Showroom #141 - Postcards, Valentines & More!

Monday February 18, 2019 | 2910 9th Street East. Glencoe, MN. US. 55336

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Lot#: 46398055

DVDs and CDs


Lot#: 46398056

Gillette razor blades, Twins Christmas ornament, toy square bales, vintage bottles, and 2 gallon

Crown crock, soiled

Lot#: 46398057

Solar fencer with fencing, sockets, tools


Lot#: 46398058

(3) Metal deer tree stands


Lot#: 46398059

McCormick W-30 special edition tractor and McCormick-Deering tractor, soiled


Lot#: 46398060

Farmall 100 tractor, no. 14192, Super MTA tractor, no. 445, soiled


Lot#: 46398061

Farmall Super A tractor no. 14052A and Farmall C White Demonstrator tractor, no. 4312, soiled


Lot#: 46398062

McCormick-Deering Model M no. 4351, and John Deere Waterloo Boy 2hp engine, no. 5645, soiled


Lot#: 46398063

John Deere Waterloo Boy, no. 45015, soiled


Lot#: 46398064

Farmall Super A tractor, no. 250, Farmall Cub tractor, no. 235, soiled


Lot#: 46398065

Farmall Super A tractor, no. 250, McCormick W-30 tractor, soiled


Lot#: 46398066

McCormick WD-9 tractor, no. 633, McCormick Deering 22-36 tractor, soiled


Lot#: 46398067

Farmall F-20 tractor, no. 260, Farmall Super M no. 14270, soiled


Lot#: 46398068

Farmall B tractor, no. 14113, Farmall H tractor, no. 14518, soiled


Lot#: 46398069

Excel metal tool chest cabinet on wheels with tray


Lot#: 46398070

International Cub tractors, no. 14339 and no. 653, soiled


Lot#: 46398071

Farmall 130, 230, 350, 450 and Farmall 100, 200, 300, 400 tractors, soiled


Lot#: 46398072

Farmall Cub tractor, no. 689, Farmall 140 tractor, no. 4754, soiled


Lot#: 46398073

Farmall Super MTA tractor no. 14562, Farmall F-20 tractor no. 437, soiled


Lot#: 46398074

Farmall 100 tractor, no. 14192, Farmall F-20 tractor, no. 437, soiled


Lot#: 46398075

International Cub tractor, no. 48, Farmall Cub tractor, no. 235, soiled'


Lot#: 46398076

Farmall 230 tractor, no. 14040, Farmall 460 tractor, no. 14393, soiled


Lot#: 46398077

McCormick-Deering Model M engine, no. 4351, IHC Famous Engine, no. 615, soiled


Lot#: 46398078

International 600 diesel tractor, no. 282, Farmall F12 tractor, soiled


Lot#: 46398079

John Deere Model E engine, no. 4350, John Deere Waterloo Boy 2hp engine, no. 5645, soiled


Lot#: 46398080

Criterion chest freezer, model ccf70m1w, 7.0 cubic foot, 70 lbs.


Lot#: 46397900

AB Lounge Max 2 exerciser


Lot#: 46397901

Santa Anita Ware revolving fondue set/serving set


Lot#: 46397902

White glass, prep bowls, salt/pepper, refrigerator dish, pie plate, casserole, some Fire King.

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397903

Assortment of porcelain condiment sets. Contents of 3 boxes


Lot#: 46397904

Assortment of novelty salt/pepper and condiment sets.


Lot#: 46397905

Porcelain condiment sets and containers, stackable tea sets, stackable measuring cups.

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397906

Porcelain flowers, animal figurine bells, tabletop fountains, owl mugs and condiment set.

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397907

Fire King peach dishware, handled bowls, refrigerator dishes, prep cups, and peach dessert dishes

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397908

Porcelain condiment sets, 2 on turntable, and one metal salt/pepper and toothpick set.

Contents of 3 boxes

Lot#: 46397909

Vintage green glass canister.


Lot#: 46397910

WestBend soup crock on electric warming plate with matching bowls and 3qt crock with lid.


Lot#: 46397911

Yellow glass, stemware, cream/sugar, saucers, bowls. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397912

Red glass cordials, metal stand, and liqueur decanter in metal stand.


Lot#: 46397913

Clear glass condiment sets in metal holders and on glass trays, measuring cup, refrigerator dishes.

Contents of 3 boxes.

Lot#: 46397914

Porcelain and ceramic miniature tea sets. Contents of 3 boxes


Lot#: 46397915

Miniature porcelain woodland/fairy/vegetable dishware


Lot#: 46397916

Fire King 3pc painted nesting bowl set, covered casserole and refrigerator dish, and

Corning Ware casserole dishes. Contents of 2 boxes.

Lot#: 46397917

Porcelain condiment sets, wall mount, and porcelain salt/pepper shaker on tray.


Lot#: 46397918

Clear and blue canning jars with glass and metal covers, Ball Zinc Caps. Contents of 2 boxes.


Lot#: 46397919

Rival Crock-ette, Crock Pot, and Pyrex dishes with covers. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397920

Bed and table linens and hats. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397800

Sports memorabilia. Wheaties boxes in acrylic cases, Kirby Puckett pennant, Twins mug,

Louisville Slugger miniature wood bats, prints-Cal Ripken, Men in Black-Pippen, Rodman and Jordan, Kirby, Shaquille Oneal. Contents of 3 boxes.

Lot#: 46397921

Ceramic basin and pitcher


Lot#: 46397801

Gilbert No 6 1/2 Erector set


Lot#: 46397922

Colored glass covered candy dishes, basket, centerpiece bowl, cream/sugar, and vases,

clear glass divided trays, and artificial flowers. Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397802

Large collection of stamps, some first day issue in binder, collection of postcards and matchbooks.

Contents of 5 boxes plus binders.

Lot#: 46397923

Porcelain condiment sets, wall mount and table top, porcelain spoon rests and wall decoration

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397803

Wash wringers, Anchor Brand and Brighton, and wash plunger. 3 pieces


Lot#: 46397924

Glass pitcher and glasses sets, childs porcelain cups/saucers, porcelain condiment sets.

Contents of 3 boxes

Lot#: 46397804

Canning jars, vintage kitchen utensils, metal lunch box , funnels, coffee maker, ricer, spice tin

Contents of 4 boxes

Lot#: 46397925

Clear glass divided platters, covered snack jar, bowls, relish/candy dishes.

Contents of 2 boxes.

Lot#: 46397805

Toy cars, Matchbox, HotWheels, Jada Toys, Joy Ride, Johnny Lightning, and others.

Contents of 2 boxes and plastic travel case.

Lot#: 46397926

(2) 12pc MainStays latching food storage sets, Indiana Glass 3 piece chip n dip set. 3 pieces


Lot#: 46397806

Metal items, National Silver Co, Wm Rogers, Rogers & Bro. flatware in Nakens Silverware Chest,

Regency Silver wine cooler reproductions, platters, pitchers and tea pots. Contents of box, chest, and storage box.

Lot#: 46397927

Glass jar butter churn


Lot#: 46397807

Collage frames, largest is 42inx29in, Black Swan Wine light up electric wall sign, works,

(2) plexiglass sheets 36inx30in, and George Bush card sheet. 8 pieces

Lot#: 46397928



Lot#: 46397808

Large collection of vintage postcards, greeting cards, and pictures. Contents of 4 boxes


Lot#: 46397929

Vintage Little Blue Books, ornate headpiece, jeweled compact case, glass perfume bottle


Lot#: 46397809

Wells Brothers Company Little Giant vintage tap set, vintage microscope, and

Remco Science Kit tin, empty. 3 pieces

Lot#: 46397930

Pyrex 3pc bowl set


Lot#: 46397810

Rainbow Crafts, Magnajector, American Optical 300 slide projector, Argus 300 slide projector,

automatic slide changers, and slides. Contents of box plus 2 projectors.

Lot#: 46397931

Plastic Seven Dwarf set, Snow White story figurines, Santa and Wizard candles, jacks.


Lot#: 46397811

Vintage Remington Noiseless Portable typewriter in case.


Lot#: 46397932

Pewter miniature tractors and Coca-Cola train


Lot#: 46397812

Assortment of photographs and prints. Contents of 7 boxes


Lot#: 46397933

Red glass dishware, plates, stemware, glasses, mugs, platters, bowls, salt/pepper.

Contents of 3 boxes plus platters

Lot#: 46397813

Case of Staples copy paper, 5000 sheets, unopened.


Lot#: 46397934

Fire King peach casserole dishes, cream/sugar and cup/saucer. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397814

Intermatic Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting. Both boxes


Lot#: 46397935

Chicken/rooster condiment sets, porcelain and wood


Lot#: 46397815

Vornado and oscillating fan. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397936

Halls Autumn Leaf bowls, cream/sugar, salt/pepper, coffee pot. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397816

Collection of View Masters with reels


Lot#: 46397937

Halls Autumn Leaf miniature tea set


Lot#: 46397817

Vintage toaster, hair dryers, irons, coffee grinder. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397938

Halls Red Poppy bowls, coffee pot, cream/sugar, and salt/pepper. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397818

Vintage toys, Mickey Mouse, Bolz metal bank, bobble heads


Lot#: 46397939

Fire King painted ovenware, refrigerator dishes, casseroles. Contents of 2 boxes.


Lot#: 46397819

Toys and games, plastic track, Musical Train Set, Jesse Ventura doll, Ty bears, puzzles,

Playskool Sesame Street Neighborhood

Lot#: 46397940

Christmas decorations, willow tree nativity set

both boxes

Lot#: 46397820

Singer treadle sewing machine in cabinet


Lot#: 46397941

Toby mugs, child's tea sets, motorcycle salt and pepper, some Toby mugs are Occupy Japan, both boxes


Lot#: 46397700

Wood stands, plant stands 39inH and 26inH, wall table 24inW. 3 pieces


Lot#: 46397821

Fryin Saucer outdoor fryer, gardening organizer bag, vintage metal bird cage, wind chimes,

wildlife food, tins, shepherds hook.

Lot#: 46397942

Child's tea set, one is Occupy Japan with salt and pepper, both boxes


Lot#: 46397701

Oster microwave, Model OGB81101


Lot#: 46397822

Duck decoys, mini rawhide dog bones. Contents of box


Lot#: 46397943

Coby digital radio, poker chips, Charlie Brown, A&W, Care Bear glasses, both boxes


Lot#: 46397702

Wood drop leaf table, table 32inx20in, leafs are 10in each


Lot#: 46397823

Can recycler system


Lot#: 46397944

Forest green glassware, cookie super shooter, covered casserole, both boxes


Lot#: 46397703

Nesco Professional Roaster Oven and Presto 6qt Nomad Traveling Slow Cooker. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397824

Montgomery Ward Sea King 5 boat motor, Model 35GG-9015A, SN 461853


Lot#: 46397945

Christmas decorations, trays, bells, Dept. 56, all four boxes


Lot#: 46397704

Vintage sleeping bag, vintage chair/step stool, and rain suit.


Lot#: 46397825

Johnson 4 motor, Model 4W69B, SN E3140443, with wood stand and metal fuel can.


Lot#: 46397946

Rosette maker, cookie press, spice tins


Lot#: 46397705

Adjustable work table on wheels


Lot#: 46397826

Seattle Sports Paddleboy All Terrain Center Cart


Lot#: 46397947

Metal items, some snack trays, small bundt cake tins


Lot#: 46397706

(2) metal folding tables


Lot#: 46397827

Large assortment of collector plates, Norman Rockwell, MJ Hummel, wildlife, and others.

Most are Norman Rockwell. Contents of 5 boxes and 1 tote.

Lot#: 46397948

Visible dishes/pots and pans, all three boxes


Lot#: 46397707

Hardware organizers, Harvest States thermometer, misc. hardware, screws, nuts, bolts, washers

All organizers, 2 boxes, metal tray and tins.

Lot#: 46397828

(2) metal tackle boxes, empty, anchor, The Big Bobber floating cooler, fishing rod case with rod,

WayRite scale, Detecto Beam Type Baby Scale, Rapala Mug and Thermos set, metal fish. Contents of box and items around.

Lot#: 46397949

Jointed flower people, some Fall themed, both boxes


Lot#: 46397708

Wood and glass curio cabinet with three shelves, no key, approx. 29.5" L x 11" W x 62" H


Lot#: 46397829

Boyds Bears & Friends figurines. Contents of 2 boxes.


Lot#: 46397709

Oster mixer with various attachments, bowls, and cover


Lot#: 46397950

Spec cast metal McCormick Deering, Massey Harris belt buckles, commemorative presidential knife

small metal pail, implement advertising cups and ashtrays, bottle openers, all three boxes

Lot#: 46397830

Precious Moments and Pretty as a Picture figurines. Contents of 4 boxes.


Lot#: 46397951

Ertl 1957 Corvette 1/24 scale Tester model car, 2005 Cadillac Escalade 1/25 scale AMT model car


Lot#: 46397710

Shelving unit with adjustable shelves, approx. 30" L x 19" W x 67" H, appears to be veneer


Lot#: 46397831

Military jacket, skirt, hat, helmet and Girl Scout sash.


Lot#: 46397952

Arcade coffee grinder, missing glass cup


Lot#: 46397711

Pressed wood cabinet, partially painted, approx. 30" L x 16" W x 30" H


Lot#: 46397832

Cups, mugs, yellow glass platter and dish, crock with cover, blue canning jar with cover,

glass marbles, Coca-Cola prints and figurine, doll, decorative items, Hamilton Beach warming pot No 33006, Keystone food chopper, Williams Sonoma cookie press, adjustable slicing knife. Contents of 4 boxes.

Lot#: 46397953

1932 Lockheed Vega model 5 1/32 scale plane bank and American Muscle F-16 Fighter die cast model

plane, both

Lot#: 46397712

Electrical components, wiring, lamps (may be incomplete), battery charger, metal tool box

2 boxes, toolbox, and tray.

Lot#: 46397833

Thank you for bidding.


Lot#: 46397954

Crown Premiums Snap-On tool chest limited edition


Lot#: 46397713

Vintage metal cabinet with wood doors and shelves, has been painted, approx. 24" L x 11" W x 63" H


Lot#: 46397834

Comic books, Suicide Squad, Batman, Archie, Captain America and others, JFK 1969 calendar,

political buttons, and marbles. Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397955

NASCAR 48 1/24 scale racing champion car, NASCAR Denny Hamlin Standard no. 20, and Bass Pro Shop

no. 1 car and John Deere no. 97 car, Action Milestones car, Brewco no. 66 car, Drivers Select no. 16, both boxes

Lot#: 46397714

Metal cabinet, some rust damage, approx. 26" L x 12" W x 65" H


Lot#: 46397835

Evergrind food waste disposer, plastic organizer, saw blades, grinding wheels, Sabre saw,

Black and Decker electric scissors, hardware, Broan ventilation fan, halogen lamps, wood shelf brackets.

Lot#: 46397956

Toy Farmer 2006 National Farm Toy Show vintage 4WD Series International 4366 toy tractor and Toy

Farmer 2007 National Farm Toy Show vintage 5 4WD series Case 2470 toy tractor, both

Lot#: 46397715

Keller 20 ft. aluminum extension ladder, medium commercial duty


Lot#: 46397836

RCA Video Camcorder in case, vintage Electro Acoustic Products Picturol Projector Model 2055

vintage cameras, DeVry, Polaroid Land cameras, Kodak No 2 folding cartridge Hawk-eye Model C, Brownie Hawkeye, Kodak Duaflex IV, Yashica Copal, Keystone Olympic 8mm K33, Brownie Target Six-20, Brownie Movie Camera. Contents of 2 boxes plus camcorder.

Lot#: 46397957

Ertl Steiger 535 toy tractor, 1/32, no. 14665


Lot#: 46397716

Garden hose on reel, Ace Hardware lawn spreader, sprinkler, weed killers, wood bucket


Lot#: 46397837

Sporting equipment, Pro Kennex Copper Ace tennis racket, hockey helmet size small,

Tball and youth baseball gloves, souvenir hockey sticks, sponge bat. Contents of 49ers duffle bag.

Lot#: 46397958

Tea set, relish dishes, candle holders, covered dishes, all four boxes


Lot#: 46397717

(2) Metal folding tables


Lot#: 46397838

LP vinyl albums, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bill Cosby, Crosby Stills & Nash,

Johnny Mathis, Lawrence Welk, and Johnny Cash 1955-1983 and Jim Reeves CD collections. Contents of tote

Lot#: 46397959

Advertising mirrors and pictures with thermometers, Cologne, New Germany, Green Isle, Gaylord

Norwood, Maple Plain and others

Lot#: 46397718

Wood trunk with separators, some water damage and cracking, approx. 50.5" L x 20" W x 19" H


Lot#: 46397839

Magnavox Odyssey2 Microprocessor with game cartridges, Nintendo Entertainment System,

Nintendo controllers, cassette player/recorder, GameBoy game cartridges, Juliette Model APR-206-A transistor radio, handheld electronic games, cell phones, flip and others, Q Bert video game machine. Contents of box.

Lot#: 46397719

Various Christmas ornaments, figurines, and decor


Lot#: 46397960

Childs Ohio Art metal pump, metal pails, small Western train, both boxes


Lot#: 46397840

Vintage Supertone Talking Machine Co crank record player


Lot#: 46397961

Pyrex nesting bowls


Lot#: 46397720

Various Christmas ornaments, figurines, books and decor


Lot#: 46397841

Crosley Collectors Edition Juke Box/Radio, Model CR-11


Lot#: 46397962

Post cards and gift tags, reproduction


Lot#: 46397721

Table linen, towels, doilies, and basket


Lot#: 46397842

Vintage Burroughs Calculator and Standard stamp holder. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397963

O'Dell dusters, linens, clutches, quilt top, both boxes


Lot#: 46397722

Christmas dishes, spreaders, wine glasses, metal bucket with ornaments, cream and sugar


Lot#: 46397843

Assortment of decanters, wildlife, souvenir, Beams Choice. All on shelf on metal cart.


Lot#: 46397964

Children's toys, metal and plastic, Fisher Price, banks, John Deere camera, Jingle Buddies


Lot#: 46397723

Wood painted bench, wood chair, small table, crib, Ikea shelf


Lot#: 46397844

Elvis Presley items, LP vinyl albums, VHS Commemorative Collection, book, mugs


Lot#: 46397965

Ice tongs, one Chaska brick, garden tools, hose nozzle, stained Glencoe feed sack


Lot#: 46397724

Thermometers, wood level, wood toy train, wood key and mail holder, and other wood items

Three boxes.

Lot#: 46397603

Thank you for bidding.

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Lot#: 46397845

Collection of figurines by Jan Hagara. Contents of 3 boxes.


Lot#: 46397966

Shopcraft 10" table saw, 1-3/4 HP


Lot#: 46397725

Kerosene lamps, railroad spikes, oiler can, candle holder, shelf brackets, ice cream maker

other metal items Three boxes.

Lot#: 46397604

Sharp XE-A403 electric cash register, roles of paper tape, and briefcase.


Lot#: 46397846

Sword in sheath, states Made in India on sword


Lot#: 46397967

Picture frames, some new


Lot#: 46397726

Pottery, collector plates, cream and sugar made in Portugal, England wild bird mugs, candle stick

made in Portugal, bowls, ashtray, thimballs, tea cups. Three boxes.

Lot#: 46397605

Unique barn wood and metal counter/storage shelf, 43inHx60inWx26inD


Lot#: 46397847

Maisto 1957 Chevrolet Corvette 1:18, Action Nascar Kevin Harvick 29 stock car 1:24,

Nascar collector/trading cards, metal toys, Nylint, Structo, Funrise and one other, need repair. Contents of shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397968

Spice containers, milk bottle, metal tins, and apple peeler, all three boxes


Lot#: 46397727

Wire baskets, hanging metal baskets, "Dream" signs, Fall candle lantern, bird house, "Spring" sign

Spring themed items, menorah, candle holders, "always" sign, tote of small scissors

Lot#: 46397606

Vintage wood/metal bench, 24inW, seat folds up


Lot#: 46397848

Large collection of sports collector/trading cards. Football, Baseball Basketball.

Contents of 3rd shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397969

Handcrafted wood bowls, metal baskets, clothes pins, both boxes


Lot#: 46397728

Various picture frames and wall hangings


Lot#: 46397607

Wood table 41inx30in with (4) matching wood chairs


Lot#: 46397849

Large collection of sports collector/trading cards. Football, Baseball Basketball.

Contents of 4th shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397729

Roasting pans, coffee pot, bowls, large spoons, rooster wall hangings in tote with lid


Lot#: 46397608

Wood cart/bar on wheels, 2 door, 53inHx27inWx22inD


Lot#: 46397609

Rustic wood corner shelf 41inH and wood coffee table with 4 drawers, 48inL. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397970

Les Kouba plastic Thermo-Serve pitchers and ice bucket with mugs and glasses


Lot#: 46397850

Large collection of sports collector/trading cards. Football, Baseball, Basketball.

Contents of bottom shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397971

Valentines and other paper advertising, both boxes


Lot#: 46397730

Coleman cordless drill, misc. hand tools, wrenches, socket wrenches, hardware, level, other metal

items. Two totes.

Lot#: 46397851

Metal ammo box, rifle cleaning kit, vintage flashlight, Bar and Chain oil, shelf brackets.

Contents of tote and ammo box.

Lot#: 46397972

Road Champs diecast collection of semi trucks, Caterpillar D350D, Havoline metal boat and others

both boxes

Lot#: 46397731

Thanksgiving and Christmas themed items/decor, light up penguin, both totes


Lot#: 46397610

Painted wood 4 drawer dresser/storage cabinet, 49inHx32inWx17inD


Lot#: 46397852

Vintage suitcase with purse, manicure set, clothespins with bag, doll clothes,hand mirror,

and religious items, assortment of Avon perfume/cologne bottles. Contents of suitcase and box

Lot#: 46397973

Chevrolet truck, golf car, pedal car ornament, Texaco car, ambulance, some wood cars

all three boxes

Lot#: 46397732

Vintage light bulbs, vintage clothes iron, 4-slice toaster, battery flashlight with extra battery

and kitchen scale

Lot#: 46397611

(2) painted wood book shelves, red is 36inHx24inWx10inD. Blue/Gray is 32inH. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397853

Wisecomm wireless color camera system, Kodamatic Pleaser II camera, Cine-Kodak Eight-25,

Polaroid Land Camera Model 95 in case with accessories, Ansco Shur Shot, Polaroid Land Camera model 80A in case with accessories, (2) Brownie Target Six-16, Kodak Colorburst 300. Contents of 2 boxes plus case inbetween.

Lot#: 46397974

Ertl and Matchbox tractors including Ford, Case, Allis Chalmers and others, both boxes


Lot#: 46397733

Craftsman 18 in. electric hedge trimmer, Craftsman 29cc weedwacker


Lot#: 46397612

Rustic wood box 25inHx50inWx24inD, corner on top is broken off but is inside


Lot#: 46397854

Music. Vinyl LP albums, 78s, 45s, 10in Edison Re-Creations. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397975

Ertl and other metal trailers, one is painted


Lot#: 46397734

Vintage style electric lamps, kerosene lamps, glass shade, white glass bowl, cake pans, bread maker

cookie cutters, four boxes

Lot#: 46397613

(2) matching wood end tables


Lot#: 46397855

Star Trek The Movies 25th Anniversary VHS Collection, and collector/trading cards, Xmen,

Star Wars, Marvel and others. Contents of box.

Lot#: 46397976

Royal Copley chicken, birds, American eagle sculpture, giraffe candle holder, and other ceramics

all four boxes

Lot#: 46397735

Hair curlers, floating candles, highlighters, clipboards, paper cutter, staplers, clocks, coasters

Exit sign, both boxes.

Lot#: 46397614

White metal storage cabinet, 1 door, 1 drawer, 33inHx20inWx16inD, and

metal 18in round occasional table/plant stand 21inH, top is cracked. 2 pieces

Lot#: 46397856

Coleman Perfectflow stove, Wilson portable Radio/Weather Band-flashlight-compass-thermometer,

folding camp chair, flashlight, binoculars, standing portable camp light.

Lot#: 46397977

Winners Circle cars and Racing Champions, all three boxes


Lot#: 46397736

Fluorescent light panels, track lighting


Lot#: 46397615

Picket fence, 3 hinged sections, each section is 48inHx20inW, painted


Lot#: 46397857

Playboy magazines, mostly 80s and 90s, one 1968 and one 1969. Contents of shelf of wire cart.


Lot#: 46397978

Mirror and glass thermometer advertising, Glencoe, Young America, Waconia, New Auburn, Bondgard

Norwood, and others, both boxes

Lot#: 46397737

Condenser, horse shoes, John Deere plate, saw blades, both totes


Lot#: 46397616

Vintage baby stroller/buggy


Lot#: 46397858

Large collection of sports collector/trading cards. Baseball, Football, Hockey. Sports frame.

Contents of 2nd shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397979

Hot Wheels and Hot Tracks, Nitro funny car, both boxes


Lot#: 46397738

Kodascope Eight model 50 projector in case and Skan projector in case, both


Lot#: 46397617

Painted wood railing 92inL, painted wood bench 68inL, and painted wood foot stool. 3 pieces


Lot#: 46397859

Large collection of sports collector/trading cards. Football, Baseball, Basketball and

Disney collector/trading cards in binder. Contents of 3rd shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397739

Glass jugs, bottles, jars, bowls, vases, candle sticks, mugs, pitcher, Aladdin's Pump-A-Drink

plastic funnels, bowls, all four totes, two have lids.

Lot#: 46397618

Metal medicine cabinet with mirror 18inH, Bulova anniversary clock, trinket box, painted metal

tray, decorative plate, tin, vintage plant fumer. Contents of box plus medicine cabinet

Lot#: 46397619

Wood dresser/storage cabinet, 6 drawers, 32inHx50inWx18inD, some hardware missing,

some scratches. Dresser only, top contents are not included.

Lot#: 46397980

Snap-On 1/9 scale die cast Superbike 1995, Ertl metal van with sliding door, and plastic truck

both boxes

Lot#: 46397860

Comic books, Marvel, DC, Xmen, Avengers, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Captain America and others,

Super Bowl XXXII Wheaties box. Contents of 4th shelf on metal cart

Lot#: 46397981

Planters, bowls, and teapot, one Red Wing, Shawnee, Hull, and others, both boxes


Lot#: 46397740

Wood plane, (2) levels, (3) metal screens


Lot#: 46397861

Large collection of sports collector/trading cards, mostly baseball.

Contents of bottom shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397982

Road & Track 1/18 scale motorcycle, Harley Davidson floor mat, Chevrolet USA metal license plate

American flag coasters, and (9) Harley Davidson rewards center motorcycles, both boxes

Lot#: 46397741

Car items: reflectors, funnel, MN license plates, windshield wipers, V-belts, street sign

both boxes

Lot#: 46397620

(4) matching wood chairs


Lot#: 46397862

Navigation charts, Sears Roebuck Catalogues, books, vintage newspapers, LP vinyl album sets.

Contents of top shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397983

Beverly Hills picture, tray, kitchen knives, coffee pots, enamel pan, both boxes


Lot#: 46397742

Vintage tins, boxes, pins, hinges, fire extinguisher dry chemical recharge kit

all five.

Lot#: 46397621

Wood items, painted folding table, book shelf, decorative window, various size barn pieces,

(3) doors with glass panels, ax, boat oar, garden tools. All items on wall

Lot#: 46397863

Magazines, Life, Ebony, Field and Stream, Newsweek, Hot Rod and others, vintage books,

coffee table books. Contents of 2nd shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397984

Holly Hobbie cream and sugar, plates, mugs, bells

flat and tote

Lot#: 46397743

Adjustable wrenches, hooks, meat grinder, padlocks and keys, hand scythes, other metal items

Three boxes.

Lot#: 46397622

Large plastic bucket of leather horse harness


Lot#: 46397864

Magazines, Life, Better Homes, Look and others, music books.

Contents of 3rd shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397985

Jordan Coop Creamery pottery pitcher, Fiesta pitcher, chicken plates, and egg cups and other

glassware, three boxes

Lot#: 46397744

Children's toys, two totes, one has lid


Lot#: 46397623

Broan Elite Ultra Silent Ventilation Fan QTXE110, (12) soft white 100W equivalent CFL bulbs,

and LED spot/can light bulbs. 3 boxes

Lot#: 46397865

Magazines, Life, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and others.

Contents of bottom shelf on metal cart.

Lot#: 46397986

Clear glassware, sundae cups, spoon holders, candy dishes, plates, all three boxes


Lot#: 46397745

Cloth diapers, biodegradable diaper liners, bottle drying rack, newborn swaddle, stuffed toys

tote with lid

Lot#: 46397624

Automotive parts, Ford radio, coolant reservoir, and other parts, antique metal jack.

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397866

Unframed prints, One with the Wind by Mario Fernandez, Homestead by James Meger 704/1500,

Woodland woodies by Randall Raduenz 3366/4500, bird series by Ken Zylla, unframed oil paintings, vintage picture on canvass in standing wood frame.

Lot#: 46397987

Mens ball hats


Lot#: 46397988

Toro Rake & Vac


Lot#: 46397746

33 LP vinyl records, tote and box


Lot#: 46397625

Hardware, screws, chain, wall anchors, washers, and more.

Contents of 2 boxes and plastic Coca-Cola carrier.

Lot#: 46397867

Vintage Barbie and Ken vinyl boxes, Barbie collector cards in binder, and Barbie's Pool Party.

5 pieces

Lot#: 46397989

Wall hangings, bears, trivet, wood sign, Fall decorations, both boxes


Lot#: 46397747

Various rope and chain, garden tools, pots, baskets, hand saws, root feeder. Both totes, one has lid


Lot#: 46397626

Hanging light fixtures. All fixtures on shelf.


Lot#: 46397868

Heath Company Heathkit Tube Checker Model TC-2, vintage hand saw, sprayer, and oil can.

Contents of box plus tube checker.

Lot#: 46397748

Plastic tackle box with bobbers, weights, ice fishing poles, boat seat, maps


Lot#: 46397627

(4) plastic shelves, 2 black are 56inHx35inWx17inD, white and gray are 38inH. All 4 shelves.

Shelves only, contents on shelves are NOT included.

Lot#: 46397869

Lone Ranger wrist watch, Justrite Cigars and Canadian Mountie tins, leather whip


Lot#: 46397749

Build A Road for Matchbox mobiles, Hot Wheels, Matchbox car, and Tonka fire ladder truck

(mostly metal, windshield plastic), all three.

Lot#: 46397628

(2) wood and metal sleds, largest is Speedway 56inL. Both sleds.


Lot#: 46397629

Christmas/Holiday items, ornaments, figurines, lighting, table linens, plush toy, and other

decorative items. Contents of 2 totes with covers.

Lot#: 46397990

Metal and wood thermometers and calendars, Clara City, Green Isle, Glencoe, Zeeland, ND, Arlington

Cologne, both boxes

Lot#: 46397991

Colored glassware, bowls, toothpick holders, vases, relish dishes, red and white hob nails

three boxes

Lot#: 46397870

Metal tin of foreign currency and car wash tokens


Lot#: 46397992

Plates, tea pots, cream and sugars, vases, three boxes


Lot#: 46397750

Jars with lids, vintage trays, candle holders, tins, portable enamelware urinal with tray, thermos'

Three boxes and metal tray pile.

Lot#: 46397871

Cast iron milk separator, may not be complete


Lot#: 46397993

MN Twins memorabilia and wood sign


Lot#: 46397751

Jewelry, vintage & modern advertising items, three boxes


Lot#: 46397630

Painted wood table, 30inx42in


Lot#: 46397872

Story & Clark Chicago USA pump organ, 50inHx50inWx25inD


Lot#: 46397994

Structo metal sand loader toy


Lot#: 46397752

Electrical insulator, crock jar with lid, bean pots, one has lid, both boxes


Lot#: 46397631

Assorted sizes and types of fluorescent lamps, track lighting tracks.

Contents of wire cart, 5 shelves

Lot#: 46397873

Vintage gumball/candy machine 38inH, metal bottom, glass globe


Lot#: 46397995

Ford tractors, wagon, plate from National Farm Toy Show, and puzzle


Lot#: 46397753

Metal and veneer folding table and square card table with fold down legs table


Lot#: 46397632

Poly rolling utility cart


Lot#: 46397874

Oversized wood rocker with upholstered seat and nailhead trim, back is 27inW


Lot#: 46397996

Refrigerator dishes, orange squeezers, toothpick holders, cruets, both boxes


Lot#: 46397754

Misc. tools, combination wrenches, hand scythe, hand saw, square, vise grip, hammer, sockets, nails

two boxes and tote

Lot#: 46397633

Metal framed shelf 86inHx48inWx24inD mounted on wood rolling platform, metal shelf brackets,

plastic stretch wrap, metal tool box and plastic bucket. Shelf and all contents

Lot#: 46397875

Wood and glass curio cabinet with three glass shelves and key, 60inHx30inWx15inD


Lot#: 46397997

Tonka toy quarry dump truck no 2207, small metal and plastic Tonka dump truck and Nylint metal NAPA

truck, all three

Lot#: 46397755

Steering wheels, both boxes


Lot#: 46397634

Vintage wood/metal table 36inx48in, and (2) matching swivel chairs

Table and chairs only, contents on top is not included

Lot#: 46397876

Wood rocking horse


Lot#: 46397998

Kubota advertising glasses, barnhouse painted plate, switch plate covers, plastic country mugs

horse coasters, both boxes

Lot#: 46397756

Board games: Michigan Rummy, Finance, Fractions, jigsaw puzzle, Sopranos, Karate Fighters

Pictionary, Trivia Pursuit, Out of Context, Battle of the Sexes and more, tote with lid and box.

Lot#: 46397635

Dolls, afghan, quilt, ladies shoes, purse, frames, greeting cards, and home decorating items.

Contents of box and tote

Lot#: 46397877

Amber and green glass cornucopia-style vase


Lot#: 46397999

Wood egg case


Lot#: 46397757

Collector plates, milk glass serving dish, pink depression serving trays, bowls, copper coffee, tea

and sugar tins, copper strainer, glass pitcher with iris pattern, vase, decanter, wine glasses, candle holders, four boxes.

Lot#: 46397636

Curt receiver hitch with 2 5/16in ball, and ratchet-type straps


Lot#: 46397878

Red/orange carnival glass bowl and basket


Lot#: 46397758

Fabric, foot massager, crocheted blanket, quilt, pillows, thread, umbrella.

basket and three totes, two have lids

Lot#: 46397637

Cookbooks, Nabisco cracker tin, Quaker Oats tub, cast iron fry pan 5-R, kitchen utensils,

glass pie plate. Contents of 2 boxes and wicker basket on shelf.

Lot#: 46397879

Red/orange carnival glass bowl and centerpiece dish


Lot#: 46397759

Christmas decor, artificial flowers, candle holders, tea cup with saucer, ornaments, puzzle

angel and gold tree. Three totes and two boxes, two totes have lids.

Lot#: 46397638

Assortment of jars and bottles, Contents of 4 boxes on bottom shelf of cart


Lot#: 46397639

Poly rolling tool box, assortment of hand tools, files, tire iron, plastic organizer, hardware.

Rolling box and all contents.

Lot#: 46397880

Porcelain chicken/rooster condiment sets, table top and wall mount, divided tray.

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397760

Wood rocker with wicker seat, and wood stool


Lot#: 46397881

Pyrex nesting bowl set, 4 bowls


Lot#: 46397761

Wood framed mirror, Le Boulangerie print by Maureen Love framed and matted, metal wall hangings


Lot#: 46397640

Wood bench 118inL


Lot#: 46397882

Porcelain Chicken/rooster condiment sets, table top.


Lot#: 46397762

Jade colored glass kerosene lamp, has crack in base


Lot#: 46397641

Assorted sizes and types of fluorescent lamps, ballasts, and hardware.

Contents of wire cart, 5 shelves

Lot#: 46397883

Vintage porcelain dog figurines, girl figurine salt/pepper shakers, 3rd girl is bell in pink and

3rd girl is sugar holder with spoon in brown.

Lot#: 46397763

W.M Rogers silverware in case, recipe box with cards, mantle clock, wood box with duck painted

signed by J Wilding. Both boxes.

Lot#: 46397642

Glass and metal decorative items, candle holders, wood wall shelves, shoes, and frame,

mirrored wall hanging, vintage Motorola and Zenith radios, Kodak land camera. Contents of 2 totes plus wall hanging

Lot#: 46397884

Vintage green glass canister, syrup pitcher and measuring cup


Lot#: 46397764

Roseville USA cherry blossom vase with chip on base, Burton & Burton vase


Lot#: 46397643

Cumberland Cart Systems metal double sided rolling cart 61inHx27inWx34inD


Lot#: 46397885

Vintage hand chopper with glass bottom and hand mixer with metal top and glass bottom. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397765

Wire baskets, illuminated table magnifier, plastic planter pots,, adjustable shower curtain bar

Tote with lid.

Lot#: 46397644

(2) electric table lamps and (1) oil hurricane lamp. 3 pieces


Lot#: 46397886

(2) Pitcher and glass sets. Contents of box and glass tray.


Lot#: 46397766

Oreck air purifier/filter, Black & Decker hammer drill, Black & Decker Cyclone sander, hoses

wall repair tape, Razor-Back shovel

Lot#: 46397645

Assortment of hand tools, hardware, canister auger, wire, light bulbs, funnels, and more.

Contents of 6 boxes

Lot#: 46397887

Porcelain cow salt/pepper and creamer and porcelain cow with salt/pepper, vinegar/oil jugs hanging.


Lot#: 46397767

Wood display box with signed baseball bat, tickets, signed baseball glove, signed baseball


Lot#: 46397646

Nylint Fire Department Rescue Pumper, some damage and some missing pieces, and

SS Texaco North Dakota replica ship, some missing parts. Both

Lot#: 46397888

Sears KS Super 35mm camera, Sears zoom lense, Sylvania Flip Flash, and

Polaroid Land Camera Super Colorpack IV in leather case.

Lot#: 46397768

Ice fishing gear, rods with reels, line, ice scoops in bag


Lot#: 46397647

Fire extinguishers, General Model 95 HD, and (2) Kidde. 3 pieces


Lot#: 46397889

White enamel coffee pot, 12inH


Lot#: 46397769

(2) Wood tables, one has drop leaves, occasional table with folding legs, wood bookshelf

all four.

Lot#: 46397648

Mary Janes Farm quilt and textured bedspread. Both


Lot#: 46397649

Arch Quilts Heirloom Collection, Colonial Star, king size, quilt and two shams


Lot#: 46397890

Miniature porcelain tea sets. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397770

Vintage sandwich board with chalk paint sign


Lot#: 46397891

Porcelain chicken/rooster condiment set, table top and wall mount. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397771

Fluorescent light panel and track lighting


Lot#: 46397650

John Deere Weather vane and Days of Splendor collector plate. Both


Lot#: 46397892

(4) glass jars with assorted marbles


Lot#: 46397772

Various hand saws


Lot#: 46397651

Colored glass items, yellow, amethyst, green, platters, bowls, cordials. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397893

Galileo thermometer


Lot#: 46397773

Golf balls, wrist stroke counter


Lot#: 46397652

Luminarc Rosaline stemware, pink. Contents of 2 boxes.


Lot#: 46397894

(2) vintage hand mixers with metal tops and glass bottoms


Lot#: 46397774

Vintage motor oil can and oiler cans, dash install kit, lubricant, funnels, fuel filter,

ball hitches, transmission fluid, aluminum wheel cleaner, fire extinguisher, and copper spark plugs. Two boxes and oil can

Lot#: 46397653

Assortment of figurines, vases, candle holders, spoon rests. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397895

Vintage green glass canister


Lot#: 46397775

Emergency flare kits for vehicle


Lot#: 46397654

Vintage greeting cards, used, card scrap book, calendars. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397896

Porcelain condiment sets. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397776

Iron and metal pieces, includes a grinding stone, drive chain, steel gas can and two mop buckets

horse eveners, clay pigeon thrower (may be incomplete)

Lot#: 46397655

Assortment of Snowbabies, figurines and ornaments. Contents of basket


Lot#: 46397897

Fire King painted ovenware, casseroles, refrigerator dishes, handled bowls.

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397777

Yard and garden organizer rack, plastic


Lot#: 46397656

Table linens, doilies, towels. Contents of 3 boxes


Lot#: 46397898

(2) Miniature hand mixers with metal tops and glass bottoms


Lot#: 46397778

Aluminum hub caps in tote with lid


Lot#: 46397657

George Foreman grill, vintage waffle iron, Braun coffee maker, Philips coffee maker, iron,

electric knife, giant oven forks, kitchen utensils, plastic ice cube trays, pitcher, juicer, chopper, and other kitchen items. Contents of 4 boxes plus items between

Lot#: 46397899

E Z Track train tracks, controller, Corvette train, engine and train cars with toy cars.

Contents of 2 boxes.

Lot#: 46397779

Thanks for bidding.


Lot#: 46397658

Hardware, hand tools, turnbuckle, brushes, torch, chain. Contents of 3 boxes


Lot#: 46397659

Halloween/Fall decorative items, plates, light-ups, banks. Contents of box and items beside


Lot#: 46397780

Coffee pots, pots and pans, and misc. cookware in tote with lid and box.


Lot#: 46397781

Roasting pans, pots and pans and misc. cookware in two totes


Lot#: 46397660

Mattress topper, blankets, feather pillows, and bed linens.

Contents of tote, suitcase, and plastic bag

Lot#: 46397782

Painting supplies


Lot#: 46397661

Dart board with darts, Majorette cars, Racing Champions semi trucks and trailers,

Some 1:144 scale, toy guns. Contents of box with dart board

Lot#: 46397783

Horse eveners, scale parts, animal trap, brackets, and other metal items


Lot#: 46397662

GlasBake refrigerator/oven dishes with covers, Magic Oven cookie jar, and and crock.

Contents of box and crock

Lot#: 46397784

Cookbooks, other books and magazines, some vintage


Lot#: 46397663

Members Mark tumblers, ice scraper mitts, coat/dress travel bag, water bottle.

Contents of box plus tumblers

Lot#: 46397785

Smith Corona portable personal word processor


Lot#: 46397664

Painting supplies, trays, brushes, Black and Decker Steamworks wallpaper stripper kit,

Paper Tiger, Mr Stickys, American Flag Kit. Contents of box and items in tray

Lot#: 46397786

Toys, some Fisher Price, cars, action figures, tracks. Contents of basket, box and tote.


Lot#: 46397665

Easter/Spring decorative items, plush toys, figurines, placemats, candles. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397787

Assortment of pop bottles, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, 7Up, Coke. Contents of 6 boxes.


Lot#: 46397666

Daisy toy gun plugged on end, vintage bolt action toy rifle, and wood marshmallow shooter.

3 pieces

Lot#: 46397788

Fluorescent light fixtures, 48inL wood shelves 60inx18in, metal connecting pieces


Lot#: 46397667

Ladies jewelry, pins, bracelets, necklaces, hand mirror, trinket box, Benrus wrist watch,

clutch bags, gloves. Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397789

Red painted wood box 33inL and 2 door wood cupboard 25inHx30inWx13inD. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397668

Advertising items, spice tins, cups, saucers, plates, vases, cream/sugars, Tom and Jerry mugs,

plates, covered dish. Contents of 6 boxes

Lot#: 46397669

Artificial flowers, books, greeting cards, office supplies, wood cash box, craft supplies.

Contents of 3 boxes plus items between

Lot#: 46397790

Shake weight with video, Size 1 hockey skates, canteen, grilling items, dock bumper, tent fabric.

Contents of 2 boxes plus fabric.

Lot#: 46397791

(2) metal tool boxes - empty, Skil 7 1/4in circular saw 574 in metal box, hand tools,

hard hats, work belts, caulking guns, angle, hand drill. Contents of tote plus 3 metal boxes

Lot#: 46397670

Clear glassware, vases, bowls, glasses, stemware, candle holders, candy dishes.

Contents of 3 boxes

Lot#: 46397792

Baking items, bundt pans, cake forms, cake pans, pie plates, angel food pans and more.

Contents of tote with cover

Lot#: 46397671

Quilt and comforter


Lot#: 46397793

Holiday/Christmas items. Vase, candle holders, lights, figurines, stockings, village pieces.

Contents of tote with cover.

Lot#: 46397672

Craftsman 7in Electric Hand Saw Model 315.27802 in metal box and assortment of hand saws.

Contents of box and metal box.

Lot#: 46397794

Painted wood box 25inW with table linens, purses, doilies, and metal box 25inWx5inD, empty.


Lot#: 46397673

Metal items, Enamel roaster, tea pot, Campbells and Spam banks, enamel bowl, colander,

trays, coffee pots. Contents of 2 boxes plus roaster with contents

Lot#: 46397795

Assortment of pots and pans, splatter screens, enamel roasters, pots, canner. Contents of 2 totes.


Lot#: 46397674

Large assortment of Ty Beanie Babies, 2000 International Bears, 1999 McDonalds Special

Edition Set, 2000 Teenie Beanie Babies at the Zoo McDonalds Special Edition, and more. Contents of 2 bags, box, and items between

Lot#: 46397675

Fire King dishware and snack sets, may not be complete sets. Contents of 2 boxes


Lot#: 46397796

Games. Trivial Pursuit, Deal or No Deal, Pictionary, Operation, Headache, Jeopardy and others.

Contents of tote.

Lot#: 46397676

Toys, dolls, games, mobile, books, puzzle, See N Say. Contents of 4 boxes


Lot#: 46397797

Vintage vinyl LP albums, Disney, Barry Manilow, Earl Schmidt Orchestra, Holiday, and others


Lot#: 46397677

Mantis Tri-Rad 24x6 3-wheel bike, like new


Lot#: 46397798

Vacmaster 2.5gal vacuum, Hang On Shop Vac 1.5gal, Simer Mini-vac pump, Manning Model 958 drill,

Skil Jigsaw 482, Black and Decker drill, Wen Sander, Black and Decker Jig Saw, plastic bins, fluorescent light fixtures, assortment of light bulbs. Contents of 2 totes plus 2 vacuums.

Lot#: 46397678

Assortment of frames and wood wall shelf


Lot#: 46397799

Bell and Howell Headliner slide projector in case and Brownie 500 Movie Projector No189, in box.

2 pieces.

Lot#: 46397679

Metal tool box 26inW with wrenches, files, screwdrivers, tape measures and other hand tools.

Tool box and all contents

Lot#: 46397680

Wood step ladder, metal cart, indoor/outdoor ceramic tile, wheel barrow, grease gun, and


Lot#: 46397681

Copper pipe fittings, hand tools, saws, sockets, clamps, hardware.

Contents of 3 boxes, wood box, and 2 metal boxes

Lot#: 46397682

Vintage black/gold glasses in metal carrier, black glasses, Asian tea set, wood Lazy Susan,

wall weather center, German perpetual calendar. Contents of 3 boxes plus

Lot#: 46397683

Christmas/Holiday items, ornaments, wreaths, platters, figurines, Nativity set, gift wrap storage

box, snowman cookie jar. Contents of 3 boxes plus items on end.

Lot#: 46397684

Assortment of rugs


Lot#: 46397685

Automotive, cleaning, and painting products, bug spray, light bulbs, steel wool, ice scrapers,

emergency triangle. Contents of 5 boxes

Lot#: 46397686

Painted wood storage cabinet, 60inHx30inWx16inD


Lot#: 46397687

Lakewood oil filled portable heater Model 5600/7 and Duracraft fan. 2 pieces


Lot#: 46397688

Plastic barrel with yard and garden tools, yard sticks, shrink wrap, plastic wrap, shepherds hooks,

Barrel and all contents.

Lot#: 46397689

Sanborn three-fourths hp air compressor Model B125


Lot#: 46397690

Woolmark Cashmere Collection area rug 5ftx7ft9in and matching runner rug 2ftx9ft and

Area rug 4ftx6ft, rug grip

Lot#: 46397691

Vintage cans. 6 pieces


Lot#: 46397692

Black and Decker Quantum Cordless Drill Model BD2520, work gloves, baseball style caps,

Yaktrax Walker, plastic Amway case. Contents of plastic case plus drill

Lot#: 46397693

Metal signs-McDonalds Coast to Coast, Texaco Sky Chief, Texaco Fire Chief, Schmidt pitcher,

Joe Camel can holders, Mountain Dew jug, playing cards, metal basket. Metal basket and all contents.

Lot#: 46397694

Montgomery Ward Escort 55 typewriter in case, Supremacy 236V home/office telephone,

push button phone, alarm clock, Regency compact radio stereo, metal water can, metal angel, garden rocks. FineLife Money Tree, and other decorative items.

Lot#: 46397695

Books, collector guides, coffee table, cookbooks. Contents of 3 boxes


Lot#: 46397696

Assortment of mugs, baking dishes, mixing bowls. Contents of 3 boxes


Lot#: 46397697

Novelty plus toys, Simpsons, Pillsbury Doughboy, M&Ms, Nestle Morsels, Snoopy and more

Contents of 2 boxes

Lot#: 46397698

(3) metal file boxes, (2) galvanized buckets, and metal dustpan. 6 pieces


Lot#: 46397699

Wood cabinet/hutch, top 2 glass doors and one adjustable glass shelf, bottom has 2 doors


Lot#: 46398000

Metal enamel half globe with Coca-Cola insignia, Coca-Cola glasses, and other related Coke items

approx. 21" across

Lot#: 46398001

(2) Wood storage containers, tallest one is 31" H x 12" W x 12" D


Lot#: 46398002

Knick-knack shelves, both approx. 55" H, one corner shelf will need some repair


Lot#: 46398003

Water pitchers, mugs, and ashtrays, two boxes


Lot#: 46398004

Beer glasses, Grain Belt beer bottles, Coors Light pillow, all four boxes


Lot#: 46398005

Craftsman glue stick gun, bill holder, match holders, ashtrays


Lot#: 46398006

Beer glasses, Budweiser vintage airplane bank, all four boxes


Lot#: 46398007

Ertl collectible semi, Tonka milk truck, Trustworthy car, Oliver tractor picture and other farm

scenes, both boxes

Lot#: 46398008

Ertl John Deere baler, John Deere garden tractor, JD thermometer, JD posters, and other green toys

both boxes

Lot#: 46398009

John Deere toy tractor 6400 with John Deere 566 round baler, both


Lot#: 46398010

Farmall, Massey Harris, International, and Gehl toys, tractors, trailers, scale models, and others

both boxes

Lot#: 46398011

Maisto special edition Mercedes Benz, 1/18 scale, racing champions Dodge Super Truck replica, die

cast metal news truck, all three

Lot#: 46398012

MF 690 collector series toy tractor, special edition


Lot#: 46398013

Minneapolis-Moline 61355 toy tractor, with Minneapolis-Moline advertising

front of tractor says White

Lot#: 46398014

International Farmall 1066 toy tractor, 5 millionth tractor by Ertl


Lot#: 46398015

Case International 5140, 1990 special edition toy tractor, and metal farm signs

all three

Lot#: 46398016

Magnum 7150 Prestige tractor Case IH, 1/16 scale, with (2) puzzles and cloth calendar


Lot#: 46398017

700 White tractor, New Holland BB 9080 large square baler


Lot#: 46398018

Slik-Toy tractor, metal elevator, and tru-scale wagon


Lot#: 46398019

Snap-On playing cards, poker chips, aircraft recognition cards, Pepsi and others


Lot#: 46398020

Spring and Easter decorations, birds, rabbits, flower pots, all three boxes


Lot#: 46398021

Minneapolis-Moline toy tractors, one has half a seat


Lot#: 46398022

Lenox bowl, Blue Willow dishes, butter crock, salt and pepper, all three boxes


Lot#: 46398023

Trojan work center


Lot#: 46398024

Car ramps


Lot#: 46398025

MTD bicycle rollers


Lot#: 46398026

Milwaukee, Hitachi and Dewalt carrying cases, all four


Lot#: 46398027

Vintage Pyrene fire extinguisher


Lot#: 46398028

Porter-Cable bammer nail gun in case, appears incomplete


Lot#: 46398029

Remington powder actuated fastening tool in case


Lot#: 46398030

Remington powder actuated fastening tool in case


Lot#: 46398031

Staples, nails, hand saws, levels, oil cans, both boxes


Lot#: 46398032

Powernail model 145, SN: 64X5859 power nailer in metal case and two empty cases


Lot#: 46398033

Vintage pop bottles and other bottles, Coca-Cola in case, Hormel wood box, both boxes


Lot#: 46398034

Metal toolbox trays, approx. 28" L x 10" D


Lot#: 46398035

Wood nail kegs, all four


Lot#: 46398036

Glasser NY string instrument bow with rosin, Castilla model CN-85 guitar, and Kingston guitar

made in Japan, guitars need repair

Lot#: 46398037

Drinking glasses and pitcher, yarn and scissors, both boxes


Lot#: 46398038

Mighty-Tonka wrecker truck, Tonka forklift, both mostly metal, and gameboard


Lot#: 46398039

Whip bug killer lantern


Lot#: 46398040

Area rug


Lot#: 46398041

Vintage records, Deca, RTA, Capital, Columbia


Lot#: 46398042

Large assortment of spray paint, cannot be shipped, must be 18 yrs or older to purchase


Lot#: 46398043

Red metal tool boxes with animal traps, both


Lot#: 46398044

10" cast iron skillet with stained Le Crescent cast iron pan with lid


Lot#: 46398045

Train cookie jars, bookends, and Mt. Rushmore decanter (empty), both boxes


Lot#: 46398046

Truck and tractor manuals/literature, GMC, John Deere, Chilton, Oldsmobile, medium duty trucks

both boxes

Lot#: 46398047

Fitness Gear flippers, size 11-14, and ski wax


Lot#: 46398048

Nikon Coolpix cameras, sunglasses and case


Lot#: 46398049

iRobot Braava floor mopping robot 380t


Lot#: 46398050

Rugs, dish cloths


Lot#: 46398051

Wooden hand carved in Bali, Indonesia, demon/spirit chaser/guardian mobiles, flying goddess, mermaid

goddess, and flying horse, all three

Lot#: 46398052

Hammock on stand with screen and netting


Lot#: 46398053

Sheets, duffle bags, all three boxes


Lot#: 46398054

George Foreman grill, clock, electrical pieces, copper pipe, basket with lid, blow dryer

all five boxes

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