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Thursday January 17, 2019 | Barrie, ON. CA. L4M4S4
Terms and Conditions - ALL SALES ARE FINAL - THERE IS NO BID REVERSALS OR REFUNDS. ITEMS ARE NOT AUTHENTICATED AN/OR GUARANTEED. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BIDDER TO BID WITH DISCRETION. ALL CREDIT CARDS WILL BE CHARGED AT NOON THE BUSINESS DAY FOLLOWING THE AUCTION CLOSE. Our best efforts are made to represent all items accurately in descriptions and photographs; however, all items are ultimately sold on an 'as is, where is' basis, with all faults. We strongly encourage all bidders to personally verify the condition of each item before bidding and bid with discretion. To be able to participate in this Auction REGISTRATION & IDENTIFICATION: At the time of registration, we collect information about you to verify who you are before you can bid. We collect credit card information to ensure that you are a qualified buyer. All bidders must be of legal age to bid. In the event that you are not comfortable (or can't ie. no credit card) with registering online you may enter bids in person at our facility. Bids must be in writing and are legally binding just the same. We will upload bids on your behalf in this scenario. PAYING FOR YOUR PURCHASES: There is no cost to register for an auction (Up to $1 may be charged to validate your card by Auctionflex the first time you register). Your credit card will not be charged unless you win and do not pay within the pick up period. When an auction closes, if you are the winner, you must attend during the allotted Pick up time frame where you may pay cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Debit. If you do not pick up during the allotted time, we will charge your credit card with the winning bid amount, plus applicable Buyer's Premium and taxes, and the first days storage fee as stated in terms of auction. If your purchases exceed your credit card limit, your card will be charged a deposit up to its maximum with the balance due in 24 hours from auction close either in person at our facility or by wire transfer. REVIEWING YOUR BIDS: During an auction you can check the status of your bids at anytime. Note that no bids can be withdrawn after the auction for any reason. All items are sold as is, where is, with all faults with no guarantees that any item is fit for a particular use. Descriptions are of opinion only and will be done as accurately as our immediate knowledge permits, but not to be deemed laudable. We strongly recommend attending the previews if available on any and all auctions. All bids are legally binding and enforceable in Ontario, Canada. BIDDING NOTIFICATIONS: You can choose to be notified by e-mail during the auction if you have been outbid. Please note that outbid notifications are NOT sent out during the last two hours of the sale. REMOVAL : All items are sold in place. Buyers are responsible to remove items in a good workmanlike manner. Any plumbing must be shut off before being disconnected and any electrical that is disconnected must be capped. You must bring any and all tools, equipment and labour required to disconnect and remove any items you purchase. We will only have security on site that will not assist in any way with removal. Please plan ahead and come prepared. Any items not removed by the times shown will be deemed abandoned regardless of the price. WINNING NOTIFICATION & INVOICING: All winning bidders will receive an e-mail invoice within 24 hours of the auction closing. PICKUPS & REMOVALS: Dates and times for pickup will be posted on our website. Do not bid if you are unable to have your items picked up during the allotted pick up times. Any item not picked up during the posted pickup times will be considered an abandoned item. Late pick-ups will be charged $10.00 per day. If you require shipping, please contact us ensuing the auction close to solidify arrangements. Items are sold as is, where is, with all faults. If you abandon an item, your credit card will be charged for the purchase price of the item plus the cost to remove, transport and dispose the item. CONDITIONS OF ITEMS SOLD & OUR ONLINE CATALOGUE: Our best efforts are made to represent all items accurately in descriptions and photographs; however, all items are ultimately sold on an 'as is, where is' basis, with all faults. We strongly encourage all bidders to personally verify the condition of each item during the scheduled preview times. We do not authenticate signatures on celebrity or sports memorabilia. No responsibility is assumed by Vintage Barn Auctions or the seller for any errors or omissions. Jewelry appraisals are always an insurance value replacement and are for informational purposes only. Values of any items are typically MSRP which is a manufacturer's suggested retail price, some items sell in the market for significantly below the MSRP. CLAIMS: No claims regarding goods purchased will be allowed. Bidders are reminded that all goods are sold on an 'as is, where is' basis, with all faults. RISK TO PERSON AND PROPERTY: BY REGISTERING AS A BUYER, YOU AGREE THAT WE ARE NOT LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THE ITEMS YOU PURCHASED, YOUR OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY, OR FOR INJURY OR DEATH. Please take care of yourself and your items as you have released us from liability. We will not be liable for damage or injury to individuals or their property. ADDITIONS & DELETIONS: We reserve the right to remove and/or add lots and/or items to the sale at any point during the auction.BUYERS: The BUYER expressly agrees to indemnify and save Vintage Barn Auctions., the Seller and their assigns harmless from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damage or liability, directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from an act, including the negligent acts or omissions of Vintage Barn Auctions., or anyone acting in his/her behalf in connection with or arising out of auction. All bidders/buyers must be of legal age.RESERVE: Seldom are items sold with Reserve. If an item is being sold with a reserve, it will be clearly marked and identified. For items sold with a 'reserve', you will be required to pay a minimum amount in order to win the item.AUCTION RECORDS: In the unlikely event of a dispute, you agree to accept as true the information that we have in our records. SOFT CLOSE: Items close at regular intervals. To prevent a bidder from 'sniping', all bids made in the last minute of the auction will force an item to stay open for an additional 4 minutes. This will continue until all bidding has ceased. STRATEGY: Bidding is similar to Ebay type auctions, we recommend that ALL BIDDERS put in their maximum bid when placing a bid online. This does not mean you will have to pay the amount you bid; you only pay one bid more than the next highest bid, and only up to your maximum bid. The software system will play out the bids as you would at a live auction and only uses the funds required to beat out the underbidder at the prescribed bid increment. CATALOGUE ERRORS & OMISSIONS: If a description does not match a picture in a lot, the description takes precedence. All items are sold on an 'as is, where is' basis, with all faults. In the event an item was listed in error or an item can't be located during pick up for any reason, the bidder agrees that their maximum recourse is a full refund of the item in question and that all other items bid on remain binding. By bidding you are acknowledging agreement with the terms above.Do not bid unless you agree to all of these terms.DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES RELATING TO THE ITEMS FOR SALE, WHETHER ARISING UNDER STATUTE, OR IN TORT, OR BY IMPLICATION OF LAW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Some states prohibit the disclaimer of implied warranties in consumer sales, so part of the preceding disclaimer may not apply to you. WE DO NOT WARRANT THAT OUR ONLINE BIDDING SERVICE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR FREE OR THAT ERRORS IN SOFTWARE OR ONLINE CONTENT WILL BE CORRECTED.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THOSE ARISING FROM THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE OUR SERVICE OR THE STATEMENTS OR CONDUCT OF ANY THIRD PARTY USING OUR SERVICE. Some states prohibit the exclusion of special, incidental or consequential damages, so part of the preceding limitation may not apply to you. TO THE EXTENT THAT WE ARE HELD LIABLE TO YOU, OUR AGGREGATE LIABILITY FOR ANY EXPENSES, LOSSES OR DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE OUR SERVICE WILL NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT PAID (OR PAYABLE) BY YOU TO US UNDER THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY REFLECTS THE ALLOCATION OF RISK BETWEEN YOU AND US.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Vintage Barn Auctions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

3 Kiss Vinyl Records

Lot#: 2

Neil Young Harvest Vinyl Record

Lot#: 3

Meatloaf Bat Out Of Hell Vinyl Record

Lot#: 4

Supertramp Breakfast In America Vinyl Record

Lot#: 5

Billy Joel Glass Houses Vinyl Record

Lot#: 6

Queen The Game Vinyl Record

Lot#: 7

Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Vinyl Record

Lot#: 8

The Pointer Sisters Vinyl Record

Lot#: 9

Van Halen Women & Children First Vinyl Record

Lot#: 10

Alice Cooper Love It To Death Vinyl Record

Lot#: 11

Samsung Galaxy S III Otter Box

Lot#: 12

Kundo Anniversary Clock

Lot#: 13

Factory Sealed Star Trek Collectibles

Lot#: 14

Plate Full Of PlayStation Memory Cards & More

Lot#: 15

Crate Full of 30+ Vinyl Records

Lot#: 16

2 Fashion Purses & A Basket

Lot#: 17

Collection Of NHL Ed Belfour Hockey Cards

Lot#: 18

Collection of NHL Mike Modano Cards

Lot#: 19

Collection Of NBA Hakeem Olajuwon Cards

Lot#: 20

Collection Of NHL Sergei Fedorov Cards

Lot#: 21

Collection Of Card Display Cases

Lot#: 22

1977 OPC NHL Autographed Bobby Orr Card

Lot#: 23

New NHL Score Light

Lot#: 24

Vintage Bally Jumbo Belgium Slot Machine

Lot#: 25

Dresser/Mirror/Cabinet Combo

Lot#: 26

1989 Blue Jays Sports Illustrated All Stars

Lot#: 27

Hangable Wooden Mirror

Lot#: 28

Architectural Salvage Retro Electric ?R"

Lot#: 29

Architectural Salvage Decor

Lot#: 30

Collection Of VHS Movies & A VHS Video Rewinder

Lot#: 31

8 HotWheels Cars& Trucks

Lot#: 32

Vintage Ceramic Donkey With Cart

Lot#: 33

10x25mm Golfscope And Instructions

Lot#: 34

Dish By Nelson Ware, Made In England

Lot#: 35

Oyster Dish With Gold Rim By Carlton Ware ?Rouge

Lot#: 36

1975 Royal Copenhagen Denmark ?Mothers Day: Plate

Lot#: 37

Vintage Noritake Hand Painted Bowl

Lot#: 38

Vintage Noritake Hand Painted Plate

Lot#: 39

Vintage Plate Of Lieut-Col RSS Baden-Powell

Lot#: 40

Rucanor Bicycle Air Pump

Lot#: 41

6 Vintage 8 Tracks

Lot#: 42

6 Retro 8 Tracks

Lot#: 43

6 Vintage 8 Tracks

Lot#: 44

Collection Of 5 Avon Cologne Bottles

Lot#: 45

1998 Precious Moments Statue With Snowglobe

Lot#: 46

3 Piece Decorative Canister Set

Lot#: 47

Decorative Stein

Lot#: 48

Marian Gaborik Mini Figure

Lot#: 49

LG Cam Plus

Lot#: 50

Wood Framed Faded Jeans Plaques

Lot#: 51

Hanging Overhead Light Fixture

Lot#: 52

1990 Donruss Baseball, Over 800 Cards

Lot#: 53

1999 Team Collectible Carolina Hurricanes Zamboni

Lot#: 54

Antique Framed Mirror

Lot#: 55

Collection Of Vintage Wooden Frames

Lot#: 56

Tori Amos Under The Pink Plaque

Lot#: 57

Lovely Framed Tree & House Print

Lot#: 58

Legends Of The Wild West, Buffalo Bill

Lot#: 59

Collection Of Various Home Items Including Decor

Lot#: 60

Antique 'The Song Of Wonder' Music Book

Lot#: 61

3 Pc Avon Delft Blue Bathroom Set

Lot#: 62

Coca Cola Glass & Tin

Lot#: 63

Disney Character Figurines

Lot#: 64

Disney Mickey & Minnie Personalised Wall Plaques

Lot#: 65

James Beam Distilling Cat Style Decanter

Lot#: 66

1996 Pinnacle NHL Cards

Lot#: 67

The Big Box Of Monster Garage

Lot#: 68

George Michael I Want Your Sex Vinyl Record

Lot#: 69

Cheap Trick Dream Police Vinyl Record

Lot#: 70

Burton Cummings Dream of a Child Vinyl Record

Lot#: 71

1971 Fisher Price Doll School

Lot#: 72

Mercury Quality Juice Extractor Appliance

Lot#: 73

Two-In-One Sheet Water Paintings Signed By Artist

Lot#: 74

Horse Image On Canvas With Creative Native Style

Lot#: 75

Tom Brady New England Patriot Card Display

Lot#: 76

Canada Geese?s Print Numbered 79/350

Lot#: 77

1997 Canadian Skater Elvis Stojko Autographed &

Lot#: 78

1991 The Sun Never Set1446/1500

Lot#: 79

1987 Home 629/1000 Signed By D Morgan

Lot#: 80

Black&Decker All In One Bread Maker

Lot#: 81

10kt Yellow Gold Cross Earrings

Lot#: 82

Sterling Letter Carriers Vintage Pin With A Beaver

Lot#: 83

Pocket Knife With Bear Scene

Lot#: 84

2007 Life Magazine, Remembering Grace

Lot#: 85

Collection Of Toronto Blue Jays Pins 1992-93

Lot#: 86

Caravelle By Bulova Ladies Watch

Lot#: 87

Collection Of Nerf Rebelle Water Guns

Lot#: 88

Beautiful Stained Glass Photo Frame

Lot#: 89

5 Genuine Bone China Tea Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 90

3 Sports Themed Posters

Lot#: 91

Retro Fiberglass Refinished Chairs

Lot#: 92

Wooden Chair With Blue & Black Checkered Pattern

Lot#: 93

YAK Stand

Lot#: 94

Shakespeare Fishing Rod & Reel

Lot#: 95

Fishing Reels, Scale, & Line

Lot#: 96

MotoMaster Hot Wash

Lot#: 97

Power Relaxer Excersize Machine

Lot#: 98

Vintage Winner International The Club Steering

Lot#: 99

Tin Tonka Toy Truck

Lot#: 100

Collection Of Hotwheels & More

Lot#: 101

Collection Of NBA Karl Malone Cards

Lot#: 102

Collection Of NHL Joe Sakic Cards

Lot#: 103

Collection Of NHL Cam Neely

Lot#: 104

Collection Of MLB George Brett Cards

Lot#: 105

1992-1993 NHL Sticker Album

Lot#: 106

Three PC Games, Rainbow Six & More

Lot#: 107

DC Comics Aquaman Issue #20

Lot#: 108

Designer Earrings- Two Pairs

Lot#: 109

Silver 925 Heart Link T-Bar Bracelet

Lot#: 110

Inlay Silver Art Deco Ring

Lot#: 111

Local Blue Mountain Pottery Collector Pieces

Lot#: 112

Elvis ? Hound dog Bop ? Limited Edition Musicial

Lot#: 113

1964 Beatles B&W Paul McCartney 3rd Series #123

Lot#: 114

Muhammad Ali 12x15 Licensed Photo With COA

Lot#: 115

Lucas 20th Century Fox Movie Advertisment

Lot#: 116

20 Century Fox Advertisment Package! Including 3

Lot#: 117

20th Century Fox Marketing Movie Package

Lot#: 118

2 Hello Kitty Themed Posters

Lot#: 119

Famous People Mashup Poster

Lot#: 120

3 Superhero Themed Posters

Lot#: 121

Marksman 2015 Model 2015 Laserhawk BB Gun

Lot#: 122

NHL Canadian Greats 1859/2994 By Lorne Winters

Lot#: 123

1780s Shillings Reproductions

Lot#: 124

4 Superman Prints

Lot#: 125

And Away We Go Arnold Palmer & Jack Gleason

Lot#: 126

Chystler Celebrity Classic Framed Print 294/450

Lot#: 127

Black And Red Katana

Lot#: 128

Box Of Canopy Club Rock Tea Lights

Lot#: 129

Box Of Photo Frames

Lot#: 130

Large Vintage Coca-Cola Sign

Lot#: 131

Victorian Flow Blue Gravy Boat

Lot#: 132

1970 Ontario License Plate 569-22K

Lot#: 133

7 Piece Vintage Blue Enamelware Camping Set

Lot#: 134

Decorative Jug With Landscape Illustration

Lot#: 135

Vintage Millefiori Cucchi Glass Decanter

Lot#: 136

Jennie Blue Glass Decanter Set

Lot#: 137

Baby Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant

Lot#: 138

Vintage Railroad Books & Magazines

Lot#: 139

Vintage Train Car Set With Controllers

Lot#: 140

Box Filled With Assorted Baseball Cards

Lot#: 151

3 Superhero Themed Posters

Lot#: 152

3 Superhero Themed Posters

Lot#: 153

3 Comic Themed Posters

Lot#: 154

3 Comic Themed Posters

Lot#: 155

3 Video Game Themed Posters

Lot#: 156

3 Car Posters

Lot#: 157

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 23 Comics

Lot#: 158

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 21 Comics

Lot#: 159

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 13 Comics

Lot#: 160

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 19 Comics

Lot#: 161

Bob Clarke Rookie Card Unslabbed OPEECHEE 195

Lot#: 162

Alan May OPeeChee Autographed #57 Hockey Card

Lot#: 163

3 Autographed Curtis Joseph Hockey Cards

Lot#: 164

Johnny Bower, Tim Horton, Darryl Sittler Portrait

Lot#: 165

8 Portrait Prints Of The Greats Of Hockey

Lot#: 166

3 portrait Prints Of MLB Greats! Babe Ruth, Lou

Lot#: 167

SR-71 BlackBird Stealth Jet Prints

Lot#: 168

Large World Map & Various Local City Maps & A

Lot#: 169

Photographic Title Set

Lot#: 170

Various Records Including Elvis Vol 3

Lot#: 171

Antique Wood & Metal Detailed Frame

Lot#: 181

Custom Painted Hanging chandelier A2

Lot#: 182

Large Wooden Display Case

Lot#: 183

Skyline Collection Trendy Fashion Necklace &

Lot#: 184

Deluxe Satin Walnut Hostess

Lot#: 185

Vintage Betty Taplin Beater & Silver Plated

Lot#: 186

Vintage Silver Clip Bracelet

Lot#: 187

Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Ring

Lot#: 188

2 Leather Horse Wallets

Lot#: 189

1991 Star Pics Pro Prospects Football Cards

Lot#: 190

2 Nintendo Wii Video Games Including Super Mario

Lot#: 191

Paul Kariya Gold Foil Rink Collection

Lot#: 192

1999 Fleer NFL Carolina Panthers Card & CarTeam

Lot#: 193

1989 Topps Football Factory Set Sealed, Please

Lot#: 194

Ruby Pendent 24?? Gold Plated Chain

Lot#: 195

Vintage Eatons Housewares Dutch Oven

Lot#: 196

Cosmopolitan World Map.

Lot#: 197

Beautiful Acrylic Frammed Painting

Lot#: 198

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 14 Comics

Lot#: 199

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 9 Comics

Lot#: 200

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 17 Comics

Lot#: 201

NHLPA/NHL Authentic Dressing Room Photo

Lot#: 202

Beautiful Glass Serving Tray

Lot#: 203

Cheap Trick At Budokan Vinyl Record

Lot#: 204

Rush Moving Pictures Vinyl Record

Lot#: 205

Alice Cooper Killer Vinyl Record

Lot#: 206

4 45RPMs Including Billy Idol

Lot#: 207

John Waite No Brakes Vinyl Record

Lot#: 208

The Band Rock Of Ages In Concert Vinyl Record Set

Lot#: 209

Collection Of Great Men Of Music Records

Lot#: 210

Beautiful Vintage Blue Window.

Lot#: 211

3 Golfbage With 16 Clubs and A Carrier!!

Lot#: 212

Brand New Self Coiling Water Hose

Lot#: 213

New In Box Quartz Halogen Floodlight

Lot#: 214

New in Box Ryobi Detail Sander

Lot#: 215

Dewalt Cored Drill With Case Tested and works

Lot#: 216

3/4 Drive SAE Chrome Socket Wrench Set

Lot#: 217

Brand New LoCo Power Mid Launch 5 Golfball Set

Lot#: 218

Brand New Motomaster Jumper Cable Set

Lot#: 219

Hot Glue and Bungee Collection

Lot#: 220

Brand New Power Fist Drill Press Roller Stand

Lot#: 221

Royal Doulton Figurine

Lot#: 222

Reese Towpower 5-1/4 Drop 2? Ball Tow

Lot#: 223

Fishing and Boat Lot!!!!

Lot#: 224

Brand New Door Locking System

Lot#: 225

Vintage Tackle Box Full of Vintage Lures!!!

Lot#: 226

3 Music Themed Posters

Lot#: 228

Roy Rogers ?Happy Trails? Print

Lot#: 229

Hank Williams Print

Lot#: 230

Beautiful Wood Grain Print

Lot#: 231

Beautiful Vintage Framed Painting

Lot#: 241

2008-09 Victory Rookie Cards

Lot#: 242

2011-12 Score Hot Rookies Cards

Lot#: 243

2001 Topps Reserve Niklas Hagman Graded Rookie

Lot#: 244

2000-01 UpperDeck Ice Marty Turco #69 Graded

Lot#: 245

2 Jerome Bettis Rookie Cards

Lot#: 246

1978-79 Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 247

3 1981-82 OPC Rookie Cards

Lot#: 248

1974-75 Collectible OPC NHL Cards

Lot#: 249

Billy Smith OPC #82 Rookie Card

Lot#: 250

Collectible Larry Bird NBA Rookie Cards

Lot#: 291

Collectible Carmelo Anthony NBA Cards

Lot#: 292

Collectible Shaquille O?Neal NBA Cards

Lot#: 293

Collectible NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 294

Andy Moog OPC #120 Rookie Card

Lot#: 295

2 Summit Series Cards, Bobby Clarke & Stan Mikita

Lot#: 296

6 Collectible Gordie Howe NHL Cards

Lot#: 297

1976-77 Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 298

2005-06 Parkhurst Rookies Cards

Lot#: 299

20 2013-14 Score Rookies

Lot#: 300

Collectible NFL Coins

Lot#: 301

Chief Hector Print

Lot#: 302

Box Filled With Assorted NHL Cards

Lot#: 303

Box Filled With Assorted Sports Cards

Lot#: 304

Canada Collection Miniature Wooden Ducks

Lot#: 305

Surf Buggy 1/20 Model Kit

Lot#: 306

3 Sports McFarlane Figures

Lot#: 307

3 McFarlane Sports Figures

Lot#: 308

3 McFarlane Sports Figures

Lot#: 309

Fun Assortment Of Collectibles

Lot#: 310

Tiger Woods Framed Photograph

Lot#: 311

Box Filled With Approximately 600 NFL Cards

Lot#: 312

Box Filled With Approximately 700 MLB Cards

Lot#: 313

Topps NHL Picks ?96-97 Cards In Box (Opened)

Lot#: 314

2 Boxes Of Spaulding Tour Edition Golf Balls

Lot#: 315

Commercial Chip Rack

Lot#: 321

Tiger Woods Framed Photographed

Lot#: 322

Detroit Red Wings Print On Wood

Lot#: 323

Martin Brodeur/Curtis Joseph Print On Wood

Lot#: 324

Large Framed Landscape Image

Lot#: 325

Framed Landscape Print

Lot#: 326

Multi Piece Jewelry And Accessories

Lot#: 327

Assorted Accessories

Lot#: 331

Fog Devils Team Set

Lot#: 332

4 Junior Seau 1990 Draft Rookie Cards

Lot#: 333

2000-01 UpperDeck Vintage Rookies

Lot#: 334

2013-14 OPC Rookie Cards

Lot#: 335

OPC Marquee Rookie Cards

Lot#: 336

OPC 2008-09 Rookie Marquee NHL Cards

Lot#: 337

2008-09 UpperDeck MVP Rookie Cards

Lot#: 338

2007-08 OPC Marquee Rookie Cards

Lot#: 339

2001-02 Parkhurst Rookies

Lot#: 340

2009-10 OPC Marquee Rookie Cards

Lot#: 341

14 Collectible Mario Lemieux NHL Cards

Lot#: 342

13 Collectible Patrick Roy NHL Cards

Lot#: 343

25 Collectible Steve Yzerman NHL Cards

Lot#: 344

20 Collectible Ken Griffey Jr MLB Cards

Lot#: 345

12 Collectible Eric Lindros NHL Cards

Lot#: 346

19 Collectible Dominik Hasek NHL Cards

Lot#: 347

17 Collectible John Leclair NHL Cards

Lot#: 348

Collectible Teemu Selanne NHL Cards

Lot#: 349

20 Score Hot Rookies 2011-12

Lot#: 350

27 Collectible Roberto Alomar MLB Cards

Lot#: 379

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 11 Comics

Lot#: 380

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 15 Comics

Lot#: 391

30 Collectible Mark McGwire MLB Cards

Lot#: 392

18 Collectible Frank Thomas Cards

Lot#: 393

38 Collectible Will Clark MLB Cards

Lot#: 394

25 Collectible Dominik Hasek NHL Cards

Lot#: 395

Collectible Eric Lindros NHL Cards

Lot#: 396

Collectible Magic Johnson NBA Cards

Lot#: 397

Collectible Larry Bird NBA Cards

Lot#: 398

24 Collectible Isiah Thomas NBA Cards

Lot#: 399

Collection Of Patrick Ewing NBA Cards

Lot#: 400

Collection Of Dave Winfield MLB Cards

Lot#: 421

1980s Collectible NHL Stars Cards

Lot#: 422

John Vanbiesbrouck & Theoren Fleury Rookie Cards

Lot#: 423

Collectible Montreal Canadiens NHL Cards

Lot#: 424

Collectible 1972-73 NHL Cards

Lot#: 425

Collectible Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Cards

Lot#: 426

Collectible Ray Allen NBA Cards

Lot#: 427

Collectible NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 428

Collectible NHL Stars Cards

Lot#: 429

Collectible NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 430

Collectible NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 431

Collection Of Matchbox Car/Truck Models

Lot#: 432

Collection Of Wrestling Figurines & Accessories

Lot#: 433

1987 Calrab California Raisons Collectible

Lot#: 434

Collection Of Pavel Bure NHL Cards

Lot#: 435

Collection Of Mike Modano NHL Cards

Lot#: 436

Jaromir Jagr Collection Of NHL rads

Lot#: 437

Ryne Sandberg Collectible MLB Cards

Lot#: 438

Lion King POG Slammers

Lot#: 439

Jose Canseco Collectible MLB Cards

Lot#: 440

Teemu Selanne Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 441

77 Collectible Kirby Puckett MLB Cards

Lot#: 442

57 Collectible Cal Ripken Jr MLB Cards

Lot#: 443

56 Ozzie Smith Collectible MLB Cards

Lot#: 444

Collection Of 64 Rickey Henderson Cards

Lot#: 445

50 Darryl Strawberry MLB Cards

Lot#: 446

50 Collectible Barry Bonds MLB Cards

Lot#: 447

14 Collectible Nolan Ryan MLB Cards

Lot#: 448

44 Collectible Don Mattingly MLB Cards

Lot#: 449

20 Score Hot Rookies 2011-12

Lot#: 450

30 Collectible Joe Carter MLB Cards

Lot#: 451

Nicklaus Lidstrom Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 452

Cam Neely NHL Card Collection

Lot#: 453

Jeremy Roenick Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 454

1991 Fleer MLB Team Logo Stickers

Lot#: 455

Collection Of David Robinson NBA Cards

Lot#: 456

John LeClair NHL Cards

Lot#: 457

Curtis Joseph NHL Cards

Lot#: 458

Brett Hull Collection Of 30+ NHL Cards

Lot#: 459

Charles Barkley NBA Collectible Cards

Lot#: 460

Scottie Pippen NBA Collection Of Cards

Lot#: 461

Paul Coffey NHL Cards

Lot#: 462

Cecil Fielder MLB Cards

Lot#: 463

LA Lakers Team Set W Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

Lot#: 464

1991 Baseball Superstars Score Cards

Lot#: 465

1991 Arena American Hockey Draft Pick Set

Lot#: 471

4/5 Carat Citrine& Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

Lot#: 473

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Band

Lot#: 474

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 24 Comics

Lot#: 475

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 17 Comics

Lot#: 476

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 23 Comics

Lot#: 477

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 14 Comics

Lot#: 478

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 14 Comics

Lot#: 479

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 12 Comics

Lot#: 480

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 16 Comics

Lot#: 491

Collectible Roger Clemens Cards

Lot#: 492

32 Collectible Bo Jackson MLB Cards

Lot#: 493

66 Collectible Bobby Bonilla MLB Cards

Lot#: 494

20 Hot Rookies Score Cards

Lot#: 495

Stack Of Ray Bourque Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 496

Mark Messier Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 497

55 Tony Gwynn Collectible MLB Cards

Lot#: 498

Chris Chelios Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 499

Steve Yzerman Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 500

Emmitt Smith 1990 Draft Rookie Card

Lot#: 501

Autographed Johnny Bower Framed Photo

Lot#: 502

Autographed Darryl Sittler Framed Photo

Lot#: 503

Autographed Mike Palmateer Framed Photo

Lot#: 504

Autographed Wendel Clark Framed Photo

Lot#: 505

Autographed Guy Lafleur Framed Photo

Lot#: 506

1981 OPC Marcel Dionne Card With COA

Lot#: 507

Original Six Hockey Puck

Lot#: 508

Bobby Orr #4 HOF 1976 Hockey Puck

Lot#: 509

Johnny Bower #1 HHOF 1976 Hockey Puck

Lot#: 510

Frank Mahovlich #27 HHOF 1976 Hockey Puck

Lot#: 511

Dave Keon #14 HHOF 1986 Hockey Puck

Lot#: 512

Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Hockey Puck

Lot#: 513

Wayne Gretzky Hockey Puck

Lot#: 514

3 Stanley Cup Champions Coins

Lot#: 515

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Official Game Board

Lot#: 516

5 Different 1970s Borje Salming Cards

Lot#: 517

6 Different 1970s Darryl Sittler Cards

Lot#: 518

March 1976 Totonto Toros WHA Game Program

Lot#: 519

Jan 1976 Toronto Toros WHA Game Program

Lot#: 520

Dell, The Beverly Hillbillies Comic Book

Lot#: 521

Winnipeg Jets Jersey Shirt And Helmet

Lot#: 522

1996 Mcdonalds Montreal Canadiens Placemats

Lot#: 523

7 Wayne Gretzky Post Cereal Boxes

Lot#: 524

Chicago Bears Toque

Lot#: 525

3 Toronto Maple Leafs Patches

Lot#: 526

2 Hardcover Football Books

Lot#: 527

Les Canadiens De Montreal Hard Cover Book

Lot#: 528

Bobby Orr My Story & Shooting Stars Hardcover Book

Lot#: 529

2 Hockey Hardcover Books

Lot#: 530

2 Hardcover Hockey Books

Lot#: 531

The Ice Men Hardcover Book

Lot#: 532

1992 World Series Game Program

Lot#: 533

1993 World Series Game Program

Lot#: 534

1991 All-Star Game Program

Lot#: 535

Team Canada 1972 Coffee Mug

Lot#: 536

2 NY Rangers Toy Zambonis

Lot#: 537

Frank Mahovlich Hand Painted Bobblehead

Lot#: 538

Paul Henderson Hand Painted Bobblehead

Lot#: 539

Serge Savard Hand Painted Bobblehead

Lot#: 540

Steve Yzerman And Sergei Federov Framed Photo

Lot#: 541

Bobby Clark Framed Photograph

Lot#: 542

1991-92 Original Six NHL Card Set (100-Mint)

Lot#: 543

3 Mcdonalds 1991 Team Sets

Lot#: 544

10 Unopened Hockey Card Packs

Lot#: 545

Original 1972 Team Canada Post Card

Lot#: 546

20 Collectible Beatles Cards

Lot#: 547

NHL Player & Team Card Plastic Pogs

Lot#: 548

Carey Price & Robert Luongo Toy & Goalie Masks

Lot#: 549

Wrestling Rumbler & 2010 Vancouver Olympics Mascot

Lot#: 550

Batman Slides

Lot#: 551

New Moosehead Hat

Lot#: 552

Starwars Pogs And Cards

Lot#: 553

2000 All-Star Game Program

Lot#: 554

Desert Storm Waxbox Unopened Packs

Lot#: 555

1989 Esso NHL All Star Collection & Sticker Set

Lot#: 556

Lot Of Hockey Pictures And Post Cards

Lot#: 557

Interview With A Vampire Comic Book

Lot#: 558

The Crow Deadtime Comic Book

Lot#: 559

Original 1972 Los Angeles Sharks WHA Team Photo

Lot#: 560

17 Different NHL 8x10 Photos

Lot#: 561

6 Toronto Maple Leafs 100th Anniversary Rally

Lot#: 562

Toronto Raptors Pennant

Lot#: 563

Team Canada Hockey Pucks

Lot#: 564

2 Crown Royal Team Canada Toques

Lot#: 565

3 Toronto Maple Leafs Toques

Lot#: 566

20 Rock And Roll Cards

Lot#: 567

1980s Hockey Team Sets

Lot#: 568

Montreal Canadiens XL Hockey Jersey

Lot#: 569

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 10 Comics

Lot#: 570

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 37 Comics

Lot#: 581

Shaquille O?Neal Collectible NBA Cards

Lot#: 582

2 1991 Brett Favre NFL Cards

Lot#: 583

Allen Iverson Collectible NBA Cards

Lot#: 584

Collectible NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 585

Collection Of Football Stars Cards

Lot#: 586

Collectible Football Stars Cards

Lot#: 587

Collectible NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 588

Tom Barasso Collectible NHL Cards

Lot#: 589

Collectible Cowboys NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 590

Collectible 49?ers NFL Stars Cards

Lot#: 591

Gift Set Of Jewellery! Necklace, Earrings & Ring

Lot#: 592

Jewellery Gift Set! Including A Necklace,

Lot#: 593

Jewellery Gift Set! Includes Necklace & Ring!

Lot#: 594

Native American Doll With Stand

Lot#: 595

Rare German Gold Plated Fork Set (Set Of 15)

Lot#: 596

Stella & Dot Women?s Watch With Alternate Bezel

Lot#: 597

Ornately Framed Chalkboard

Lot#: 600

3 Sap Buckets

Lot#: 610

Painted Spindle Back Wooden Chair with Suede

Lot#: 611

Two Industrial Style Foldable Bar Stools

Lot#: 612

Two Metal Bar Stools with Cushion

Lot#: 614

4 Floral Print Metal Chairs

Lot#: 615

Hoop Back Dining Chairs

Lot#: 616

Vintage Spindle Back Wooden Rocking Chair

Lot#: 617

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 21 Comics

Lot#: 618

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 12 Comics

Lot#: 619

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 26 Comics

Lot#: 620

Comic Gift Pack Featuring 33 Comics

Lot#: 999

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