of 190 Ornaments in this lot; Multi Color Lights (Tested works); 3 White Lights (Tested Works); 1 garland lights (Tested Works); 1 white and red Lights (Tested Works); Snowman Lights (Tested and works); Tissue Paper; 1 Storage removal Christmas Tree Bag; 1 Snowman Gift Box (Large - 10"H x 7-1/2"Dia); 9 rolls of Trim Ribbon; 3 small bags of extra lights - sealed; 1 metal & 1 plastic Door Wreath Holder; 33 Bears/Santa Ornaments (Stuffies); 13 Candy Canes; 12 Red Cardinal Orns; 18 Orns; 114 Icicles.

Lot#: 37

Lot#: 37 - 15 Books HB and PB

15 Books: The Tabernacle: Camping with God by Stephen F. Oxford; Tabernacle in the Wilderness by John Ritchie; Lectures on the Tabernacle by Samuel Ridout; Good News Bible; Manners and Customs of the Bible by James M Freeman; If Things are so Good, Why Do I Feel So Bad? by George Barna; Bible Studies For Life; God's Promises For Your Every Need; Heaven is for Real; Meeting God at Every Turn by Catherine Marshall; Brought Together by Patty Lint; Does It Matter That I'm Saved? by Millard J Erickson; Death in the City by Francis A Schaeffer; What Shall This Man Do? by Watchman Nee; The Gospel of the Kingdom by George Eldon Ladd.

Lot#: 38

Lot#: 38 - Doll by Peggy Nisbet (England)

A Peggy Nisbet Model P601 Anne Boleyn (1507-1536) - Made in England - Original Price was $50.00 comes with original box. (7-1/2"H).

Lot#: 39

Lot#: 39 - 11 Valentine Cards

11 Valentine cards on 2 pages front and back.

Lot#: 40

Lot#: 40 - 11 Valentine Cards

11 Valentine cards on 2 pages front and back.

Lot#: 41

Lot#: 41 - 10 Santa Christmas Cards

10 Santa Christmas Cards (these are reproductions by different companies).

Lot#: 42

Lot#: 42 - 12 Books (HB and PB)

12 Books: 1 book has 2 books in one - Hangman's Creek, Jury of Six (PB); The Client - John Grisham (HB); The Runaway Jury - John Grisham (HB); The Brethren - John Grisham(PB); Private Eye Protector (Larger Print) by Shirlee McCoy (PB); Lavender Lies by Susan Wittig Albert (PB); A Farewell to Yarns by Jill Churchill (PB); Partner In Crime by J. A. Jance (PB); Rough Justice by Jack Higgins (PB); Bridge of Dreams by Christina Skye (PB); Fear of Frying by Jill Churchill (PB).

Lot#: 43

Lot#: 43 - Ruby Red Glassware +

2 Cape Cod Ruby Red Glassware - Bell and Oil Cruet; 3 different Hurricane Glasses; 2 Anchor Hocking Company Green Glass Large Mugs; 1 Imperial Glass Co Milk Glass Grape Design Vase; Crystal Style Toothpick Holder; Very nice Glass Vase; 3 bud vases in a silver tone holder (glass is marked Davco Silver LTD.

Lot#: 44

Lot#: 44 - Disney and Hot Wheels +

Different items - Disney and Hot Wheels along with Vintage Soldiers and Army Vehicle, along with other cars and monster Trucks, a very noise Hamster toy, Tigger +.

Lot#: 45

Lot#: 45 - 1940's Comic Strips

9 Family Matters plus what is on back - at least 4 has some type of tears on them, but they are complete.

Lot#: 46

Lot#: 46 - 54 Orns + More

54 Hanging/clip-ons Ornaments along with 300 Icicle Lights - still sealed inside - never used; some stickers; 11 Miniature Figurines. Good Grouping.

Lot#: 47

Lot#: 47 - 8 Real Antique Postcards

12 Postcards total - 10 (8 are Antique postcards (Dates: 1913 made in Germany, 1911 printed in England, 1906 (non-divided Back), 1909, 909, with 1 Calling Card and 2 Others plus 2 that are newer.

Lot#: 48

Lot#: 48 - Lilian Bran + More

Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat who went into the Closet, The Cat Who Tailed A Thief, The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers; Catch as Cat Can by Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown; Loves Me, Loves Me Not by Barbara Jean Hicks; Julie by Catherine Marshall; Every Little Thing About You - Lori Wick; The Legend of Robin Brodie by Lisa Samson; The Highlander & His Lady by Lisa Samson; Bitter Night Sweet Dawn by Janet Bedly.

Lot#: 49

Lot#: 49 - Nodder, Glass Cat + More

Kitties in a basket, Dog Nodder, Hand Blown Glass Cat, Vintage Kitty with Hat, Dog with flower, Mother dog and pup (pup is detached from the mother), Rubber Dalmatian, and White Tiger, Bug Card Holder (Metal), Metal Ship on stand, Metal look Owl (Light Weight, 2 Avon Rabbits (1 is just the top and other is missing it's lid); Cat Shaker, Gold tone Elephant pottery.

Lot#: 50

Lot#: 50 - Metal ware

Pewter Sugar/creamer; Lid for a very large pot; Metal Serving Tray with Handle and 3 sections; Decorative Double Handle Planter - Silver Plated possibly; Nice Silver Plated Bowl; and international Silver Company Silver Plated Coasters.

Lot#: 51

Lot#: 51 - 10 Vintage Valentines

10 Vintage Valentines on front and back page.

Lot#: 52

Lot#: 52 - 10 Vintage Valentines

10 Vintage Valentines on front and back page.

Lot#: 53

Lot#: 53 - 6 Family Portraits Comic…

6 Family Portraits by Norman Lynd and 1 large The American Weekly Week of December 6, 1942 - Instantaneous Etiquette. On the back sides is partial to full comics - the full comics are Rocky Mason Government Marshal; Room and Board by Gene Ahern; Pyramid of Cholula; Skippy; Donald Duck by Walt Disney; and on the large page - 4 full stories: Carried A Crippled Husband Around on Her Back for Twenty Years, When the Law Looks like a Puzzle, The Boy Who Collected 800,000 Pounds of Scrap, Men who Are Valets to Statues.

Lot#: 54

Lot#: 54 - Collector Plates

2 collector plates by Yiannis Koutsis - The Creation: In the Beginning Plate No 210 and In His Image Plate No 210; 2 Matching You are the God who sees me, for she said I have now seen the One who sees me" Genesis 16:13.

Lot#: 55

Lot#: 55 - 4 Music Boxes +

4 Music Boxes: Couple that dances to the music - tested and works fine; Heart Shape Snow Globe with Hummingbirds - tested and works fine; Snow Globe with 2 Red Cardinals - tested and works fine, 30th Anniversary with a place for a photo - tested and works great; and 1 Wedding round Trinket Box or Jewelry box.

Lot#: 56

Lot#: 56 - 3 Serving Platters + More

Oriental Bowl with lid comes with original Box; Blue Willow Design serving platter (12-1/2"Dia) - (unmarked); 2 matching berry bowls - Sterling Ohio U.S.A. F-7; Scallop edge with floral design on one side (Unmarked)(12"Dia); Beautiful Saucer by Royal Albert Cosmos, 2 matching cups and saucers (unmarked); Tea Bag Holder - made in Italy; Center Rose Platter - Salem - made in U.S.A. 23 Karat Gold Trim (13"L x 11"W); 3 matching bread plates - Rose Bouquet 22KT. Gold Border made in England.

Lot#: 57

Lot#: 57 - 4 Mirrors

Smallest is 27" x 13"; there are 3 that are the same size 32" x 22-1/2" (There are no frames around these) And they are heavy.

Lot#: 58

Lot#: 58 - 15 Love Inspired Romance

Large Print: The Doctor's Devotion by Cheryl Wyatt; The Rancher's Reunion by Tina Radcliffe; Homecoming Reunion by Carolyne Aarsen; Wildflower Bride In Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad; To Love Again by Bonnie K. Winn; Katie's Redemption by Patricia Davids; Perfectly Matched by Lois Richer; Lakeside Sweetheart by Lenora Worth (does have a corner of the cover torn off); Hometown Holiday Reunion by Mia Ross; Christmas Homecoming by Lenora Worth; The Cowboy's Surprise Baby by Deb Kastner; Regular size print: Homecoming Reunion by Carolyne Aarsen; Dakota Father by Linda Ford; The Forest Ranger's Child by Leigh Bale; Falling for the Forest Ranger by Leigh Bale. All but that one is in very good condition.

Lot#: 59

Lot#: 59 - 12 1950's Valentines

12 count on 2 pages front and back 1950's Valentines.

Lot#: 60

Lot#: 60 - Doll by Peggy Nisbet (England)

A Peggy Nisbet Model P/607 Catherine Parr Made in England - Original Price was $50.00 comes with original box. (7-1/2"H).

Lot#: 61

Lot#: 61 - Marquise Necklace +

Gold Tone Marquise Necklace and Bracelet Gift Set Large In original Box.

Lot#: 62

Lot#: 62 - Solitaire CZ Necklace

Solitaire CZ Necklace on Silver Tone Chain.

Lot#: 63

Lot#: 63 - Books on Success + More

4 Exam Notes: Calculus Derivatives, Calculus I, Intermediate Algebra, Calculus Derivatives; Largest Book is - The Last Two Million Years - Reader's Digest History of Man; Columbus World Travel Atlas 10th Edition; United States History - The Growth of Our Land 5th Edition; Become a Better You by Joel Osteen; Millionaire Success Habits - The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi. The Bluebook - A Uniform System of Citation - Eighteenth Edition; Radio Replies Third Volume; 1001 Ways to Energize Employees by Bob Nelson; The Organized Executive by Stephanie Winston; the 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople by Stephan Schiffman.

Lot#: 64

Lot#: 64 - 12 1950's Valentines

12 1950's Valentines 2 pages front and back.

Lot#: 65

Lot#: 65 - Legos

Box Lid Full of Legos.

Lot#: 66

Lot#: 66 - Clean Stuffies Ty + More

Guess How Much I Love You; bunnies; Cat person on swing; Precious Moments Prayer Bear; Berry Loved Bear; Alvin Chipmunk (he is the oldest one in the group); 2 Spinner TY Spiders; 1 Punxsutawney Phil 2005 TY; Kangaroo TY; Rabbit Angel; KK's Collection Baby on white silk Pillow.

Lot#: 67

Lot#: 67 - 16 Wooden Bases

About 11 of them are for Andrea by Sadek Figurines.

Lot#: 68

Lot#: 68 - 5 Umbrellas

5 Umbrellas from purse size to full size.

Lot#: 69

Lot#: 69 - Children's Books + More

Books, Cassettes, Hot Wheel Drawing; Mastermind Game, Trivial Pursuit; Golden Books.

Lot#: 70

Lot#: 70 - 12 Vintage Valentines 1940's

12 Vintage 1940's Valentines on 2 display sheets front and back.

Lot#: 71

Lot#: 71 - 120+ Ornament + Santa +

120+ Ornaments, plus Santa in a green wooden sled and 2 reindeers.

Lot#: 72

Lot#: 72 - 14 1950's Valentine Cards

14 1950's Valentine Cards - 2 sheets front and back total.

Lot#: 73

Lot#: 73 - 5 Tanenbaury Football Prints +

5 Tanenbaury Football Prints: Pat McInally Aims for the Corner, Ken Anderson Escapes the Rush, Ross Browner Confronts the Ball Carrier, Archie Griffin Heads Upfield for Big Gain (this one does have some heavy stains), Anthony Munoz Shields His Quarterback (This does have some Stains); and 5 Urbana Daily Citizen Tuesday, July 3, 1990 Page B-3 Flags.

Lot#: 74

Lot#: 74 - 11 Reading Books

Forever by Karen Kingsbury; Legacy by Al Lacy; The Lady of Stonewycke by Michael Phillips & Judith Pella; The Birthright by Janette Oke & T. Davis Bunn; Not by Might by Al Lacy; Goose in the Pond by Earlene Fowler; Dove in the Window by Earlene Fowler; Spoke of Love by Cathy Marie Hake; Where the Dogwoods Bloom by Myra Johnson; A Winter's Promise by Jeanette Gilge; Yukon Paradise by Edith R. Tjepkema.

Lot#: 75

Lot#: 75 - 12 Comic Strips

Comic Strips include: Annibelle; Tiny Tim; Smokey Stover; Secrets of Magic; Out our Way; Spooky; Not sure what the next one is called; Alley Oop; 4 Henry strips.

Lot#: 76

Lot#: 76 - Sterilite Storage 45 Gal

Sterilite Storage with back Wheels 45 Gal - Blue.

Lot#: 77

Lot#: 77 - Sterilite Storage 45 Gal

Sterilite Storage with back Wheels 45 Gal - Blue.

Lot#: 78

Lot#: 78 - Sterilite Storage 45 Gal

Sterilite Storage with back Wheels 45 Gal - Blue.

Lot#: 79

Lot#: 79 - Sterilite Storage 45 Gal

Sterilite Storage with back Wheels 45 Gal - Blue.

Lot#: 80

Lot#: 80 - Sterilite Storage 45 Gal

Sterilite Storage with back Wheels 45 Gal - Blue.

Lot#: 81

Lot#: 81 - Star Wars + Gorm - Lego +

2 Star Wars Coruscant - R2-D2 & Lott Dodd Walking Throne; Rower Radio Control Battery Operated (no testing); Gorm #8311 of Lego - Sealed; Spring UP & Catch Game - Sealed; Barbie Clothes and shoes and hats; Plus More.

Lot#: 82

Lot#: 82 - 14 1940's Valentine Cards

14 1940's Valentine Cards on 2 sheets front and back.

Lot#: 83

Lot#: 83 - 12 Vintage Santa Cards (REPO)

12 Vintage Santa Cards (Reproduction).

Lot#: 84

Lot#: 84 - 19 Beer Coasters

Just when I thought there were no more of these - here are 19 more - 7 sets of 2 and 3 singles.

Lot#: 85

Lot#: 85 - 9 Bears TY

9 Bears TY.

Lot#: 86

Lot#: 86 - 12 Vintage Santa Cards (REPO)

12 Vintage Santa Cards (Reproduction).

Lot#: 87

Lot#: 87 - 10 Vintage Santa Cards (REPO)

10 Vintage Santa Cards (Reproduction) (1 is a card).

Lot#: 88

Lot#: 88 - 10 Greenery & Poinsettias

10 Greenery & Poinsettias Centerpieces.

Lot#: 89

Lot#: 89 - Jewelry Boxes and Dishes

W Padded Leather style Jewelry Boxes - 1 looks more like a man's; Heart Shape with 2 hearts on the top ; 11 slot plastic jewelry box or crafts; small Gold Trim with Roses ring dish (no lid); Butterfly Percaline 2 Piece box; another butterfly handmade Ring box; 2 legged Gold Tone legs and trim with roses on the top 2 pieces; the last piece is a frosted bowl with a pewter style top with pink and blue rhinestones - it does say PartyLite on the bottom.

Lot#: 90

Lot#: 90 - Unique Buttons

1 Jazz-up Hand painted Button Cover(?); 5 Streamline Buttons - 1 Green, 2 multi sparkly, 2 Rhinestones buttons; 17 Nut style Buttons; and 3 matching lime green buttons.

Lot#: 91

Lot#: 91 - Hair Items

Clips, Decorative Hair Combs; Blue box with clear lid for some of them - 2 new on package and cloth measuring tape.

Lot#: 92

Lot#: 92 - Sunglasses and Prescription

4 Sunglasses and 1 prescription (Hal Sto?).

Lot#: 93

Lot#: 93 - Button and Clasps Pins

61 Items in this lot - 23 Button Pins; 16 Clasp Pins 9 (1 Trifari); 1 Key Chain and 9 Charms plus 3 others. From Avon to Hallmark to Olympic Games to Religious items to Kennedy Charms to Hospital Volunteers to Ducks to bears to Mice to hearts to choose from

Lot#: 94

Lot#: 94 - Bracelets

1/20-12K GF Top heart Bracelet Stretch; Birthstone Tennis Bracelet - June/Simulated Pearl in original Box; Medical Bracelet and charm - Hypoglycemia; Medilog by Speidel U.S.A. Stainless Steel; Double strand gold tone and flax Pearl bracelet; Black Shiny Cross with Stretch bracelet with tags; Child's Bracelet with owls stretch; Yellow bangle; blue Stretch, brown bead stretch, Gold bead stretch (child's); Ladies Black and silver bracelet; Pink stretch bracelet; Metal with hinge bracelet.

Lot#: 95

Lot#: 95 - Vintage Lipstick holders + New

2 New Classic Petite Beauty Clutch for lipsticks by Avon - 1 still sealed in package; Nice Silver edge with mirror Lipstick holder; smaller one that is marked Hong Kong; 1 leather like holder made in Italy with mirror; 1 that is marked leather with mirror; 1 leather like lipstick holder with mirror; Pink beaded Case for lipstick with mirror - MK Signature; blue and white plaid lipstick holder with mirror; pink stone like look with mirror and lipstick holder vintage; and green with mirror (mirror does show wear) - Hong Kong Vintage.

Lot#: 96

Lot#: 96 - Jewelry + More

Meritorious Service Ribbon Non-Combat 1969 or later - Red and White and Blue and White Silver; 2 Matching 4" x 6" Photo Frame - Metal - Air Force; Pocket Knife with Eagles on it - in very good condition; Heart Flag and Star Flag along with Elephant Pendant and chain; Hospice Veterans Button pin, 3 tie clips; 2 button pin tie pins; Fall Creeks Deer Stretched coin; Moose Door Opener Button Pin, More button pins, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Keychain; International Police Association 60 years 1950-2010 +.

Lot#: 97

Lot#: 97 - 8 Vintage Valentine Cards

8 Vintage Valentine Cards.

Lot#: 98

Lot#: 98 - 8 Vintage Valentine Cards

8 Vintage Valentine Cards.

Lot#: 99

Lot#: 99 - 8 Vintage Valentine Cards

8 Vintage Valentine Cards.

Lot#: 100

Lot#: 100 - 8 Vintage Valentine Cards

8 Vintage Valentine Cards.

Lot#: 101

Lot#: 101 - 7 Vintage Valentine Cards

7 Vintage Valentine Cards.

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