The Estate of George Hayden - Kimball, MN

Thursday October 25, 2018 | 73410 363rd Street. Kimball, MN. US. 55353

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Lot#: 44474001

Framed and matted print by Billy Gibbs, Autumn Pride, 863/950, 35inHx28inW, and

Last Stories of the Old Duck Hunters book set, and other books. Print plus books. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474002

Comfort-Rest Downy Airbed, pillows, comforter, linens, throw pillows, blankets, quilt.

Contents of 3 suitcases and 1 tote and on chair. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474003

Wood/rattan barrel chair with upholstered seat and back, wood headboard 60inW with metal rails,

and Golden Orthopedic bed set. Bed and chair Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474004

Hoover Legacy vacuum, Windmere fan on pedestal, Holmes radiator heater, Model HOH-2400,

wall mirror, towel bar, tote with metal items from bathroom, wall lights, toilet paper holder, soap dispenser, tissue cover, candle holders. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473950

Wood/rattan wing back chair with upholstered back and seat and throw/blanket. 2 pieces


Lot#: 44474005

Birdhouse themed items, painted wood storage cabinet, 4 drawers, 30inH, table lamp, post 37inH

assortment of decorative bird houses and figurines, and (2) white pressed wood bookshelves, 28inHx25inW with adjustable shelf. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473951

Assortment of new candles and candle holders, PartyLite.

Contents of wicker tray, basket, and plastic tray.

Lot#: 44474006

Golf items, bag on hand cart, shoes, golf bag cooler, electric putting cup, chipping net,

Swing Groover, and assortment of ball-style caps. All items in corner. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473952

Wood and glass china cabinet, lighted, 6 adjustable glass shelves, 2 drawers, and 4 doors,

84inHx72inWx20inD. China cabinet only, contents NOT included.

Lot#: 44474007

Haier compact refrigerator, Model HSE04WNABB


Lot#: 44473953

Glassware, stemware, candy dishes, pitcher, cream/sugar, plates, vases, snowman mugs,

Holiday stemware and glasses. Contents of left side of china cabinet, top and bottom.

Lot#: 44474008

2-Door wood locking cabinet with key, automotive supplies, funnels, oil, fluids, jumper cables,

parts, caulk, lights, floor mats. Cabinet and all contents.

Lot#: 44473954

Glassware, vases, cake plate, candy dishes, glasses, flutes, cordials, some painted,

green and blue glass items, white bowl. Contents of right side of china cabinet, top only.

Lot#: 44474009

Montgomery Ward 22in Rotary Mower, Model TMO-d37047A, Air Stream 25cc gas powered

blower, Model A-HB-25150, push style spreader, (4) poly and (1) metal fuel containers.

Lot#: 44473955

International Silver Co fine china, 326 Springtime, plates, cups/saucers, bowls, platters.

Cream/sugar. Set may not be complete. All in lower right side of china cabinet.

Lot#: 44473956

Sony CFD-646 compact stereo system, CD/dual cassette/radio, (2) Emerson speakers,

(2) Hitachi speakers, assortment of CDs loose and in storage boxes, Canon Sure Shot Telemax camera, FujiFilm Nexia 3100ixZ camera, FujiFilm FinePix A303 camera, camera bags, waterproof disposable camera.

Lot#: 44473957

Wood wine rack, 33inHx26inWx12inD, Wood/glass/rattan 26in square end table, Hamms glasses,

porcelain/ceramic figurines, oil stoneware hurricane lamp, napkin rings, water/glass thermometer, and other decorative items. Wine rack, end table, and all items on.

Lot#: 44473958

Brass figurines, bowl, and bell, tallest bird is 13inH, soup urn, custard cups, butter warmers,

blue/white ashtray, napkin holder, wall pocket, salt/pepper, rolling pin, vintage white glass centerpiece bowl and candle holders. Contents of both shelves in cupboard and brass and glass items on counter.

Lot#: 44473959

Wood rolling cart 28inHx28inWx17inD, (4) framed and matted prints, (3) unframed prints,

Tupperware cake keeper,punch bowl set, plastic plates, bowls, platters, microwave cooking items. Contents of cart and items alongside.

Lot#: 44474010

Lawn and garden tools, shovels, rakes, brooms, and decorative flags. All tools and flags on wall.


Lot#: 44474011

(3) fishing rods with reels, tent, umbrellas, folding step stool, outdoor rug.


Lot#: 44474012

Metal garbage can, sweeping compound, shelf brackets, floor jacks, stove pipe, black paper,

and assorted metal pieces.

Lot#: 44474013

Hardware, hand tools, level, work lights, saws, painting supplies, wire brushes.

Everything hanging on pegboard in work room.

Lot#: 44474014

Vise, 4in, Black and Decker 5in Bench Grinder, trailer hitch with balls, battery charger,

12v air compressor and 6 PSI raft air pump, Wards Power Kraft sabre saw, Model TPC-8960A, Black and Decker 1/2in drill, Montgomery Ward 3/8in drill, Black and Decker 3/8in drill, Power House 3/8in drill, metal desk lamp. All contents on top of workbench. Must bring own tools to remove vise and grinder.

Lot#: 44473960

Round wood table with glass top, table coverings and artificial greenery.


Lot#: 44474015

Hardware, organizer bins, Black and Decker 14in drill, Black and Decker cordless screwdriver,

with batteries and charger, Everything on counter.

Lot#: 44473961

Greene Brothers plaid loveseat with sleeper and matching throw pillows


Lot#: 44474016

Peg board hooks, hardware, pocket knives, Sony Walkman, audio splitters, mitre box, plane,

tire iron, turnbuckles, casters, string. Contents of 4 drawers in work bench.

Lot#: 44473962

Large assortment of cookbooks.


Lot#: 44474017

Plastic organizers of hardware, electrical, plumbing, 21pc ratchet set, tool boxes, propane fuel.

All contents of bottom 2 cupboards on workbench. This lot cannot be shipped with propane.

Lot#: 44473963

Meta/brass items, candle holders, tea server in metal warming stand, platters, fondue pots,

fondue forks. Contents of both cabinets

Lot#: 44474018

Montgomery Ward 17in Drill Press Router Shaper, Model THS-2437A, with bits


Lot#: 44473964

Flatware, Eternally Yours, Star House in wood box, International, plated and silver pieces.

Contents of box, wood box and tray.

Lot#: 44474019

(2) electric portable heaters, Emerson compact stereo system with remote, radio/cassette, CD,

And (1) Sony speaker.

Lot#: 44473965

Kitchen utensils, wood trivets, Bamix of Switzerland wand mixer, West Bend electric wok,

electric skillet, glass double boiler, bamboo tiered drier. Contents of drawer and cabinet below

Lot#: 44473966

Blue/White wall mount coffee grinder, Danube Farmers Elevator Co advertising bowl,

(2) glass cake plates, bowl, covered candy dish,toothpick holder, trinket dish. Must bring own tools to remove grinder from side of cabinet.

Lot#: 44473967

Framed and matted print by Donald Blais, 294/850, 26inHx29inW, unframed print by Ray Orosz,

Living Forest, 7/750, 27inHx22inW, unframed print Ray Orosz, Country Side, 99/750, 24inHx31inW, and unframed print by Ray Orosz, Morning at Hyland, 94/750, 24inHx31inW. 4 pieces. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473968

Wood potato bin, Sportsman lantern, sauerkraut slicer, wool military style blanket,

footed wicker basket, Cordaflex fins, goggles, and snorkel tube. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473969

Fish table lamp, stand with picture frames and inside storage, 39inH, wood wine rack,

wine accessories, artificial arrangements, mug. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474020

Edsal metal cabinet, 2 shelves, 3 drawers, and 2 doors, locking with keys, 85inHx36inWx19inD,

Rust-Oleum spray enamel, air hose, mallet, irrigation supplies, hardware, trouble lights, work light, extension cords. Metal cabinet and all contents.

Lot#: 44474021

Metal tool box with hand tools


Lot#: 44474022

Metal 4 drawer cabinet, 38inHx20inWx20inD, springs, Cobra 19 Plus CB, bungee cords, rope,

Rockwell motor, Model 438-02-314-0626. Cabinet and all contents. Tool box on top is not included.

Lot#: 44474023

Shopmaster table saw mounted on wood bench, and American IMC Powr Profile air compressor,

Model 090006F with hose. Both

Lot#: 44474024

Minn Kota 65 trolling motor, 5 speed


Lot#: 44473970

(2) folding card tables and (7) folding metal chairs with covered seats

Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474025

Metal cart on wheels, 32inHx36inWx25inD, metal tool box with hand tools, Dayton 6in Bench

Grinder, Model 4Z126, clamp mounted on wood board. Metal cart and all contents.

Lot#: 44473971

Eureka The Boxx super lite bagless vacuum, Dirt Devil hand vac, xercise ball, and

ski type exercise machine. 4 pieces Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474026

ShopVac 10 gallon, 3.5HP vacuum, scythe, post pounder, pole saw, and plastic pails.


Lot#: 44473972

(13) fishing rods, (11) fishing reels, tackle box with tackle, fish shaped bag, Ajay PlayMate golf

hand cart. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474027

Yard and garden items, tools, potting soil, fertilizer, Roundup, weed killer, spray wand, mulch,

watering cans, irrigation hose, solar lights, and painting supplies, drop clothes, rollers, brushes, Painters Plastic. All contents on 4 shelves.

Lot#: 44474028

Grill tools, briquets, electric ice cream maker, metal lunch box, grinder, press, ricer, air pot,

rosette and timbale iron, metal bowl.

Lot#: 44473973

Hamilton Beach No 18 malt machine with cups, metal/glass gumball dispenser, and ceramic loon

3 pieces. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474029

Tarps, boat covers, and shop rags/towels


Lot#: 44473974

Steins, stoneware mugs, Renaissance Festival stoneware challis, Chinese stress balls in case,

AM/FM radio/dual cassette player, auxiliary and other cords and cables, wood book shelf with two adjustable shelves 42inHx28inWx10inD. Wood book shelf and contents on three bottom shelves. Does not include contents on top. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473975

Hamms Beer and Olympia Beer metal bar trays. 3 pieces

Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473976

Bar and (2) vinyl upholstered swivel stools, Bar is 40inx64inWx18inD, Bar and stools only.

Contents not included. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473977

Bar accessories, ice bucket, pitcher, glasses, plastic cups, stirrers, openers, shaker,

matchbooks, books, acrylic paint, paint brushes, nut cracker, shoe shine kit, Andis Master electric clippers, and hair cutting set. All items on top of and inside of bar. Bar is NOT included. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473978

Canoe shaped shelf, wildlife figurines, Punch Grand Cru wood box, wildlife box display,

Forest Haven by Jim Hansel puzzle, games, Golf King, coasters, Replogle 12in World Classic globe in stand, wood canister with lid. All items on shelf plus globe and canister. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473979

Enamelware canning kettle and roasters, pots with lids, some Teflon, baking pans.

Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474030

Sleeping bags, Thermos chest cooler, Havahart animal trap, vintage chest cooler, Coleman

water jug, soft-side coolers, First Aid kit, RV and Marine Antifreeze, 5 full gallons plus

Lot#: 44474031

Hanson Dairy Scale Model 60, metal cream can, egg basket, enamel pot,


Lot#: 44474032

John Deere front mount de thatcher rake, 40inW


Lot#: 44474033

Outdoor games and sports equipment, tackle box with contents, minnow bucket, survival bag,

anchor, spear, net, Scent Shield products.

Lot#: 44474034

(2) 7ft artificial trees with lights assembled, one artificial tree not assembled, wreath,

(3) 2ft decorated trees, lighted garland, and other decorative items.

Lot#: 44474035

Husky 6ft aluminum step ladder and metal 2drawer file cabinet. Both


Lot#: 44473980

Hamilton Beach Automatic Roaster Oven, Hamilton Beach electric knife, Mr. Coffee 12 cup

programmable coffeemaker, electric coffee pot, electric griddle and West Bend breadmaker.Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474036

Plastic shutter, (6) 43in, (4) 65in, (2) 67in, landscape edging


Lot#: 44473981

Wood book shelf with 4 adjustable shelves, 72inHx28inWx12inD, canister set, cone funnel,

mugs, wicker baskets with wood covers, crock with lid, copper tea kettle, bundt pan, cake forms, watermelon serving dish, fondue pot, sandwich maker. Wood shelf and all contents. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474037

Holiday/Christmas items: Wood snowman gauge, lights, lighted garland, ornaments, and

other decorative items. Contents of 4 totes with covers.

Lot#: 44473982

Bathroom rugs, wicker stool, metal tissue cover, soap dispenser, and cup holder, candles,

out house soap dispenser and themed towels, and other decorative items. All contents in bathroom in basement. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474038

Outdoor metal decoration, (4) chair plant holders, wheel barrow, (2) hanging baskets,

(2) stands, (2) heart shaped hangers, and spigot. All items in corner by steps.

Lot#: 44473983

Wood 6 gun cabinet with etched glass door. Locking door and bottom compartment. Has keys.

Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44474039

Twin Oaks synthetic rope hammock with oak boards


Lot#: 44473984

Wood desk with hutch, 51inHx48inWx24inD, 4 drawer metal filing cabinet, and black office chair.

3 pieces. Items on desk are NOT included. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473985

Office supplies, desk lamp, power strips, speakers, pen/pencil sets, Royal crosscut paper shredder

Pocket knives, binder clips, plastic organizer, clock, Sony mini recorder, baseballs, hockey pucks, flashlights. Contents of 6 boxes plus paper shredder. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473986

GE chest freezer, FCM5S1-WW, SN D8F.43645201-15227-630162

Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473987

Pressed wood 2 door wardrobe with side cabinet storage, with adjustable shelves, and 3 drawers,

72inHx61inWx21inD, Samsonite suitcase, and hangers. Wardrobe and contents. Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473988

Pressed wood storage cabinet, 2 door with lock, has keys, 6 adjustable shelves

72inHx30inX17inD Lots35-56 are located in basement of house.

Lot#: 44473989

Schweiger loveseat with sleeper and (3) throw pillows and runner rug, 90inx23in.

Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474040

Outdoor decorations, statuary, metal water cans, trellis, metal fountain, cement fountain and

stand, birdhouse, and wheelbarrow.

Lot#: 44474041

(3) Unframed prints by Les Kouba, Limited Editions, Frightened Whitetail, Wood Duck Pond, and

Cornfed Ringnecks, 15inX11.5in., turkey feather all mount in MN wood container, and vintage wood tool box.

Lot#: 44474042

Keller Model 3524 24ft aluminum extension ladder, 8ft aluminum step ladder, and

(2) wood saw horses. 4 pieces

Lot#: 44474043

Wood table with pop-up leave, 54inx36in, and (4) matching wood chairs.


Lot#: 44474044

Cast iron Mueller fire hydrant, bird houses, wind chimes, (3) metal wheels, tricycle plant holder

gazing balls, shepherds hooks, resin geese, (4) metal plant stands, milk can . All items on and around tree.

Lot#: 44474045

Ertl International die cast tractor, two blade plow, and flare box wagon. 3 pieces


Lot#: 44473990

Milk can with artificial flowers, (2) table lamps, metal ash bucket/shovel, fireplace tools,

wicker bird cage, and framed painting. All items in corner. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474046

Wood 2person gliding bench, (2) metal yard ornaments, rain gauge


Lot#: 44473991

Sanyo microwave, Samsung portable television/radio, GE electric radio, wicker chest, wall clock,

doll furniture, plush toys, games and books. All items on top of cabinet. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474047

(4) metal folding chairs, not all matching, metal step stool, GE box fan, painted wood wall shelf,

cassette tapes.

Lot#: 44473992

(2) wood cabinets connected together with painted wood piece, 2 drawers, 2 doors.

Total dimensions 29inHx55inLx16inD. Cabinets only. Items on top and refrigerator are NOT included. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474048

Outdoor decorations, statuary, metal frog 46inH, metal weighted bird, metal hanging fish candle

Holder, (2) metal hears, ceramic mushroom, gazing balls, birds. All items on first tier in back yard.

Lot#: 44473993

Magic Chef compact refrigerator, Model HSE04WNA. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.


Lot#: 44474049

Craft and Holiday items, wicker baskets, 3 panel pegboard display, terracotta pots, outdoor signs

decorative sleds, lights, garland, childrens books, artificial greenery, craft books and totes with lids.

Lot#: 44473994

White pressed wood cabinet with two doors and 3 drawers 52inHx53inWx15inD, toaster, mugs,

coffee maker, flatware, knives, placemats, bowls, Tupperware containers, and 3 glass cutting boards. Cabinet and all contents. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473995

White wood storage cabinet with 4 doors, wardrobe, 67inHx40inWx21inD

Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473996

Cedar chest, 21inHx48inWx18inD

Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473997

Hunting clothing 2XL, boots size 12, hats and gloves. Contents of 3 totes.

Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473998

Trunk/foot locker and hunting clothing, jackets 2XL, pants 44 waist.

Contents of trunk, tote and jacket hanging.Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44473999

(2) wood end tables with marble top, sofa table with marble inlay, 2 drawers, 22inHx52inWx17inD,

And (3) wood stacking tables 15inH. 6 pieces. Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

Lot#: 44474050

Wood/metal bench, 50inW, cement pagoda, hose, cement fishing boy and little deer, stand,

garden plaque. All items by bridge in back yard.

Lot#: 44474051

Holiday/Christmas items: wreaths, plush animals, ribbon, garland, 8-12in trees, and other craft

and decorative items. Contents of 6 totes with covers and box

Lot#: 44474052

Samsonite 1910 2pc luggage, Dadamo rolling duffle bag, soft side coolers, Columbia Powder Keg

coat, Ladies XL, Leeds briefcase bag, and leather like bag with winter hats and gloves.

Lot#: 44474053

Metal folding table with craft items, 8-12in trees, baskets, bottles, figurines, brass oil lantern

bottoms, seashells, placemats, rugs, towels and NHCR mist maker, water fogger. Table and all contents on and below.

Lot#: 44474054

Metal folding table with Holiday items: lighted village pieces with accessories, and ornaments.

Table and all contents on and below.

Lot#: 44474055

5ft pre-lit decorated artificial tree, New Bright Santas Christmas Express train set,

Mr. Christmas Holiday Carousel, Mr. Christmas Outdoor Holiday projector. 4 pieces

Lot#: 44474056

Metal folding table with Holiday items: 30in angel, Swedish Christmas Candle Nativity Carousel,

14in fiber optic angel tree topper, ornaments, figurines, music box, plush animals, power strip, timers, and other decorative items and Ty beanie babies. Table and all contents on and below.

Lot#: 44474057

Shindaiwa HomePro 22T gas powered, straight shaft trimmer, and hand pump sprayer. Both


Lot#: 44474058

Campbell Hausfeld 1600 PSI pressure washer with Briggs and Stratton quattro 4hp engine,

Model No PW165001LE, (2) metal pails, bird feeder, finch special bird seed, metal can with lid

Lot#: 44474059

Outdoor decorations, turtles, frog, gnome, Woodstock on chair, metal stands, gazing balls,

metal side tables, sundial. All items in corner by front door of house.

Lot#: 44474060

Metal beverage cart with Igloo chest cooler, (2) wood wagon wheels, metal sign,

resin decorative garden fencing.

Lot#: 44474061

Patio table 36inH, with umbrella and (4) matching chairs


Lot#: 44474062

Outdoor decorations: solar lights in metal sculpture, birdhouse, solar lighthouse, lady bug house

and rain gauge. All items on bench in front patio

Lot#: 44474063

Sunbeam Grill Master propane grill with side burner and utensils. Needs cleaning.


Lot#: 44474064

(3) metal signs, Firefighter Parking Only and (2) No Parking Fire Lane. 3 pieces.


Lot#: 44473931

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Lot#: 44473932

Wood dresser with mirror, 9 drawers. Dresser 30inHx64inWx18inD, mirror 44inx32in

Matches Lots 2 and 3. Items on top are NOT included.

Lot#: 44473933

Wood dresser/storage cabinet, 5 drawers, 52InHx38inWx13inD

Matches Lots 1 and 3

Lot#: 44473934

Wood headboard 78InH, metal rails, and bed set 72inW, Serta Perfect Day.

Matches Lots 1 and 2. Bedding, linens, pillows NOT included.

Lot#: 44473935

(3) upholstered high back chairs, 2 are matching. All 3 pieces


Lot#: 44473936

Bedding, comforter, linens, throw pillows, bedspread, bed skirt. All on bed. Bedding fits on lot #3


Lot#: 44473937

Table lamp, jewelry box, ladies watches, perfume bottle, lipstick cases, fabric jewelry carrier.

All contents on top of dresser. Dresser not included.

Lot#: 44473938

Large assortment of mens ties, holiday and novelty, Irvine Park leather jacket, Size XXXL Big,

Barrington mens wool and cashmere dress coat, size unknown, suit jackets, some wool, some with matching pants, Basics, Corporate Casuals, John Blair, Croft and Barrow, Linea, Burt Pulitzer, Jones New York, Robert Allen, Finchley, hangers. Contents of closet.

Lot#: 44473939

Bathroom rugs, tissue cover, soap dispenser, wind chimes, fish themed decorations.

book, light house decoration, candles, throw rug and matching hallway rug 83inx24in. Everything on counter in bathroom plus entry rug.

Lot#: 44473940

MN Twins seat cushion, insecticides, bug repellent, Hoover Brush Vac, broom/dust pan,

flashlights, work gloves, furniture movers. All contents of hall closet.

Lot#: 44473941

Wood dresser/storage cabinet, 3 drawers, 31inHx40inWx17inD, (2) table lamps and

metal birdhouse decoration. Cabinet and all items on top. Lots 10-14 are upstairs.

Lot#: 44473942

Holiday/Christmas items, rugs, framed pictures, plush animals, dolls, games, and books.

All items on floor in corner and under window. Lots 10-14 are upstairs.

Lot#: 44473943

Collector spoons and wood wall display racks, matchbooks, and centerpiece bowl.

Lots 10-14 are upstairs.

Lot#: 44473944

Table linens, briefcase, bags, hair dryers, wicker baskets, napkin holders, sewing board.

All items in closet and on floor outside of closet. Lots 10-14 are upstairs.

Lot#: 44473945

Wood and glass shelf, lighted, 2 adjustable glass shelves, 74inHx32inWx17inD.

Lots 10-14 are upstairs.

Lot#: 44473946

Wilsons Leather suede ladies jacket with matching gloves, Jordache ladies fur coat, size unknown,

Pure Virgin Wool ladies poncho, made in Uruguay, size unknown, ladies purple cover/jacket, size unknown, handbags, ladies gloves, ladies straw hats. All items on recliner. Recliner is NOT included.

Lot#: 44473947

Flexsteel recliner, believe leather, blue


Lot#: 44473948

Firefighter decorative items, figurines, framed prints, wood fire engine, hat, plush toy,

Bearcat 210 scanner, Sony alarm clock/radio, Emerson Research SmartSet alarm clock/radio, die cast Amoco vintage car bank, Steerable Riding Mower bank, 1/16, toy cars/trucks, and wood book shelf with 2 adjustable shelves. Book shelf and all contents on and by it.

Lot#: 44473949

(2) Painted wood chairs with rattan seats and childs wood rocking chair. 3 pieces.


Lot#: 44474000

Orion television/VHS player, with remote, mfg July 1999, Model TVCR1322

Lots57-74 are located in upstairs of garage.

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