SIZZLING SUMMER SALE- Disney , Antiques and more!

AX3 Auctions LLC | Commercial Auction
Sunday July 18, 2021 | 305a Creek St. Yelm, WA. US. 98597

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. AX3 Auctions LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 62140976

Antique Model No. A-116 Kodak Camera

Lot#: 62456264

Three miniature 2 inch Winnie the Pooh snow globes!

Lot#: 62140975

Three vintage electric razors by Schick, Norelco and Sunbeam.

Lot#: 62456263

Classic Winnie the Pooh Valentine snow globe.6 inch

Lot#: 62140974

Gem Micromatic Razor and Schick Gillette vintage shaving razors

Lot#: 62456262

Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie on a magic carpet ride. 7inch snow globe

Lot#: 62140973

1983 Cabbage Patch lion, 1993 Precious Moments Native American Doll, and two TY beanie kids dolls.

Lot#: 62456261

Lady and the Tramp 6.5 inch snow globe

Lot#: 62140972

Lot of cross stitch supplies and THRED.

Lot#: 62411594

8 Mickey Mouse flower vases. Up to 9 inches tall

Lot#: 62456260

Three figurines from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story. Woody, Buzz and Mrs Potato Head. Up to 5.5inch tall

Lot#: 62625098

Signed Staffordshire Tabby cat. Bright eyed, life sized, and hand painted.

Lot#: 62140971

All original 1930s Czech Doll. 16 inch Also comes with two small dolls from around the world. One cloth hand stitched.

Lot#: 62411595

Four Disney Drink Carafes

Lot#: 62625099

Petite crystal vegetable dish7x3.5inch. Also comes with vintage olive/cheese skewers

Lot#: 62140970

Four hand stitched cloth Black Americana rag dolls. Between 7inch-18inches

Lot#: 62411596

Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper set

Lot#: 62625096

Two sipping glasses and lemonade pitcher

Lot#: 62625097

This collection of crystal stemware rings with elegance

Lot#: 62411590

Here comes Santa Paws Winnie the Pooh Christmas cookie jar

Lot#: 62411591

Christmas Cabin Mickey and Minnie cookie jar

Lot#: 62411592

Steamboat willie Mickey Mouse cookie jar. 10inch

Lot#: 62411593


Lot#: 62456269

XL Winnie the Pooh and all his friends in the 100 acre woods. 9x9.5x5.5inch

Lot#: 62456268

Christopher Robin reads King Arthur to Pooh and all his friends . 7x5x7x6inch

Lot#: 62456267

Winnie the Pooh and all his friends enjoy the stream. 8x6x6inch

Lot#: 62456266

Winnie the Pooh photography snow globe! 8x8x6inch

Lot#: 62456265

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet snow globe. Large 8x8x5inch

Lot#: 62386195

Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the whole gang are on the 6.5inch snow globe

Lot#: 62386191

Dory musical 6 inch snow globe

Lot#: 62625094

Three crystal candlesticks, with original stickers.

Lot#: 62386192

Olaf from Frozen musical snow globe. 6 inch

Lot#: 62625095

Cut crystal vase, gleaming with beauty as the light hits it

Lot#: 62386193

Samba, Timone and Pumba musical 6inch snow globe.

Lot#: 62625092

Collection of French, Italian and Irish gold gilded shot glasses and stemware.

Lot#: 62386194

A new king is born at pride rock! The Lion King musical snow globe. 6 inch

Lot#: 62625093

Silver gilded rim short whiskey drinking glasses. Vintage.

Lot#: 62386190

Dumbo 6 inch musical snow globe

Lot#: 62411587

Tigger and Rod cookie jar. 13x9inc

Lot#: 62411588

Eeyore cookie jar. 7x13inch approx.

Lot#: 62221932

Electric toy phonograph. Excellent condition for age, graphics in good shape and toy shows very little wear!

Lot#: 62411589

Winnie the Pooh and is hunny pot! 11.5inches tall

Lot#: 62221934

Reminiscent of a salesman sample in size, this miniature jewelry hutch mimmics its full size counterpart in every way. Two pieces, and mustard yellw lined drawers. Import label JAJ Vintage Quality Products.

Lot#: 62411583

Winnie the Pooh Easter egg cookie jar. 10inch

Lot#: 62221933

Believed Capo di monte italian bisque! Signed Italy. With delicate petals and soft colors.

Lot#: 62411584

Winnie the Pooh, piglet, eeyore and tigger too! 11.5inch

Lot#: 62221936

Liberty Bell authentic porcelain replica decantur, circa 1969 by Marita Spirits limited!

Lot#: 62411585

Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet kitchen canister collection.

Lot#: 62221935

Collection of vintage Singer Touch & Sew accessories!

Lot#: 62411586

XL Winnie the Pooh and friends cookie jar. Approx. 12x12inch

Lot#: 62221938

Unmarked vintage Murano art glass swan center dish.

Lot#: 62221937

Choo-choo! Large scale vintage comemorative porcelain decantur replica of a Central Pacific Railroad engine, cars and caboose! By McCormic. Great collector piece for the locomotive or vintage spirit enthusiast!

Lot#: 62411580

Ty Mini Boos series 3 hand painted collectables. 55+ pieces! Interior package still sealed.

Lot#: 62411581

Classic style Winnie the Pooh cookie jar,12.5inch. *Lid seems to be attached/glued.

Lot#: 62411582

Winnie the Pooh Cookie Jar.11 inch

Lot#: 62456258

A new king is born, musical lion king figurine 6x6inch

Lot#: 62456257

5 Aladdin figurines. Jasmine, the Genie, Raja, Abu and the lamp! Up to 8 inches tall

Lot#: 62456256

Three Bell aka Beauty figurines. 4-6.5inches

Lot#: 62456255

Autographed by Richard White, the original voice of Gaston in the Disney Movie, Beauty and the Beast! 9 inch

Lot#: 62386188

Cinderella weds her prince! 6 inch musical snow globe

Lot#: 62386189

Ariel The Little Mermaid 6 inch musical snow globe.

Lot#: 62386184

Cinderella 6 inch musical snow globe.

Lot#: 62370729

#1-160 Minnie N Me cards by impel. Full collection, tons of value!

Lot#: 62386185

Cinderella 6 inch musical snow globe

Lot#: 62370728

Collection of Disney Family Portrait cards by Impel

Lot#: 62386186

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Cinderella 6 inch musical snow globe

Lot#: 62370727

Collection of Mickey Mouse world tour cards

Lot#: 62386187

Cinderella finds her prince! 6 inch musical snow globe.

Lot#: 62386180

Three 2.5 inch Alice in Wonderland snow globes-with the mad hatter and Cheshire Cat.

Lot#: 62386181

Sleeping beauty 6 inch musical snow globe

Lot#: 62386182

Snow White 6 inch musical snow globe

Lot#: 62386183

Snow White and her Prince! 6 inch musical snow globe

Lot#: 62411576

Two attractive glass top side tables with coordinating coffee table. Black metal frames are solid and sturdy! *Pickup only

Lot#: 62456286

Mickey Mouse and Pluto sledding snow globe. 6x8x4inch

Lot#: 62411577

Grand poker table seats 10! Stainless cups holders and double pedestal base. Faux leather chairs, felt is in great condition! Wrist rest is in loved(by kitty) condition, easily repaired! *Pickup only

Lot#: 62456285

Winnie the Pooh birthday celebration snow globe.7inch

Lot#: 62411578

Stout armoire, breaks apart into two pieces for easy transport. Beautiful construction, retailed for over $1000!40-82-21 inch Pickup only

Lot#: 62456284

Winnie the Pooh dives into a treasure trove of honey! 6 inch

Lot#: 62411579

Ty Mini Boos series 2 collectables! All interior packages are unopened. 48 pieces

Lot#: 62456283

Two darling sets of Winnie the Pooh Bookends.

Lot#: 62411572

1957B, 1957 series Silver Certificates *2 times the bid

Lot#: 62456282

Two Classic Winnie the Pooh picture frames.

Lot#: 62411573

These are great collector pieces! PLATED .999 24 karat gold bar, sealed in airtight acrylic cases. *3 times the bid

Lot#: 62456281

Two Winnie the Pooh Charente figurines. 5 and 7inches tall.

Lot#: 62411574

25karat gold PLATED 5 ounce collector bars! Buffalo and $100 bill

Lot#: 62456280

Two Winnie the Pooh Figurines. One depicts new and classic Pooh reading a storybook of Winnie the Pooh, and the other is Christopher Robin and Pooh, reading the story of Pooh on a grassy knoll.

Lot#: 62411575

2-WWII Red Point OPA 1 ration tokens

Lot#: 62411570

1991,1992, 1994, 1995. *4 times the bid

Lot#: 62411571

1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 * 4 times the bid

Lot#: 62456289

Tinkerbell snow globe clock.5x6.5 inches wide

Lot#: 62456288

Pongo and Purdue and their litter if pups! 6.5inch

Lot#: 62456287

Mickey Mouse and the bean stock snow globe. 10 inch tall

Lot#: 62370735

Go on a magic carpet ride with Jasmine, Aladdin and the Genie inside this magical Disney snow globe! 9x10inch

Lot#: 62370734

Large Pinocchio snow globe! 8.5 inch

Lot#: 62370733

Musical Cinderella snow globe showing her happily ever after with her prince! 10inch

Lot#: 62411569

2004, 2005, 2006. Denver and Philidelphia *6 times the bid

Lot#: 62370732

Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger too! 6inch

Lot#: 62370731

All of your favorite Disney Princesses surround this 5x7inch picture frame.

Lot#: 62370730

Silver Plated Cavalier Donald Duck bank. Vintage

Lot#: 62411565

1990,1991 and 1992 *3 times the bid

Lot#: 62456275

9 inch tall Tigger and Eeyore banks. Ceramic.

Lot#: 62411566

1988,1989, 1990 *three times the bid

Lot#: 62456274

Two Winnie the Pooh banks.both 7.5 inch tall

Lot#: 62411567

1970 and 1971 *2 times the bid

Lot#: 62411568

1980, 1983 * 2 times the bid

Lot#: 62456272

Two Classic style Winnie the Pooh banks

Lot#: 62456271

Classic style Winnie the Pooh piggy bank. Piglet pops out of the hunny pot. 10.5x9x8inch, large size.

Lot#: 62456270

Christoper Robin plays with Pooh bear and all his friends!9x9x8inch

Lot#: 62411564

1992 uncirculated bank set

Lot#: 62456279

Figurines and cream dish. One eeyore as-is. See photos.

Lot#: 62456278

Welcome statue, picture frame and toothbrush holder!

Lot#: 62456277

Figurines and 3D picture frame!

Lot#: 62456276

New in box villain series Barbie, Cruella De Vil

Lot#: 62561899

Collection of bugs from the hit Disney movie a Bugs Life. Signed Sri Lanka, 5.5inches tall

Lot#: 62561898

Tinker Belle figurines by precious moments and Disney. Also with one tiny Tink ring box.

Lot#: 62561897

Two lion king ornaments and Pumba and Timone figurine.

Lot#: 62561896

Favorite Disney characters from the Jungle. Tarzan and Jane, and Mowgli and Sher Khan from the Jungle Brooke. Up to 5 inches tall

Lot#: 62561895

101 Dalmatians slat and pepper set, with bonus Pongo figurine.

Lot#: 62651235

New in box EZ tracer and takle box

Lot#: 62651236

Three oversized and ornate costume rings. With large faux pearl and center stones.

Lot#: 62651233

Shovels, pick axe, pitch fork, and a hatchet.

Lot#: 62651234

Large outdoor pots and display pedestal. *Pickup only.

Lot#: 62456293

Cinderella, Ariel and Belle at the Castle. 5x5x5inch

Lot#: 62651231

Outdoor garden art. 4 pieces. See Photos for details

Lot#: 62651232

Three outdoor garden statues

Lot#: 62456291

Cinderella,her godmother and her evil stepsisters! Large snow globe, 7x8x8

Lot#: 62456290

Tinker belle in a watering can snow globe. Large 8x9inch size

Lot#: 62651230

Two plant stands. One has 4-tiers, folding.

Lot#: 62561894

Belle, Olaf, Sleeping Beauty’s Prince, Princess Tianna and The Little Mermaid.

Lot#: 62561893

Cake pan, waffle maker, cutting board, shaker, pitcher and cast iron framed painted tile.

Lot#: 62561892

Oh boy! Variety of Mickey and Minnie Mouse salt and pepper shakers.

Lot#: 62561891

Winnie the Pooh salt and pepper shaker collection.

Lot#: 62561890

Winnie the Pooh Christmas glasses with bonus 4 springtime strawberry cups

Lot#: 62561889

13 Glass Disney Welch’s Jelly Jars. Featuring The Lion King, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Friends.

Lot#: 62561888

Collection of Disney mugs

Lot#: 62561887

Assortment of Disney Character mugs and more

Lot#: 62561886

Assortment of Disney Character mugs

Lot#: 62561885

Collection of Disney, Disneyland and Character mugs!

Lot#: 62561884

Tall and slender gold leaf and etched decanter with 4 coordinating stems. 17 inches tall

Lot#: 62651228

Vintage 32 inch tall hand tooled brass vase. Covered in beautiful foliage and flowers that decorate almost every inch.

Lot#: 62651229

Colorful tomato cages, roll of fence and roll of weed barier

Lot#: 62651227

POP Ash Evil Dead figure and marvel patches, keychains and more.

Lot#: 62651246

Baby Mickey and train themed mickey and friend figurines. One Mickey is a clock

Lot#: 62651247

Lenox Shining Star Mickey with COA and Character Carousel by The New England Collectors society.

Lot#: 62651244

Ornaments and Christmas stockings by Disney

Lot#: 62651245

Snow globes, gold gilded painted plates, cameo trinket box, and shaker pair

Lot#: 62537650

Mickey Mouse, Lady and the Tramp and Pinocchio Pewter collectable spoons and figures

Lot#: 62651242

Winnie the Pooh bank and Dixie cup dispenser

Lot#: 62537651

Vintage Mickey Mouse collectable players cards, Two Gun Mickey hologram card and patches

Lot#: 62651243

Three Disney plush characters. Vintage sing and snore Winnie the Pooh bear, Eeyore and Funko Angel plush(from lilo and stitch)

Lot#: 62537652

The magic lamp and two teacups, Along with vinyl record copy of Aladdin.

Lot#: 62651240

Mickey bobble head and three Disney picture frames.

Lot#: 62537653

Cinderella on vinyl record. Cinderella Sculpture by Margi Wray of the Walt Disneys Collectors society. With COA

Lot#: 62651241

Disney Princesses band and 3d Cinderella clock

Lot#: 62561883

Lot of 4 Cadillac hub caps.

Lot#: 62561882

Vintage NOS with original box Schneider Kreuzach Componon-S lens. Original price tag reads over $350

Lot#: 62561881

Contains OTC outside thread chaser, punch set and a 7pc grease gun acc kit.

Lot#: 62561880

Lot of 10 stereograph cards. Featuring 3 from the World Series and 7 religious cards.

Lot#: 62386177

Three 2.5 inch Mickey Mouse snow globes on glitter podium, depicting Mickey through the years from steamboat willie, to fantasia to the bank concert.

Lot#: 62429706

Snow White porcelain figurines. Snow White is 6inches tall

Lot#: 62386178

Mickey Mouse as we know him today in three fun miniature snow globes. 2.5inch.

Lot#: 62429707

Snow White and her Dwarfs by Sri Lanka. Snow White is 6 inches tall

Lot#: 62561879

We have a great selection of toys in this lot. Anything from Lil’ train spinning top to a Push button farm. Lots of friction toys. Anything a kid or grown kid would like to play with.

Lot#: 62386179

Four 2.5 inch Disney snow globes-Minnie Mouse.

Lot#: 62429704

Collection of Cinderella figurines and her fair godmothers!

Lot#: 62561878

One set of actual chain and one set of cable chains

Lot#: 62429705

Two 6 and 8 inch Evil Queen Figurines

Lot#: 62561877

Lot includes pruners and shears. Perfect lot for the gardener in the family.

Lot#: 62386173

Wizard Mickey Mouse from Fantasia and Pluto. 4.5inch

Lot#: 62429702

The Little Mermaid 14 inch porcelain Brass Key Keepsakes doll

Lot#: 62561876

Believed to be 3 person tents. Look to have all parts. Academy Broadway Corp item 184 and a Bass Pro Shops ECLIPSE 2256649

Lot#: 62386174

Scrooge MCDUCK. 4.5inch *As-is, see photos.

Lot#: 62429703

The Poison Apple from Snow White! Candle/lantern style ceramic.6inch

Lot#: 62561875

HITACHI CP-X445 LCD PROJECTOR and we have thrown in an iLive sound bar. Projector and bulb turn on.

Lot#: 62386175

Eight 2.5inch miniature snow globes-Christmas Mickey

Lot#: 62429700

Princess Jasmine 14 inch porcelain Brass Key Keepsake Doll.

Lot#: 62561874

Petite orca trinket boxes-one hand painted-and one seashell box.

Lot#: 62386176

Two 2.5inch miniature snow globes. Disneyland and California Adventure.

Lot#: 62429701

Snow White 14 inch porcelain Brass Key Keepsakes doll.

Lot#: 62561873

Dozens of bezel blanks to make your own necklaces and jewelry. Includes some already complete professional sports teams and the little mermaid.

Lot#: 62386170

Jiminy Cricket and Happy the Dwarf. 4.5 inch

Lot#: 62386171

Clara belle Cow and Horace Horsecollar. 4.5inch

Lot#: 62386172

Donald and Daisy Duck. 4.5inch

Lot#: 62651239

Hand painted Mickey Mouse wind chime.

Lot#: 62651237

This is a great little table. Has stow away table extensions and 4 chairs.

Lot#: 62651238

Great cage for a rabbit or gueinnea pig. Comes with bedding and accessories.

Lot#: 62651255

“Wish Upon a Star” musical Mickey and Minnie figurine. 9inches tall

Lot#: 62651253

Collection of miniature 3d Simply Pooh picture frames. One Lion King. Approx. 3x3inc

Lot#: 62651254

Approx. 25 Disney Lenox figurines. 2-3inches

Lot#: 62651251

Figurines, frames and headbands

Lot#: 62651252

Frame, salt and pepper shakers and figurines .

Lot#: 62561872

Beautiful sparking lot of rhinestone costume jewelry. Included dazzling ring, chokers, earrings and bracelets.

Lot#: 62561871

Costume earring collection. Over a dozen pairs

Lot#: 62651250

Donald, Huey, Dewy and Louie collectable figurines. New and vintage by Disney and Disney Japan.

Lot#: 62561870

Collection of beautiful necklaces. Pukka shells with bright island flowers, and elegant gold toned costume necklaces.

Lot#: 62386166

Two limited edition Lady and the Tramp painted plates. 8 inch, 9.5 inch

Lot#: 62561869

Vintage wingback chair. Wooden frame in great condition, padding shows little use. Upholstery needs cleaning, see photos. *pickup only

Lot#: 62386167

Limited edition painted plates by Disney. Pinocchio and Peter Pan. 8 inch, 9.5 inch

Lot#: 62561868

Antique Singer sewing machine, graphics in great shape. *Pickup Only

Lot#: 62386168

Two Cinderella limited edition painted plates by Disney. 8 inch

Lot#: 62561867

Absolutely stunning antique piece. Three beveled mirrors and spindled columns. Believed pre-1900s 55x27inch *Pickup only

Lot#: 62386169

Sleeping Beauty and Bambi painted plates. Limited edition by Disney. 8 inch

Lot#: 62561866

Two oversized cement dice and 4 playing car coffee cups

Lot#: 62561865

Oversized 3d poker chip, XL joker card and other fun game room wall decor

Lot#: 62386163

Birthday Baking with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends. Larg snow globe, 10 inch.

Lot#: 62561864

Dogs Playing Poker 3d wall art. 19x15inch

Lot#: 62386164

This snow globe replicates the dentists tank from Finding Nemo! 6x7.5x5inches

Lot#: 62561863

Mini George Foreman, Coffee Pot and griddle.

Lot#: 62386165

Limited edition The Lion King painted plate 9.5inch

Lot#: 62561862

Keep your office desk and vanity neat and tidy with this lot of organizers.

Lot#: 62651248

InspEARrations Mickey, Applause Mickey, New in box collectors Series 1 and other Mickey Mouse figurines.

Lot#: 62651249

Salt and Pepper Tee-Pee set, Disney Japan and baseball Goofy Figurines.

Lot#: 62625135

Hand carved sea turtle on burl. 12x10x8inch

Lot#: 62625136

3-stack storage drawers. Line-new

Lot#: 62625133

Vintage Coors winter fest beer tap, bottle opener, GULF oil topper handle and Texaco oil topper.

Lot#: 62625134

Large hand carved pipe, owl and handcrafted village in a bottle. Also comes with orca statue.

Lot#: 62625131

Two sets of watches with changeable bands. Over 20 looks to pick from

Lot#: 62625132

Mustang Rd Tin Sign21x3 inch

Lot#: 62537630

Drawing magnifier, sewing shears, petite Vintage scissors, and illuminating stand magnifier.

Lot#: 62537631

Vintage but never used. Hand crochet pot holder collection. Bright colors and fun pattens. Some even shaped like roosters.

Lot#: 62625130

Platter, mugs, lanyards, and seat belt covers

Lot#: 62537632

Hand made Amish/Craftsman style candy dispenser

Lot#: 62537633

31x19inch including frame.

Lot#: 62537634

Two Lady and the Tramp figurines by Disney. 3.5-7inches tall

Lot#: 62537635

Bambi, Thumper and flower the skunk. 3-6inches tall

Lot#: 62537636

Three Mulan figures by Disney. 5-7.5inches tall

Lot#: 62625139

Boxes of great household goods, perfect to set up a quick garage sale!

Lot#: 62537637

12inch Disney Traditions Showcase Collections Captain Hook from Peter Pan . Still with original tags.

Lot#: 62537638

Disney Traditions Showcase Collections Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 9 inch figure

Lot#: 62625137

AMCOR portable 10000e AC unit. Works great

Lot#: 62537639

Musical Pocahontas figurine and Meeko the raccoon

Lot#: 62625138

Two boxes of brand new diapers, car seat stroller combo, bassinet, walker and pack n play! Also with Two brand new boxed baby toys by Fischer Price.

Lot#: 62537629

NOS 8 track cassette tape adapter and car alarm

Lot#: 62625124

Doors measure approx 24x80.

Lot#: 62625125

Measures approx 29in wide by 28in tall.

Lot#: 62362708

1996 Oliver and Company exclusive commemorative lithograph

Lot#: 62625122

Six 4-inch commercial casters

Lot#: 62362709

Disneys Pocahontas Journey to a New World exclusive commemorative lithograph

Lot#: 62625123

Great for those summer get togethers. Comes with 4 comfy chairs and an umbrella. Just needs a quick wipe down and it’s ready for your BBQ.

Lot#: 62362706

Exclusive commemorative edition Peter Pan lithograph

Lot#: 62625120

15 5-inch commercial casters

Lot#: 62362707

Exclusive Commemorative Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas lithograph.

Lot#: 62537640

8 inch Mary Poppins by Disney Japan figurine, still with umbrella. Royal Doulton Peter Pan Crocodile and Disney Japan Peter.

Lot#: 62625121

14 5-inch commercial caster

Lot#: 62362704

Disneys toy story exclusive commemorative lithograph. 1996

Lot#: 62537641

Dumbo Disney Japan figurines, Disney China figures and many other dumbo collectables.

Lot#: 62362705

1995 exclusive commemorative lithograph of Cinderella and her fairy god mother.

Lot#: 62537642

All 5 of 5 Disney 5th Anniversary Hotwheels. As-new in package.

Lot#: 62362702

1998 Shere Khan special edition lithograph

Lot#: 62537643

Disney tin collections. Tea tins, Cocoa tins, and miniature lunch boxes. Snow White, 101 Dalmatians , Alice in Wonderland and Mickey.

Lot#: 62362703

2000 Toy Story 2 exclusive commemorative lithograph

Lot#: 62537644

Vintage Mickey Mouse Japan figures and book. Up to 10inches tall.

Lot#: 62362700

Disneys The Lion King 1994 lithograph

Lot#: 62537645

Disneys Mickey and friends A Christmas Carol figurine set by Lenox.

Lot#: 62362701

Disneys Pinocchio special edition exclusive lithograph

Lot#: 62537646

Five spooky Mickey and Friends Halloween figurines.

Lot#: 62537647

Mickey Mouse takes to the great outdoors. Hunter and Fisherman Mickey figurines. Also with Mickey and friends on California Adventures, polished resin scene.

Lot#: 62625128

7 designer purses and totes.

Lot#: 62537648

Dozens of vintage and collector Disney pins! *Showcase not included

Lot#: 62625129

Serving dishes, Pyrex pie pans and a large drink pitcher with spout.

Lot#: 62537649

Wall art, Desk Calendar and more!

Lot#: 62625126

Missing the inserts but you can get those anywhere.

Lot#: 62625127

Variety of Christmas decorations, frames, stockings, hats and trinkets

Lot#: 62625113

Kitchen Aid whisper quiet heavy duty dryer. *Pickup Only.

Lot#: 62625114

1940s Hospital Bed. With original Spring, rails and cotton mattress. Mattress is in excellent condition and very clean for age! *Pickup Only

Lot#: 62625111

Two matching twin beds. Mid-century with sage upholstery and metal rails. Perfect for a grandchildren's room! *Pickup only

Lot#: 62625112

AMANA Washer and Dryer matching pair. *Pickup Only

Lot#: 62625110

Vintage Pathe MotoCamera

Lot#: 62190378

Vintage tackle box by Simonsen, stocked full of of vintage fishing supplies, lures and hand tied flys

Lot#: 62190379

Vintage PEZON Michel Luxor reel. With bonus

Lot#: 62140918

Two wooden cutting boards/serving board and six attractive wooden place mats

Lot#: 62190376

35 1980’S vintage Chuck E Cheese 25 cent tokens

Lot#: 62537610

Set of two sterling silver rings.5.8grams

Lot#: 62140917


Lot#: 62190377

Deco style hanging mid-century lights

Lot#: 62537611

Native American turquoise bracelets, one signed 925. 23grams

Lot#: 62190374

Be the expert!

Lot#: 62362711

With COA, Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean Ships photomechanical lithograph.

Lot#: 62537612

Handsome vintage leather and turquoise bolo tie.

Lot#: 62625119

Electric popup stove vent for behind your cook top.

Lot#: 62190375

Cast model Buick and other popular cars from the early 1900s ,vintage wall art

Lot#: 62362712

New still in plastic, Disneys Lady and the Tramp 4 piece lithograph portfolio

Lot#: 62537613

Beautiful leather necklace with large turquoise pendant. Also comes with NOS turquoise pendant.

Lot#: 62190372

Vintage Simon basket purse, in excellent condition

Lot#: 62537614

Copper rose colored 28inch string of pearls

Lot#: 62625117

Rated at 600v. Approx 200 feet.

Lot#: 62190373

Mid-century globe. Raised surface, great color.

Lot#: 62362710

The Hunchback of Notre Dame exclusive commemorative lithograph

Lot#: 62537615

Matthew Adams Hand painted and signed alaskan iceberg trinket dish. 8incH

Lot#: 62625118

36in by 20.5in. Has all grates and knobs. Looks to be in great condition

Lot#: 62190370

4 Disney classics on VHS. (Black diamond series)

Lot#: 62537616

Hand painted by Alaskan artist. Signed and Numbered.

Lot#: 62625115

17FT Prijon excursion 2 person ocean kayak. Original Retail was over $3000 *Pickup only

Lot#: 62190371

Antique Kodak photo cutter

Lot#: 62537617

Collection of sparkling rhinestone jewelry and watch. Some pieces signed 925. *Showcase not included

Lot#: 62625116

Approx 570’ of wire, or if bundled in the 3 wire configuration approx 190’. Rated for 600 volts.

Lot#: 62537607

Scrapbooking stickers, pages and sleeves.

Lot#: 62190380

Still in the package! Vintage Swift 660/f telescoping fishing rod.

Lot#: 62537608

Lot#: 62537609

Huge collection of brand new picture frames

Lot#: 62140919

Vintage hand painted teacup saucers, three little ducklings, heavenly herald and cheerful wall handing with fruit crown.

Lot#: 62140921

Beautiful collection of Polished stone jewelry. *Showcase not included.

Lot#: 62625102

New old stock and used.

Lot#: 62140920

Volumes of vintage and collectible Campbell’s Soup calendars! Including the 100th Anniversay edidtion!

Lot#: 62625103

GAF 1660 slide projector with extras.

Lot#: 62625100

Three vintage eggplant purple sunflower shaped salt/sauce dishes.5.5inch

Lot#: 62625101

Also comes with Weston Master II and Honeywell 28 strobe

Lot#: 62537620

Miniature musical vintage jewelry dresser, filled with stone style and colorful costume jewelry.

Lot#: 62140929

Classic collection of vintage Ford hubcaps

Lot#: 62537621

This is a great lot of misc tools. Everything from rasps, trowels, drill bits and everything in between.

Lot#: 62140928

With wrought iron style drawer pulls, on casters! *Pickup Only

Lot#: 62537622

Star Wars Comm-Tech reader. Still in original package.

Lot#: 62140927

Still with original box, Schmid by Hummel German ornament!

Lot#: 62537623

Lot comprised of a couple fish tapes for running wire and a couple band saw blades.

Lot#: 62625108

Bell and Howell Sportster vintage camera.

Lot#: 62140926

Large collection of Disney on Ice memorabilia.

Lot#: 62537624

This wonderful lot has 2 spray guns, a grease gun, needle scaler and a buffer/sander.

Lot#: 62625109

Baby Brownie Special vintage camera

Lot#: 62140925

1953 Pontiac Cheiftain! All chrome has been removed and safely stored and ready for restoration on this road treasure! Complete dash, engine turns over by hand. Does have seats, but they are in need of restoration. No title, deemed “off register” with state. New title can be obtained with proof of purchase/receipt. *Sale subject to estate approval.

Lot#: 62537625

2 quality timing lights. One Sears Penske and one looks to be new in the box Trisco.

Lot#: 62625106

Pair of video cameras by Sharp and JVC

Lot#: 62140924

Two as-new Owl Scarecrows. Harold hoot and a great horned owl.

Lot#: 62537626

This lot is comprised of 4 different soldering tools. Take a peek at the pics for details.

Lot#: 62625107

Vintage Sanky Auto 4X camera, with original case.

Lot#: 62140923

Mid century Christmas chargers! Lot also includes Christmas clock!

Lot#: 62190381

Cork handled telescoping steel fishing rod with Zebco Spinner model 33 reel.

Lot#: 62537627

As-New still in plastic

Lot#: 62625104

SAWER 500s slide projector

Lot#: 62140922

Winter wonderland Royal Norfolk dishes. Service for 8 includes dinner plates, mugs and bowls.

Lot#: 62190382

Aluminum Mop Bucket by White.

Lot#: 62537628

26” tall folding fencing. Perfect as a small dog kennel or garden fence.

Lot#: 62625105

Three vintage Polaroid cameras. Models 440, OneStep and Joycam

Lot#: 62537618

Assortment of unique costume jewelry. Dragons, swords, skulls, spikes, butterfly’s and more. Vintage jewelry box included.

Lot#: 62537619

Miniature vintage jewelry armoire filled with Native American style and costume jewelry.

Lot#: 62140932

Vintage variety of Chevy hubcaps, all bearing the bow tie!Perfect for any collector!

Lot#: 62140931

Pair of classic vintage Plymouth hubcaps

Lot#: 62140930

Vintage Cadillac spoke hubcaps

Lot#: 62140939

1950s Universal hair dryer in travel suitcase.

Lot#: 62140938

Vintage Musical Farm Train set, with original box!

Lot#: 62140937

Romance on canvas. Certified reproduction by Artscapes. Amalfi by Liliana Frasca. With COA

Lot#: 62140936

Lot includes a powered wet stone for all your sharpening needs. Wizard rotary tool and some stainless anchors.

Lot#: 62140935

Early variety of the hooked on phonics learning series, flash cards and other vintage learning materials.

Lot#: 62140934

Two roto zips. One by Dewalt.

Lot#: 62140933

Pack/survival style folding snow shovel

Lot#: 62140943

Five Matchbox Models of Yesteryear.

Lot#: 62140942

Pair of as-new(no box) Georgia Boot Romeos. Size 7

Lot#: 62140941

Pack/survival style folding snow shovel

Lot#: 62140940

Olympic size Skittle bowl vintage yard game. With original box! *Special shipping may be required for large items.

Lot#: 62140949

Chicago Electric paint shaker *Special shipping arrangements or pickup required

Lot#: 62140948

Pair of early to mid century fireplace andirons

Lot#: 62140947

Vintage Mr. Christmas Ferris wheel, with original box!

Lot#: 62140946

Fiber optic holiday lighthouse. In box.

Lot#: 62140945

Artisan Model KitchenAid stand mixer

Lot#: 62537605

Two heavily detailed handcrafted animal steins. Wolves and Arctic Odyssey collector steins.

Lot#: 62140944

Pair of ERTL vintage vehicles, still in original package!

Lot#: 62537606

Ducks of the American Wilderness and early Racing Cars hand crafted collector steins.

Lot#: 62140954

Stanley FatMax 48inch level and one other 48inch level

Lot#: 62140953

Travel Trailer 24inch telescoping stabilizing jack. As-new in box

Lot#: 62140952

WORX adjustable weed eater. With battery and charger

Lot#: 62140951

Weed eater and brand new hedge trimmer. With batteries and charger

Lot#: 62140950

Pair of vintage ladies suede bowling shoes. Upper shows absolutely no wear!

Lot#: 62140959

35x23 inch Vinyl windows

Lot#: 62140958

Central Hydraulic 1000lb truck crane

Lot#: 62140957

Approx. 225 popular titles and blockbuster hits, all on VHS!

Lot#: 62140955

Two folding aluminum saw horses

Lot#: 62625150

M2 Premium edition Dodge 1969 l-600 COE with two 1970 Super Bee die-casts.

Lot#: 62140965

Handmade Black Americana folk art dolls. Mother and her baby. 14inch

Lot#: 62625146

Special Edition Disney lithograph. Embossed. Framed. 16x20inch

Lot#: 62140964

Black Americana folk art rag doll. Locally made by Alice’s Country Cottage. 20 inch

Lot#: 62625147

Add a little bit of magic to any room with 3 pieces of rustic and Disney wall decor.

Lot#: 62140963

18inch Black Americana folk art doll by Deborah’s Duds.

Lot#: 62625144

Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Hot Wheels

Lot#: 62140962

18inch Black Americana folk art doll by Deborah’s Dolls

Lot#: 62625145

20x16inch The Lion King Canvas wall art

Lot#: 62140961

Boxes of brand new yarn.

Lot#: 62625142

Goofy Vinylmations popcorn figure, and three winnie the Pooh Figures

Lot#: 62140960

Five exotic wooden carvings. Two believed to have significant age and origins. See photos closely.

Lot#: 62625143

DIsney Keychain collection. With two new-in package Star Wars keychain and pin

Lot#: 62625140

New in box Disney’s Cars die cast collection.

Lot#: 62625141

Winnie the Pooh and friends, Mickey and Minnie Mouse PEZ dispensers. All new in package.

Lot#: 62140969

Four cloth wire frame Black Americana folk art dolls.

Lot#: 62140968

Pair of hand stitched black Americana folk art dolls. 10inch

Lot#: 62140967

Pair of Black Americana folk art dolls by P Tymas & Son. 14inch

Lot#: 62625148

Framed Mickey and Minnie Mouse Thomas Kinkade puzzle

Lot#: 62140966

Pair of Black Americana folk art rag dolls by Sue’s Soft Sulpture.

Lot#: 62625149

Bella Notte Lady and the Tramp snow globe. 6inch

Lot#: 62561902

6 figures with COA. By The Bradford exchange

Lot#: 62561901

5 figures, with COAs by Bradford Exchange

Lot#: 62561900

Large Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Figures accompanied by Figaro ornament and fairy godmother figurines.

Lot#: 62429678

101 Dalmatians, Frozen and Aladdin painted collectors plates!

Lot#: 62429679

Snow White, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid! Painted collector plate collection.

Lot#: 62429676

Three dimensional and collectors painted plates featuring Winnie the Pooh!

Lot#: 62429677

Collection of Mickey Mouse painted collectors plates! Porcelain china and tin!

Lot#: 62429675

5 Winnie the Pooh 3D collector plates.

Lot#: 62561905

6 brand new Disney coloring books and Pua the Pig from Moana

Lot#: 62561904

Reminiscent of all the favorite Mickey characters. 4.5inch tall

Lot#: 62561903

Snow White snow globe and ornament. Each 4 inches tall

Lot#: 62429680

Beauty and the Beast painted collectors plates. One is 3d!

Lot#: 62210252

Drill and drill bits

Lot#: 62210253

Misc lot of files.

Lot#: 62210250

Misc. lot of pliers rivets and rivet gun

Lot#: 62210251

Everything you need to “keep it together”

Lot#: 62210256

Elegant Cherry Curio with glass shelves and mirrored back. 4ftx78inchx12in *Pickup only

Lot#: 62210257

Solid oak china hutch with glass shelves and mirrored back. Glass doors have beveled edges. Lighted. 59x18x78inches *pickup only

Lot#: 62210254

Emerald green empire/deco style wooden cabinet/wardrobe. 34x62x20inches *pickup only

Lot#: 62210255

The original hip cooler! Super cooler and fanny pack in one!

Lot#: 62210249

Multi-meter, hand tools, electrical tools and more

Lot#: 62362661

Disney Eeyore Winnie the Pooh anniversary mantle clock. Porcelain and glass. 10inch

Lot#: 62362662

Brass Winnie the Pooh alarm clock!

Lot#: 62210247

Two-tone mid century glass curio. Beveled glass doors, lighted.62x17x83inches *Pickup only

Lot#: 62210248

Variety lot of wrenches

Lot#: 62362660

Winnie the Pooh anniversary mantle clock! Glass and porcelain. 10 inch

Lot#: 62429689

The Little Mermaid 4-piece figurine set

Lot#: 62429687

The Superhero family in not just one, but two snow globes! 7.5inch tallx7 inch wide

Lot#: 62429688

Stitch inside his spaceship snow globe. 7.5inch tall

Lot#: 62429685

Walts 100th celebration snow globe with all of the Disney favorites! Tinker bell, Cinderella, Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, Minnie and Mickey. 7inch

Lot#: 62429686

The Dalmatian puppies are trapped inside this Snow globe with none other than Cruella DeVille. 7 inch

Lot#: 62429683

6 inch Peter Pan musical snow globe

Lot#: 62429684

Donald, Dailey, Huey, Dewy and Louie musical snow globe! 7inch tall

Lot#: 62429681

9 Disney collectors series glasses. Still as-new with original boxes.

Lot#: 62429682

6.5 inch The Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe

Lot#: 62429690

The Little Mermaid black Diamond VHS and bank-8.5 inch

Lot#: 62429691

Three Ariel/Little Mermaid figurines.

Lot#: 62362669

Vintage Classic style Winnie the Pooh snow globe, signed made by The Disney Company.Musical, 6inch

Lot#: 62362667

Winnie the Pooh Happy Hunnydays? snow-globe 6.5inch. Glass globe. Musical

Lot#: 62362668

Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger too! Musical Snow globe, 6.5 inch. Glass globe.

Lot#: 62362665

Winnie the Pooh Congratulations Graduate snow globe. Glass/porcelain 7.5 inch. Musical.

Lot#: 62362666

Disney classic Winnie the Pooh snow globe! 6 inch

Lot#: 62362663

Porcelain Winnie the Pooh bank and Kleenex box cover.

Lot#: 62362664

Winnie the Pooh 80 years of adventure special edition Disney Snow globe! Musical.

Lot#: 62362672

Porcelain Winnie the Pooh bank by Disney! Stamped.

Lot#: 62362673

Disney Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar. 13 inch

Lot#: 62362670

Eeyore Winnie the Pooh Disney snow globe. Musical. 6.5 inch. Glass globe.

Lot#: 62362671

Winnie the Pooh porcelain birth record scroll. Both ends are porcelain and cork stoppers.

Lot#: 62429698

Finding Dory coffee pot snow globe. Large 7x8x8inch size

Lot#: 62429699

XL Disney Toyland snow globe! Needs globe refilled. 9.5x9.5x9.5inch

Lot#: 62429696

Snow White finds her prince! Large 9 inch snow globe.

Lot#: 62429697

Belle and all of her castle friends! Large 9inch snow globe. Globe spins as music plays!

Lot#: 62429694

Extra large snow globe measures 12x9x8 inches

Lot#: 62429695

The Band Marches on July 4th, 1776 in this Patriotic must have Disney snow globe. 10inch

Lot#: 62429692

Lilos best friend Stitch figurine. 4 inch

Lot#: 62429693

All of the Disney princesses with their Princes! Extra large snow globe measures 11x8x10inches

Lot#: 62362678

Mr Potato Head from the Disney favorite Toy Story. Porcelain cookie jar is 12.5inches tall.

Lot#: 62362679

From the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, a Mrs. Potts cookie jar! 11inches

Lot#: 62362676

Dopey from the Disney classic Snow White porcelain cookie jar. 16inch

Lot#: 62362677

Rolly from the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians porcelain cookie jar. 14 inch

Lot#: 62362674

Signed Disney Minnie Mouse Cookie Jar. 13 inch.

Lot#: 62362675

Disney Donald Duck porcelain cookie jar. 15.5 inch

Lot#: 62362683

2 Disney 50TH anniversary limited edition passholder Five Decades of Dining pins. Village Haus-Pinocchio and Tahitian Terrace Punch- Pumba & Timone.

Lot#: 62362684

2 Disney 50TH anniversary Five Decades of Disney Dining pins. Casa Mexicans-Donald Duck and Golden Horseshoe-Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Lot#: 62362681

Collection of Disney Cinderella cards by Skybox.

Lot#: 62362682

Collection of skybox Disney collector cards featuring Snow White, The Lion King, Pocahontas and the Hunchback of Norte Dame.

Lot#: 62362680

13.5x17 inch hanging trinket shelf

Lot#: 62362689

Vintage new in box Disneyland Shot glass set showing the iconic Disneyland rides!

Lot#: 62362687

Two limited edition pieces by The New England Collectors Society. Grump the Dwarf and Donald Duck.

Lot#: 62362688

LOZ lego Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

Lot#: 62362685

New old stock Disney’s Tiny Theater 10 Little Golden Books. Featuring 10 of the best Disney movies ever!

Lot#: 62362686

2 pieces by The New England Collectors Society. Winnie the Pooh and Jimeny Cricket.

Lot#: 62362694

Large Minnie Mouse bank. Appears as new with original tag!

Lot#: 62362695

New with tags, magnetic kissing Mickey and Minnie Mouse salt and pepper!

Lot#: 62362692

Disneyland 50TH anniversary snow globe. 6 inch. Musical.

Lot#: 62362693

Disneyland 40th anniversary porcelain cookie jar.

Lot#: 62362690

Cinderella scrub the floor, and her two mice are stuck in a snow globe! 4.5inch

Lot#: 62362691

Mirror mirror on the wall… Snow White evil Queen Snow globe. Large 9inch size. With tags. Musical.

Lot#: 62190358

Musical Scooby Doo Snow Globe! 6inches tall

Lot#: 62190359

Lego Mystery Machine, Scooby Doo Monster Jam Hotwheels 1:24 die-cast and collectors mug!

Lot#: 62190356

Hotwheels 10 car party pack! Lot also comes with Hotwheels Trucks and Flame series cars!

Lot#: 62190357

Mint in box gold Bob Ross Toonie figure!

Lot#: 62190354

5 Collectable Beetles Yellow Submarine Hotwheels!

Lot#: 62190355

Collection of Euro Style Hotwheels and box set of NIGHTROD cars!

Lot#: 62190352

10 Disney’s Toy Story Hotwheels! All still sealed in original package!

Lot#: 62190353

Collection of Hotwheels Holiday hot rods!

Lot#: 62190350

Mario and blue Yoshisuper size figures by Nintendo 2006/2007.

Lot#: 62190351

Seven as-new Super Mario character cars by HOTWHEELS! Bonus 6x6inch canvas game box replica.

Lot#: 62190369

Pencils, paper, index cards, XL stapler, highlighters and more

Lot#: 62190367

1956 Ford COE truck and trailer with a 1949 Mercury inside! As brand-new, excellent condition!

Lot#: 62190368

DVD collection. Bonus box sets of Westerns on VHS

Lot#: 62190365

Limited edition golden chases Hurst die cast car and hauler by M2.Excellent condition

Lot#: 62190366

1965 Ford Fanta Delivery Van and trailer. But wait! Inside the trailer is a 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback! Diecast set is brand new, in excellent condition!

Lot#: 62190363

Four brand new collectors figures! Saul Goodman, Weird Al, The Twelfth Doctor and the Two “Old” muppets

Lot#: 62190364

Avatar Legacy book, Zoltar color changing coffee mug and Bioshock Big Daddy Vinyl figure.

Lot#: 62190361

27 magic the gathering cards, 1 holographic

Lot#: 62190362

20 Pokémon cards Plus 2 holographic cards. Also comes with mug!

Lot#: 62190360

Three vinyl Pop Animation vinyl figures and three Marvel Lanyards, one with comic con pass!

Lot#: 62190338

Vintage wooden crated tap and die set

Lot#: 62190339

Vintage intercom lab kit

Lot#: 62190336

Welding helmet and new in package welding goggles

Lot#: 62190337

Spools of copper and copper filed wire

Lot#: 62210230

Knife sharpening block and combo sharpener and glass cutter in one.

Lot#: 62210231

Lot of larger sized sockets

Lot#: 62210234

Brass fitting and misc hose nozzles

Lot#: 62210235

Collection of Allen keys

Lot#: 62210232

Various sizes and makers! Sockets and drivers

Lot#: 62210233

Collection of hammers and pry bars

Lot#: 62210229

Berns-o-matic propane torch

Lot#: 62190349

AMBIIO Super Mario Bros. Collector set! Features the whole “cast” of characters, including bonus Mario and Yoshi figures! A must-have rare find!

Lot#: 62190347

Variety lot of valuable tools! Tons of value!

Lot#: 62190348

Single and three wheel casters

Lot#: 62190345

Auto body tools

Lot#: 62190346

Collection of various hand saws

Lot#: 62190343

Vintage emergency roadside reflectors. Folding with case

Lot#: 62210241

AHM toy train track and buildings. See photos for what’s included.All new old stock.

Lot#: 62190344

Lot of welding gloves

Lot#: 62210242

Dovetail jig by central machinery.

Lot#: 62190341

Apple corer, can openers, hamburger press, meat cleaver and so much more!

Lot#: 62190342

Vintage Austrian Sword-makers carving set. In wooden case.

Lot#: 62210240

Vintage copper tea pots with two bonus stainless teapots

Lot#: 62210245

Lot of tire irons anc pro bars

Lot#: 62190340

New old stock ship in a bottle and Kaleidoscope kits. With two bonus wooden keg taps!

Lot#: 62210246

Made in Italy, two lighted glass curios. *2 times the bid *pickup only

Lot#: 62210243

Machinist vice

Lot#: 62210244

Biscuit jointer, craftsman plate jointer and electric cordless screwdriver

Lot#: 62210238

Tests alternators and generators! With original documents

Lot#: 62210239

Enamel handle copper tea pot collection

Lot#: 62210236

Various sizes, some brand new!

Lot#: 62210237

Kel Arch spot welder and packs of electrodes

Lot#: 62165758

Box lot of chain

Lot#: 62165759

Vintage Montana AAA Automobile Association license plate topper.

Lot#: 62165756

Newmark Model 25 DCV converter. See photos for specs. Appears to be in as-new condition

Lot#: 62165757

New old stock Aleenes ultimate glue gun with 2 boxes of sticks and additional glue gun.

Lot#: 62165754

New in box Central Pneumatic Paint shaker & hardware.

Lot#: 62517340

Collector and Anniversary edition glasses and 3d glassware.

Lot#: 62165755

Fantom bagless hand vac.

Lot#: 62517341

Collection of Vintage glass collector steins. Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck!

Lot#: 62165752

Formula 1 six-ton bottle jack

Lot#: 62517342

Central machinery manual tire changer

Lot#: 62165753

Brand new WEN 22 piece precision tool kit with power supply!

Lot#: 62165761

New old stock Revell 1931 Cadillac Phaeton Model kit. Still wrapped in plastic.

Lot#: 62165762

Wooden key/mail holders and spice rack.

Lot#: 62165760

New old stock Borax 20 Mule team model kit!

Lot#: 62165747

Two 50lb boxes of nails

Lot#: 62517333

Desktop decor, iPad holder, wall pockets, stamp and more!

Lot#: 62165748

New in package Tradesman bradnailer

Lot#: 62517334

All appear to be hand painted Winnie the Pooh Platers and vases.

Lot#: 62165745

Two bench top vices

Lot#: 62517335

Huge collection of Winnie the Pooh mugs!

Lot#: 62165746

Over 50lbs of nails

Lot#: 62517336

Collection of 3D Mickey and Friends Mugs

Lot#: 62165744

XL Swordfish hinged pipe vice.

Lot#: 62517330

Large assortment of Winnie the Pooh figures by Disney Japan and more!

Lot#: 62517331

Ornaments, Musis boxes, figurines and more! By Disney and Disney Japan!

Lot#: 62517332

Winnie the Pooh photo and recipe holders.

Lot#: 62517337

Dopey,Ursula, Grumpy, Winnie the Pooh and more!

Lot#: 62517338

Tinker belle, Princesses, The Lion King, Toy Story, Aladdin and more!

Lot#: 62165749

New still in sealed box! Cadet multi-watt in wall fan heater

Lot#: 62517339

Cars, Cinderella, Minnie Mouse, Stitch and Frozen mugs!

Lot#: 62165750

Royal 1930s Magic Margin typewriter!

Lot#: 62165751

WEN wet wheel machine sharpener and Drill Doctor bit sharpener. Both appear to be as-new

Lot#: 62165767

Engine stand and Bulldog hoist picker plate

Lot#: 62165765

3 organizers filled with a variety of hardware . Nuts, bolts, screws, nails and more

Lot#: 62165766

12 ton Hydraulic pipe bender.

Lot#: 62165763

Three antique roller skates.

Lot#: 62165764

Screws, nuts, bolts and more in two Rubbermaid organizers,

Lot#: 62456225

Clear 8 drawer storage drawers. 36x16x17 inch. Heavy duty. Pickup only.

Lot#: 62362698

Disneys 101 Dalmatians lithograph

Lot#: 62456224

Plastic XL 4-drawer storage. Heavy duty! 36 tall. Pickup only.

Lot#: 62362699

Disneys Pocahontas 1995 exclusive commemorative lithograph

Lot#: 62456223

Handsome early craftsman dresser *pickup only

Lot#: 62362696

Exclusive commemorative edition Disneys Aladdin lithograph

Lot#: 62456222

Craftsman style armoire. Stunning piece , 88inches tall, 44 wide, 22 deep. Two pieces for transport. PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 62362697

Disneys Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 1194 Exclusive commemorative lithograph.

Lot#: 62517322

Winnie the Pooh Spoon rests, honey pot, tea tins, cheese knives and more!

Lot#: 62517323

Classic Winnie the Pooh miniature tea set! Teapot is approx. 3.5inch

Lot#: 62517324

New and old! Vintage trinket boxes with classic Winnie the Pooh, and the new version we know today! 1 Eeyore trinket box. 4 boxes total.

Lot#: 62517325

25 Classic Pooh signed Lennox figurines. 2-3 inches tall

Lot#: 62517320

Cinderella snow globe frame and miniature Cinderella snow globe.

Lot#: 62517321

Two Tow story snow globes! Woody and RC car, and Jesse, Bullseye and the toy barn! 3x4inc

Lot#: 62517326

Two 2 inch Royal Doulton Classic Pooh figures. Also with Winnie the Pooh figure in dome and Winnie the Pooh reading to piglet.

Lot#: 62517327

Miniature desktop clock figurines. 3x4inc approx. 4 pieces.

Lot#: 62517328

Pooh and Friends figurine collection. 5 pieces, up to 5 inches tall

Lot#: 62517329

Collection of Simply Pooh figurines by Disney

Lot#: 62517311

Vintage white dresser set, with brass accents. Still with original manufacturers labels! *Pickup Ony

Lot#: 62517312

Double dropside console on casters. Mid-century/vintage 36x22x21inch *pickup only

Lot#: 62517313

Pieces of local history! Dining chairs from the original Olympic Hotel in Seattle! Still very sturdy! *6 times the bid, pickup only

Lot#: 62517314

2 glas-lite rods with cork handles and a Zebco reel. 5’

Lot#: 62517310

Mid Century desk. Solid wood. *Pickup only

Lot#: 62517319

Both are extendable. 12’

Lot#: 62517315

5’ pole with JC HIGGINS REEL.

Lot#: 62517316

Silstar C2-66SP 6’6” GRAPHITE ROD AND SILSTAR FX40b spinning reel.

Lot#: 62517317

Wright & McGill 8-1/2ft No. M4A-8 1/2

Lot#: 62517318

Eagle claw starfire SF400A - 8-1/2 Trolling Rod

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