Tony Urso Estate #7 of the Picker's Collection

Monday February 18, 2019 | Georgetown, IL. US. 61846
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Lot#: 1

Soft close auction

Lot#: 1a

There is a 10% buyer's premium

Lot#: 1b

Location for this auction

Lot#: 1c

Open house date for this auction

Lot#: 1d

Pick up date for this auction

Lot#: 1e

If you do not pick up your items for this auction

Lot#: 1f


Lot#: 2

The Franklin Mint Antique Car Coin Collection,

Lot#: 3

1776-1976 silver uncirculated 3 coin set

Lot#: 4

1959 Philadelphia mint set with envelope

Lot#: 5

1961 Philadelphia mint set with envelope

Lot#: 6

1961 Philadelphia mint set with envelope

Lot#: 7

1962 Philadelphia mint set with envelope

Lot#: 8

1962 Philadelphia mint set with envelope

Lot#: 9

1963 Philadelphia mint set with envelope

Lot#: 10

1964 Philadelphia mint set with envelope

Lot#: 11

1998 U.S. Mint Premier Silver Proof Set, complete

Lot#: 12

1997 .999 fine silver $100 bill, The Franklin Mint

Lot#: 13

Roll of Kennedy halves, top coin looks like 1979

Lot#: 14

1990 U.S. Mint Prestige Set, 5 coins & Eisenhower

Lot#: 15

1972 Eisenhower proof dollar with box

Lot#: 16

Copy of 1804 Liberty .999 one ounce in case

Lot#: 17

Two Chase Hayworth (1 Troy oz each) circles,

Lot#: 18

1887 Morgan silver dollar

Lot#: 19

3 Peace silver dollars: 1922 - 1923 D - 1925 S

Lot#: 20

Coins with a hole: 1890 Morgan silver dollar -

Lot#: 21

1994 Seasons Greetings 1 Troy ounce ingot with box

Lot#: 22

2 pendants with 2 gr. fine silver .999, 1986

Lot#: 23

1964 silver coins battery operated clock

Lot#: 24

U.S. Commemorative Gallery folders: 2 Ben

Lot#: 25

Bronze Franklin Mint History of the US, 9 cards of

Lot#: 26

Bronze Franklin Mint History of the US, 10 cards

Lot#: 27

Bronze Franklin Mint History of the US, 9 cards of

Lot#: 28

1963 Franklin half dollar in plastic circle

Lot#: 29

Ten Roosevelt dimes - 1903 & 1908 V nickels -

Lot#: 30

Wooden frame with authentic Roman coin - card

Lot#: 31

20th Century coin collection in plastic case -

Lot#: 32

Dwight Eisenhower:1972 D dollar -34th Pres. trial

Lot#: 33

Coins? Medals?: John F. Kennedy 1960-1985 -

Lot#: 34

Coin jewelry: cut out Netherlands head pin - 1861

Lot#: 35

Caesars Palace 1981 $1 gaming token - 1971

Lot#: 36

1936 Good Luck Kenora token (Lake of the Woods,

Lot#: 37

USA 1782-1841 Great Seal? ANNUIT & CCEPTIS on

Lot#: 38

Two war nickels - 7 buffalo nickels

Lot#: 39

Two cards with replica coins of the Bible - one

Lot#: 40

Two 1789 Denver Mint medals in display cases -

Lot#: 41

Red Lil Devil bank full of pennies probably, hard

Lot#: 42

Wheat pennies, unsorted, one is Masonic emblem

Lot#: 43

75 Indian Head pennies, unsorted

Lot#: 44

Four error coins in 2 x 2's as Tony bought them,

Lot#: 45

Pennies w/state outlines added, 1979, he says 48

Lot#: 46

Two key rings? Lincoln cent & Indian head cent, 3"

Lot#: 47

Two Lincoln/Kennedy pennies - 7 mini mini coins

Lot#: 48

Lincoln memorial cent blue booklet w/58 pennies -

Lot#: 49

Paper money: Japanese - France - Canada - Hong

Lot#: 50

4 tokens: Forsyth Lucky Coin - Birth Control (to

Lot#: 50a


Lot#: 51

Foreign coins maybe silver

Lot#: 52

Oriental coins w/hole in center - bimetal coins of

Lot#: 53

Unsorted foreign coins

Lot#: 54

Unsorted foreign coins in wooden cigar box (lid

Lot#: 55

British - Mexican - assorted foreign coins - 1961

Lot#: 56

Turkey mint set - Yugoslavia mint set - Alcoa

Lot#: 57

Two compacts - coin holder - unusual hair comb -

Lot#: 58

Tacks and pins: Olympic - Little League - Girl

Lot#: 59

Necklace and wristwatches - watchband - watch

Lot#: 60

House of Windsor wooden cigar box - Royal Quaker

Lot#: 61

Unusual flashlight - J.C. Higgins hand warmer -

Lot#: 62

Many Honey Creek Greens tokens (golf & baseball) -

Lot#: 63

Humko safe driver pins, 1-2-3-4 years - Sterling

Lot#: 64

Fraternity pins - American Airlines wings pin

Lot#: 65

Plastic round box of "littles"

Lot#: 66

Slide out knife -4 maybe shuttles or hooking tools

Lot#: 67

Worry stones - 3 neck chains - gold filled You are

Lot#: 68

Music box, works - quartz clock, works -

Lot#: 69

Folding fan - furniture nails - paper fasteners -

Lot#: 70

All seeing eye good luck token - flip coin - $1

Lot#: 71

C.E. Thurston ice pick - Peanuts & swim club

Lot#: 72

Long nugget stone necklace and 2 bracelets -

Lot#: 73

Advertising shoe horns & button hooks (Walk Over

Lot#: 74

Danville Metal belt buckle with 3 diamonds and

Lot#: 75

Two magnifiers and a lens

Lot#: 76

Wade eagle and gnome - lion charm in wooden box -

Lot#: 77

Three section ring display with saddle ring and

Lot#: 78

Silver (sterling?) pieces - abalone set bracelet -

Lot#: 79

Money clip - Trojan Hybrids watch chain - Dooney

Lot#: 80

Fort McClellan Alabama license plate topper for

Lot#: 81

USA Veterans of WW I license plate topper

Lot#: 82

4 U.S. medals for good conduct, National Defense

Lot#: 83

WW II US Army brass field compass - US Army metal

Lot#: 84

4 US medals for good conduct, National Defense,

Lot#: 85

U.S. Army Fire Dept. badge - 2 National Police

Lot#: 86

2 U.S. Army Fire Dept. badges

Lot#: 87

7 U.S. Army dental lapel pins - U.S. Army combat

Lot#: 88

WW I commemorative watch fob in hard plastic case

Lot#: 89

Collection of military service bars

Lot#: 90

Military patches

Lot#: 91

30 U.S. military lapel pins, pin backs

Lot#: 92

10 U.S. military lapel pins with screw on backs

Lot#: 93

Sterling: marksman pins - infantry rifle pin - 2

Lot#: 94

Group of marksman badges

Lot#: 95

5 military hat badges

Lot#: 96

U.S.N. sweetheart bracelet - U.S.N. 2 star pin -

Lot#: 97

U.S. Marines badges - 2 Coast Guard pins - Navy

Lot#: 98

2 sets of Navy/Marine uniform buttons - 2 vintage

Lot#: 99

Metal and plastic Army uniform buttons, large size

Lot#: 100

Metal Army uniform buttons, medium & small

Lot#: 100a


Lot#: 101

20+ military lapel pins

Lot#: 102

17 military metal troop pins, enameled

Lot#: 103

2 metal winged shields with mounting tabs - 4

Lot#: 104

8 sterling military insignia pins on counter

Lot#: 105

4 military wings: sterling triple propeller wings-

Lot#: 106

4 wings: Chicago Motor Club school safety patrol -

Lot#: 107

3 pairs of military dog tags

Lot#: 107a

WW II German "tinnies" pins

Lot#: 108

Army sweetheart spoon pin - WW I commemorative

Lot#: 109

2 America Goes to War Pearl Harbor books -

Lot#: 110

Personal scrapbook of military pictures with notes

Lot#: 111

Prisoner of war and combat pictures - USO stage

Lot#: 112

Nice military photo in folding easel frame - glass

Lot#: 113

Civil War re-enactment cap with military and

Lot#: 114

2 watch chains (one w/heart padlock) - 1 military

Lot#: 115

3 medallion coins, high quality memorial coins

Lot#: 116

Westclox Pocket Ben pocket watch, plastic crystal

Lot#: 117

Texas Tech belt buckle - J belt buckle - Hickok

Lot#: 118

Speidel men's bracelet with Fred engraved on it

Lot#: 119

9 Rockefeller metal round lapel pins

Lot#: 120

2 medallion coins, high quality memorial coins

Lot#: 121

DePaolo Patrol Detective Agency badge, 92-56 in

Lot#: 122

P.C. & M. Fraternal Lodge ribboned medal, Ester

Lot#: 123

Keen Kutter scissors - 3 Champion spark plug

Lot#: 124

Cracker Jack prizes: small metal horseshoe - brass

Lot#: 125

Imperial pocket knife money clip - sweetheart

Lot#: 126

Metal bracelet w/blue stones, stretchy - religious

Lot#: 127

World's Fair? transportation building spoon by

Lot#: 128

7 pair of vintage glasses and sunglasses

Lot#: 129

Skelly Jimmie Allen flying cadet wings - Johnson

Lot#: 130

Metal TWA junior pilot wings - 3 Continental

Lot#: 131

Walt Disney plastic shaggy dog - Cracker Jack

Lot#: 132

3 mini padlocks - compass/mirror/magnifier - penny

Lot#: 133

Contents of jewelry parts & pieces: crystals and

Lot#: 134

Illinois grade school ribboned medals - 1931

Lot#: 135

State of Indiana State Police medals and awards

Lot#: 136

National sportsman deer head watch fob - Kellogg's

Lot#: 137

Tokens and medallions: John Harbauer Springfield,

Lot#: 138

4 religious medals and pins (2 made in Germany,

Lot#: 139

Richard M. Nixon President of the United States

Lot#: 140

Coldstream Guard belt buckle, tagged repo - dual

Lot#: 141

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: Herby - Junior Tracy-

Lot#: 142

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: WW II squadron

Lot#: 143

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: WW II squadron

Lot#: 144

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: Uncle Walt - Winnie

Lot#: 145

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: Little King - Smitty-

Lot#: 146

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: Casper - Spud -

Lot#: 147

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: Henry - Tilda -

Lot#: 148

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: WW II squadron

Lot#: 149

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: Cindy - Nina - Emmy -

Lot#: 150

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: Toots - Beezie -

Lot#: 150a


Lot#: 151

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: WW II squadron

Lot#: 152

4 Kellogg's 1940's pep pins: The Captain - Toots -

Lot#: 153

13 issues of Turf Guide ranging from April 1948-

Lot#: 154

Foreign stamps: cancelled and unused - lots of

Lot#: 155

Huge amount of unused stamps: Olympian - Kentucky-

Lot#: 156

More unused stamps: Snoopy - Roadrunner -

Lot#: 157

Stamp albums: Voyager (partial) - Broadway

Lot#: 158

Adventurer fairly full cancelled stamp album -

Lot#: 159

JFK items: newspapers - The Life of Jacqueline

Lot#: 160

First day of issue stamps from 2005 - postcards -

Lot#: 161

Cancelled stamps - unused stamped postcards

Lot#: 162

National Geographic Atlas of the United States,

Lot#: 163

Coca Cola bottle push out card to win 6 bottle

Lot#: 164

Sears, Roebuck & Co. cards - hunter with buck -

Lot#: 165

3 postcard photos: boy dressed as Native American-

Lot#: 166

Black & white farming photos: one with Case

Lot#: 167

Old black & white photos of various subjects

Lot#: 168

Cabinet cards: many nice ones, some smaller

Lot#: 169

Cabinet cards: many nice ones

Lot#: 170

Photo postcards in black and white

Lot#: 171

Black & white photos of musicians including Kedric

Lot#: 172

Black & white photos of precious puppies and

Lot#: 173

Black & white photos: framed football team (no

Lot#: 174

3 blacklight 11 x 14 vintage poster cards

Lot#: 175

2 blacklight 11 x 14 vintage poster cards, one

Lot#: 176

3 blacklight 11 x 14 vintage poster cards

Lot#: 177

3 blacklight 11 x 14 vintage poster cards

Lot#: 178

3 blacklight 11 x 14 vintage poster cards

Lot#: 179

One 11 x 14, two smaller blacklight vintage poster

Lot#: 180

2 blacklight 11 x 14 vintage poster cards, 2 7x11

Lot#: 181

Several small vacation photo sets - old travel

Lot#: 182

2 old "photographs" albums with family photos

Lot#: 183

2 old "snap shot" albums with family photos

Lot#: 184

2 old albums: one is of a house with pictures of

Lot#: 185

Albums: black with photos, rough shape - red is

Lot#: 186

Photos and memorabilia on photo sheets, no album

Lot#: 187

Binder full of Cobb Shinn postcards: Dutch - tar

Lot#: 188

Old postcards: birthday - best wishes - one

Lot#: 189

Old postcards: holidays including Christmas,

Lot#: 190

Old colored travel postcards

Lot#: 191

Newer travel postcards

Lot#: 192

Old postcards of holidays, etc. - all addressed to

Lot#: 193

Old postcards of travels, etc. - all addressed to

Lot#: 194

Old postcards of holidays, etc. - all addressed to

Lot#: 195

Souvenir 1908 booklet from Toner Public School,

Lot#: 196

Travel postcard accordian sets - smaller souvenir

Lot#: 197

Binder of old matchbook covers

Lot#: 198

Wizard calculating machine - boat candy container-

Lot#: 199

Vintage egg beater- hot/cold handles - small llama

Lot#: 200

Advertising lot: Finchum's Feed Store, Ridgefarm -

Lot#: 200a


Lot#: 201

Collection of letter openers, some advertising

Lot#: 202

Old early plastic manicure set - mini Lincoln

Lot#: 203

Panoramic photos: Sunday school convention, Terre

Lot#: 204

Oodles of buttons: countries - Red Cross -

Lot#: 205

Compacts: Avon with rhinestones (NIB) - floral -

Lot#: 206

Compacts: Washington, DC heart - Washington

Lot#: 207

Ford tractor manual - Fordson manual - almanacs -

Lot#: 208

Neighborhood gossip/dream book - US Post Office

Lot#: 209

Milk cards for reorders - S & H green stamps -

Lot#: 210

Advertising: Mel-O-Cream donuts - Texaco - D-X -

Lot#: 211

7 souvenir spoons - 3 letter openers - collection

Lot#: 212

Vintage paper: 1929 Radio Call Book magazine -

Lot#: 213

Vintage university books - Tokyo Japan books - 2

Lot#: 214

1800's mortgage papers - Saipan Daily Target 1946

Lot#: 215

The Perry Pictures 1909 album of book plates

Lot#: 216

Vintage dice with leather shaker cup - vintage tin

Lot#: 217

Daguerreotype of woman in bow collared

Lot#: 218

Daguerreotype of man with curly hair, suit

Lot#: 219

Daguerreotype of woman in bonnet, dark

Lot#: 220

Dual daguerreotype of man and woman, woman

Lot#: 221

Daguerreotype of bearded man in suit in

Lot#: 222

Daguerreotype of bearded stately man in

Lot#: 223

2 daguerreotypes of a man and woman,

Lot#: 224

Daguerreotype of clean shaven man in suit

Lot#: 225

1960's Honeywell desk thermometer for Northrup

Lot#: 226

Johnson Brilliant Bronze metal thermometer, 6.25"

Lot#: 227

1953 Phillips 66 Turner Turnpike Oklahoma

Lot#: 228

1938 Joan of Arc award medallion to Audrey J.

Lot#: 229

2 Kellogg's Pep Air Force Turbo Jet Plane

Lot#: 230

1941 magic book - 1926 Carnegie Children's Storys-

Lot#: 231

"Temp-O-Rine" tamborine by Herco, USA, wood,

Lot#: 232

Pink Lemonade by Coplan Clown book - military

Lot#: 233

Wooden jewelry box - jewelry chest - W. Germany

Lot#: 234

26 piece silverware set in cute brown leatherette

Lot#: 235

5 small showcases: 1 wood with plexiglass - 4

Lot#: 236

Robert Emmet Irish cigar tin box with paper label

Lot#: 237

14K yg ring with row of sapphires, 4 diamonds each

Lot#: 238

Marked 925 band, size 7.5, not diamonds

Lot#: 239

Marked 925 ring, likely a blue topaz, size 7, not

Lot#: 240

Ladies Seiko quartz wristwatch

Lot#: 241

Two quartz ladies wristwatches: Caravelle by

Lot#: 242

Three quartz wristwatches: Fossil with battery on

Lot#: 243

3 necklaces: Napier goldtone with 8 faux pearls -

Lot#: 244

4 goldtone necklaces: Claire's 48" beads - 1928

Lot#: 245

2 silvertone necklaces: triple strand with gray

Lot#: 246

2 sterling bands marked 925, plain size 8, design

Lot#: 247

5 costume rings: leaf, size 9 - beaded band, size

Lot#: 248

Lia Sophia white & pink band ring, size 8.5

Lot#: 249

Sister leather band bracelet - Gloria Duchin 3"

Lot#: 250

Wide bracelets: hammered circles - leaf -

Lot#: 250a


Lot#: 251

Daisy ring watch - Geneva cuff watch - Lavello

Lot#: 252

Ankle or 9" bracelets: 3 silvertone - 1 goldtone

Lot#: 253

5 goldtone pins - 2 goldtone bracelets

Lot#: 254

5 silvertone pins, 5 leaf one is Sarah Coventry -

Lot#: 255

4 silvertone pendant necklaces - extra whale and

Lot#: 256

3 sterling chain necklaces with 1 sterling cross -

Lot#: 257

Goldtone: 2 lockets - 3 pendants on chains - 3

Lot#: 258

3 silvertone pendant necklace & earring sets -

Lot#: 259

Necklace of brown nugget stones, 34"-37" -

Lot#: 260

Leopard - giraffe - butterfly - swirl - Mother

Lot#: 261

White bead necklace, 40 strands, lovely - triple

Lot#: 262

Glass bead 3 strand 16"-19" necklace - 2 hand

Lot#: 263

Black velvet cord necklace - black leather cord

Lot#: 264

6 fashion silvertone quartz wristwatches

Lot#: 265

3 money clips - 2 cross key chains - stainless

Lot#: 266

Masonic pins of all kinds - 1 Eastern Star

Lot#: 267

Quartz wristwatches: Aigner - Times Square -

Lot#: 268

Silvertone: 18"-20" necklace with purple beads &

Lot#: 269

2 necklaces of red & brown stones - 16"-19" NWT

Lot#: 270

Brown bead 5 strand necklace with MOP 3" disc -

Lot#: 271

Pierced earrings: 11 pair red - 8 in browns &

Lot#: 272

16 pair goldtone pierced earrings

Lot#: 273

18 pair silvertone and black pierced earrings

Lot#: 274

16 pair purple/pink pierced earrings

Lot#: 275

Ladybug fob watch - golf pins - blessed money

Lot#: 276

Oyster pearl - puka bead bracelet

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