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Wednesday September 25, 2019 11:15 pm | 8350 Industrial Parkway Suite 1&2, Click N Bid Suite 1&2. Plain City, OH. US. 43064

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33 West to St. Rt. 161, to Industrial Parkway - North. Strip of Warehouses, blue awning, Click N Bid

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No items have been tested at our facility by auction staff.  

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Auction Ohio, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Lot#: 1 - Craftsman Table Saw

3 HP Craftsman Table saw with accessories. Lot includes a handcrafted wooden stand. Item is untested. 10" belt drive. Dust collection system.

Lot#: 2

Lot#: 2 - Radial Arm Saw

Craftsman 10" radial arm saw. Has light, stand. Untested.

Lot#: 3

Lot#: 3 - Vintage Craftsman Drill Press

Vintage Craftsman 150 Drill Press with stand. Great workmanship in this classic. Item is untested but consignor recently used item. This item is very heavy and awkward to carry - please bring loading assistance.

Lot#: 4

Lot#: 4 - Delta Table Sander

Tabletop Delta 4" Belt/6" Disc Sander. Model 31-460 Type 2. This is a 1/3 HP electric motor. Come mounted on a piece of wood. Item is untested.

Lot#: 5

Lot#: 5 - 6 Drawer Metal Chest

Six drawer rolling metal chest by Stack On. Item is marked "Medical" but worked well as a tool chest. Casters roll nicely. Comes with the key to lock the doors.

Lot#: 6

Lot#: 6 - Craftsman Scroll Saw

Craftsman 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw. 5" plain end blade holder and cast iron base. Comes mounted on wood base. Item is untested.

Lot#: 7

Lot#: 7 - Vintage Metal Cigarette Sign

Vintage Winston Cigarette "Enter" metal sign from 1981. Item is in great shape.

Lot#: 8

Lot#: 8 - Table Saw Featherboards

Pair of plastic Featherboards - a safety device when using a table saws or bandsaws

Lot#: 9

Lot#: 9 - 10" Table Saw Blades

Collection of various used 10" table saw blades.

Lot#: 10

Lot#: 10 - Craftsman Router

Craftsman Router - Model 315.175050. Toos is corded. Comes with storage/carrying case. Item powered on.

Lot#: 11

Lot#: 11 - Craftsman Chisel Set

5 Piece Craftsman Chisel Set - No. 36829. Still being stored in their original case. Quality product.

Lot#: 12

Lot#: 12 - Great Neck C Clamps

Set of 4 Great Neck cast iron C clamps.

Lot#: 13

Lot#: 13 - Vintage Camel Cigarette Sign

Vintage Camel Cigarette "Exit" metal sign from 1981. Item is in great shape.

Lot#: 14

Lot#: 14 - Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps 48" clamps with extra pipe. Some with adapters. Assorted.

Lot#: 15

Lot#: 15 - Corded Tool Collection

Collection includes 1/6 HP Craftsman Sheet Sander, Craftsman 1/4 Drill, Porter Cable Rockwell Belt Sander No. 165, and a 5/8" Variable Speed Craftsman Sabre Saw. All items are untested.

Lot#: 16

Lot#: 16 - Soldering Equipment

Lot includes a 7200 Weller Standard Soldering Gun in its original box, a Craftsman soldering iron and some solder. Items are untested.

Lot#: 17

Lot#: 17 - Hand Planers

Lot of hand planers - appear to be vintage. Large on is a Craftsman, two of the smaller ones are marked Stanley with different logos.

Lot#: 18

Lot#: 18 - 10 Drawer Tool Chest

Popular Mechanics 10 drawer locking red tool chest with key. Top opens for additional storage. Several sized drawers to keep everything organized.

Lot#: 19

Lot#: 19 - Craftsman 6" Bench Grinder

Craftsman 10" Bench Grinder with dual wheels and light. Comes mounted to a board base. Item is untested.

Lot#: 20

Lot#: 20 - Hand Saw Group

Collection of various hand saws - something perfect for whatever the job. Some with wooden handles.

Lot#: 21

Lot#: 21 - NIP Tools

Brand new items in unopened packages. Lot includes an Irwin 7 1/4" Pull Saw, Shop Fox Professional Wheel Marking Gauge, and set of 4 Wolfcraft Tapered Plug Cutter Set.

Lot#: 22

Lot#: 22 - Chaselle Chisel Tools

Set of 6 wooden handled vintage Chaselle chisels. Nice variety of ends. Some wear but lots of life left in them.

Lot#: 23

Lot#: 23 - Craftsman Spring Clamps

Craftsman spring loaded heavy duty hand clamps. Variety of sizes.

Lot#: 24

Lot#: 24 - 7.25" Circular Saw Blades

Group of several 7 1/4" circular saw blades along with a plastic blade storage case/carrier. Also a smaller 3 3/8" circular saw blade in original package.

Lot#: 25

Lot#: 25 - Router Bits and Accessories

Two sets of router bits - one in the original package. Nice variety of tips. Also a vintage Craftsman Edge Guide and Contour Finger for use with a router.

Lot#: 26

Lot#: 26 - Auger Drill Bits

Large collection of auger drill bits. All sizes. Some more used than others.

Lot#: 27

Lot#: 27 - 2" Pneumatic Nails

Four unopened packaged of 2500 each - 16 gauge 2" slight head brads from Central Pneumatic.

Lot#: 28

Lot#: 28 - Craftsman Table Saw Extension

Craftsman Table Saw Router Extension - Model No. 171.253511. Includes Owner's Manual.

Lot#: 29

Lot#: 29 - Dado Moulding Insert and Bits

Craftsman Dado/Moulding Head Insert - 22290 in original package, NIP Craftsman Cove and Bead and Triple Bead Moulding Head Cutter Bit Sets, two 7" Craftsman adjustable dado blades.

Lot#: 30

Lot#: 30 - Garage Odds and Ends

All kinds of useful pieces in this lot. Lot includes plumbing, electrical and more.

Lot#: 31

Lot#: 31 - Craftsman 1 3/4 HP Router

Sears Craftsman 1 3/4 HP Router - Model 315.175040. Item is in its original box. Item powered on when turned on. Includes owner's manual.

Lot#: 32

Lot#: 32 - Ideal Tuff Grip Fish Tape

Ideal Tuff-Grip 240 ft. Steel Fish Tape - 240 ft. x 1/8 inch.

Lot#: 33

Lot#: 33 - Corded Tool Group

Variety of corded tools to help with those home projects. Includes a Skil Belt Sander with manual and bag, vintage metal case Craftsman jig saw (cord has been taped), Craftsman 1/2" steel cased drill, and a Cummins sander.

Lot#: 34

Lot#: 34 - Hole Saw Drill Bits

Several sizes of hole saw drill bits. Also an Irwin door handle installation kit.

Lot#: 35

Lot#: 35 - Vintage Salem Cigarette Sign

Neat retro metal Salem cigarette sign from 1981. In nice condition.

Lot#: 36

Lot#: 36 - Router Offset Base

Milescraft Offset Base for use with a router. Lot also includes a Milescraft Bushing set with original packaging.

Lot#: 37

Lot#: 37 - C Clamp Collection

Large group of larger C style clamps. Most marked 4". Makers include Wilton and Bessey.

Lot#: 38

Lot#: 38 - Rasps and Planers

Group of various rasps and hand planers. Two are vintage Stanley. Also a file and wire brush.

Lot#: 39

Lot#: 39 - Drill Bits

Several sets of drill bits (most incomplete) - standard and spade bits. Also some Dremel bits.

Lot#: 40

Lot#: 40 - Workshop Roller Stand

Central Machinery Roller Stand with Two-Leg Support - Model 95621. Weight capacity - 132 lbs. Height adjusts from 26 3/4" - 42 3/4".

Lot#: 41

Lot#: 41 - Portable Workbench

Bench N Vise portable folding work bench. Stands solid.

Lot#: 42

Lot#: 42 - Shop Vac

4.0 HP Shop Vac workshop vacuum with accessories. Previous owner fabricated an exhaust pipe so exhaust blows to the ground. Item is untested.

Lot#: 43

Lot#: 43 - Rivet Nut Clincher Kit

Creative Engineering "The Nutter" rivet nut clincher kit. All organized in a red plastic case. Comes with items seen in the pictures.

Lot#: 44

Lot#: 44 - Hole Saw & Metal Punch Kits

Professional woodworker Hole Saw set - box says 19 piece but appears to be missing a few pieces. Also a Harbor Freight Metal Punch kit - appears to be missing an item.

Lot#: 45

Lot#: 45 - Black & Decker Circular Saw

Black and Decker 7 1/4" corded circular saw in original plastic carrying/storage case. Item is untested.

Lot#: 46

Lot#: 46 - Sanding Belts

Box full of sanding belts - most unused. Majority of belts measure 3" x 18"

Lot#: 47

Lot#: 47 - Fluke Clamp Meter & Heat Gun

Fluke 333 Clamp Meter set, case (worn) & instruction card. Also a Wagner HT1000 Heat Gun. Both items are untested.

Lot#: 48

Lot#: 48 - Ratchet Straps and Staple Guns

Two older ratchet straps in original package that appear to have had little if any use. Both appear to be nylon - one is marked 15ft. Also included are three staple guns.

Lot#: 49

Lot#: 49 - Pneumatic Nails

Group of pneumatic nails. Two boxes of 2500 each 2" brads (one box opened), 1 box of 2500 each 1 1/2 "and 1 1/4" brads and some loose nails as well.

Lot#: 50

Lot#: 50 - Vintage Tool Collection

Neat collection of older vintage tools. Includes a Champion corner vise made in Geneva, Ohio, Hi Test Quality wood level, wooden handle saw marked W. Germany, old wooden depth gauge tools, forging Fulton tool and more.

Lot#: 51

Lot#: 51 - Bench Vises

Pair of older 4" cast iron bench vises/clamps. Screw turns nicely on both and clamp slides as designed. Ready to go.

Lot#: 52

Lot#: 52 - Pipe Clamps

Assorted pipe clamps and adaptors.

Lot#: 53

Lot#: 53 - NIP Planing Tools

New in opened box is a 2" cut Craftsman Bench Plane - No. 37168. New in unopened package is a 3 piece Mini Brass Plane Set from Windsor Design - Item No. 97545

Lot#: 54

Lot#: 54 - Wooden Desk Drawers

Pair of wooden desk bases each with three drawers and pull out work space. These came from an antique roll top desk. Would be great cleaned up with an added stone top or maybe an antique wood slab on top. The pair provides good decorating opportunities.

Lot#: 55

Lot#: 55 - Vintage Hand Drills

Group of 3 older hand drills - one marked Stanley, one with a partial paper label.

Lot#: 56

Lot#: 56 - Assorted Hand Tools

Variety of hand tools including several hammer handles, hammer heads, older axe head and more.

Lot#: 57

Lot#: 57 - Garage Cabinet Cleanout

Lots of doodads and whatchamacallits in this lot. Some electrical, plumbing, hardware and more.

Lot#: 58

Lot#: 58 - Hammers and More

Pair of hammers, older wrenches, box cutters and much more in this lot.

Lot#: 59

Lot#: 59 - 4" Electric Biscuit Joiner

Chicago Electric 4" Biscuit Joiner - item is used but stored in original box. Also a container of Porter Cable plate joining biscuits. Item is untested.

Lot#: 60

Lot#: 60 - Soldering Gun and Engraver

Weller Dual Heat Soldering Gun in original box - Model 8200 with some spools of solder. Also a Wen Pencil Engraver. Items are untested.

Lot#: 61

Lot#: 61 - Coca Cola Metal Trays

Pair of older Coca Cola metal serving trays. Not sure of age. Some surface wear.

Lot#: 62

Lot#: 62 - C Clamps

Group of heavy metal C clamps - appear to be mostly 3" variety. Various makers

Lot#: 63

Lot#: 63 - Pneumatic Sander and Drill

Universal Tool Pneumatic Circular Sander with two rolls of sanding discs. Also a pneumatic drill and some extra air hose with adapter ends. All items are untested.

Lot#: 64

Lot#: 64 - Doweling Jig and Dowels

Lot full of various carpenter dowels and a Stanley Doweling Jig in its original box (opened but minimal use).

Lot#: 65

Lot#: 65 - Wood Clamp Collection

Several styles and sizes of clamps to use in the workshop. Includes two corner clamps.

Lot#: 66

Lot#: 66 - Lighting Collection

Several pieces and parts to install track lighting. Components are untested.

Lot#: 67

Lot#: 67 - NOS Tools

Lot includes a honing guide in unopened package, Reiker Easy Fan Brace - Model 33300, and a Wagner Safe-T-Planer with original paperwork. Last pair of items have opened boxes but appear unused.

Lot#: 68

Lot#: 68 - Workbench with Metal Stand

Metal bench base with wooden door top. Top includes a heavy duty Pony clamp/vise.

Lot#: 69

Lot#: 69 - Pneumatic Tools

Nice lot of pneumatic tools - Cumins Air Palm Nailer, Campbell Hausfeld Air Hammer and a 16 Gauge Brad Finish Nailer. All items are untested.

Lot#: 70

Lot#: 70 - Rockler Corner Clamps

Rockler Corner Clamp system - 4 8" Plastic Corner and 8 tightening clamps.

Lot#: 71

Lot#: 71 - Drill Press Table & Fence

Central Machinery Drill Press Table and Fence - Model 96395. Appears to have little use.

Lot#: 72

Lot#: 72 - Sandpaper Collection

Lot of various grits and types of sandpaper.

Lot#: 73

Lot#: 73 - Black & Decker 360

Black & Decker 360 degrees auto laser level. Untested.

Lot#: 74

Lot#: 74 - Misc. Hardware/Fasteners

Miscellaneous hardware/fasteners. Plumbing supplies.

Lot#: 75

Lot#: 75 - Group of Wire Wheels

Group of wire wheels - various sizes, styles.

Lot#: 76

Lot#: 76 - Survivair Respirator

Survivair Air Purifying Respirator. Untested.

Lot#: 77

Lot#: 77 - Assorted Saw Blades

Assorted saw blades - includes handmade carry.

Lot#: 78

Lot#: 78 - Craftsman Molding Heads

Sears Craftsman Molding Heads.

Lot#: 79

Lot#: 79 - Original Irwin Bits

The Genuine and Original irwin Bits. Older box.

Lot#: 80

Lot#: 80 - Organizing Drawer & Contents

Wooden organizing drawer and contents.

Lot#: 81

Lot#: 81 - Assorted Measuring Tools

Assorted measuring tools - Gomito Universal Square. Older Lufkin Protractor in original box, and more.

Lot#: 82

Lot#: 82 - Forstner Boring Bit Set

Nice set of Forstner Boring bits - sizes 1/4" - 2 1/8". Appear to have had little use. Lot also includes a smaller drill bit set.

Lot#: 83

Lot#: 83 - Large Metal Filing Cabinet

Oversized 3 drawer metal filing cabinet. Great for tool storage.

Lot#: 84

Lot#: 84 - Primitive Wooden Clamp Vice

Primitive wooden clamp vice.

Lot#: 85

Lot#: 85 - Drill Grinding Sanding

Drill Grinding Sanding attachments.

Lot#: 86

Lot#: 86 - Craftsman Hold-Down

Craftsman Hold-Down for bench saws, radial arm saws, and jointers.

Lot#: 87

Lot#: 87 - Trowels

Assorted trowels. Group - some NIP.

Lot#: 88

Lot#: 88 - Mixed Lot

Miscellaneous gadgets and tools for use in the garage.

Lot#: 89

Lot#: 89 - Wooden Folding Tables

Pair of wooden folding tables. Solid and sturdy extra seating or for special projects.

Lot#: 90

Lot#: 90 - Heavy Duty Steel Ramp

Heavy duty steel ramp with textured surface.

Lot#: 91

Lot#: 91 - Platform Dolly Carts

Group of 3 platform floor carts. Includes heavy duty steel construction dolly with heavy duty casters. Also an aluminum cart (slightly bent) and wooden plywood cart.

Lot#: 92

Lot#: 92 - Vintage Toro Table Saw

Vintage Toro Table Saw with a Craftsman motor. Its sitting on a Ryobi base. Heavy duty steel construction. Comes with accessories as seen in the picture.

Lot#: 93

Lot#: 93 - Milwaukee Sawzall

Milwaukee Sawzall with case and blades, manual. Untested.

Lot#: 94

Lot#: 94 - BOSCH Rotary Hammer

BOSCH Rotary Hammer. Case, bit, etc. Untested.

Lot#: 95

Lot#: 95 - Craftsman Router

Craftsman 1/2" Router, case, manual. Untested.

Lot#: 96

Lot#: 96 - NWT Spax Lags

NWT Spax Lags. 1/2 x 5.

Lot#: 97

Lot#: 97 - Hardware Organizer/Contents

Hardware organizer and all the contents.

Lot#: 98

Lot#: 98 - Hardware Organizer/Contents

Hardware organizer and all the contents.

Lot#: 99

Lot#: 99 - Chisel Sets

NIP Buck Bros. 3 piece wood chisel set along with three additional chisels from Master Mechanic.

Lot#: 100

Lot#: 100 - Husky Shop Lights & Stand

Husky dual shop light with stand. Lots of adjustment options with this set. Top height appears to be over 6 feet. Lights are untested.

Lot#: 101

Lot#: 101 - Ryobi Tool Set

Great set of cordless Ryobi 18V tools. Lot includes a 5 1/2" Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Worklight, Lithium Battery Pack and Charger. All comes in the matching heavy duty canvas storage/carrying bag. Tools operated on battery when checked. .

Lot#: 102

Lot#: 102 - Assorted Hardware

Nice variety of hardware in this lot. Includes 8", 5" and 4" carriage bolts, various sizes of nails and all kinds of miscellaneous screws.

Lot#: 103

Lot#: 103 - Craftsman Screwdrivers

Large set of Craftsman flathead and phillips screwdrivers - along with small star head drivers. These appear to have had little use. Comes in this handy plastic box for storage and carrying.

Lot#: 104

Lot#: 104 - Porter Cable Pneumatic Nailer

Porter Cable Pneumatic Finish Nailer with case and instruction manual. One latch broken on case. Nailer is untested.

Lot#: 105

Lot#: 105 - Wire Cutters and Needlenose

Group of wire cutters in various sizes and some needle nose pliers.

Lot#: 106

Lot#: 106 - Kreg Jig K4

Kreg Jig K4 kit. Appears to be complete but cannot guarantee all original contents are included.

Lot#: 107

Lot#: 107 - SPAX Lags

SPAX lags - 1/2 x 6. Amount of items not counted.

Lot#: 108

Lot#: 108 - Craftsman Ship Auger Set

Craftsman Ship Auger Set. 966263.

Lot#: 109

Lot#: 109 - BOSCH Router & Case

BOSCH Router and case. Includes NIP items. Untested.

Lot#: 110

Lot#: 110 - SPAX Lags

SPAX Lags: 3/8 X 5. Amounts of items not counted.

Lot#: 111

Lot#: 111 - BOSTITCH Brad Nailer

BOSTITCH oil-free brad nailer. Includes case, manuals. Untested.

Lot#: 112

Lot#: 112 - Brother P-Touch Label System

Brother P-Touch Label System. Untested.

Lot#: 113

Lot#: 113 - DeWalt 3/8" Electric Drill

DeWalt 3/8" V.S.R. Electric Drill. Includes case and paperwork. Untested.

Lot#: 114

Lot#: 114 - SPAX T-Star Lags

SPAX T-Star Lags. 1/4 x 4. Pieces/parts not counted.

Lot#: 115

Lot#: 115 - Hamilton Beach Grill

Hamilton Beach indoor electric grill. Untested.

Lot#: 116

Lot#: 116 - Drill Doctor

Drill Doctor. Original box. Untested.

Lot#: 117

Lot#: 117 - Jack Stands

Jack Stands. Bottle Jack. Pair of 3 ton vehicle support stands. Untested.

Lot#: 118

Lot#: 118 - Group of RYOBI Tools

Group of RYOBI Tools: 18 volt cordless worklight, Angle Grinder 4 1/2" 18V., 18 Volt Impact Driver P231, Orbital Jig Saw 18 volt cordless P520, Planer P610 18 volt. All items untested. No batteries included.

Lot#: 119

Lot#: 119 - RANE Commercial Processor

RANE CP 52 Commercial Processor. Item appears to be new, but is untested.

Lot#: 120

Lot#: 120 - Assorted Fasteners

An assortment of fasteners. Pieces/parts not counted.

Lot#: 121

Lot#: 121 - Dremel Moto-Tool & Case

Dremel Moto-Tool, case and extras. Untested.

Lot#: 122

Lot#: 122 - Speedbor 2000 Bit Set

Speedbor 2000 wood boring bit set. 88899.

Lot#: 123

Lot#: 123 - Proto Zip Spiral Saw & Case

Proto Zip Spiral Saw, case, paperwork. Extras included. Untested.

Lot#: 124

Lot#: 124 - SPAX Lags

SPAX Lags 1/4 x 4. 3/8". Lots in the box, but not counted.

Lot#: 125

Lot#: 125 - Plastic Bins & Contents

Plastic organizing bins and their contents.

Lot#: 126

Lot#: 126 - Fix It Tool Tote

Fix It 27 piece tool tote. Original packaging.

Lot#: 127

Lot#: 127 - RYOBI Bench Grinder

RYOBI Bench grinder. Original box, includes manual. Untested.

Lot#: 128

Lot#: 128 - Porter Cable Oscillating Tool

Porter Cable 2.5 amp Oscillating Multi-Tool. Includes case, manual, extras. Untested.

Lot#: 129

Lot#: 129 - RYOBI Canister Vac

RYOBI Canister Vac. P3200. Includes manual. Untested.

Lot#: 130

Lot#: 130 - Hardware Organizer/Contents

Hardware organizer and all the contents.

Lot#: 131

Lot#: 131 - Hardware Organizer/Contents

Hardware organizer and all the contents.

Lot#: 132

Lot#: 132 - Brass Door Hinges

Assorted Brass door hinges.

Lot#: 133

Lot#: 133 - Electrical Outlet Boxes

Box full of electrical outlets boxes - various styles. Lot also includes other electrical supplies.

Lot#: 134

Lot#: 134 - Insulated Screwdrivers

Set of Commercial Electric and Milwaukee insulated screwdrivers. Green ones are NIP.

Lot#: 135

Lot#: 135 - Hole Saw Drill Bits

Group of assorted hole saw drill bits. Various sizes. One NIP Milwaukee 1 1/4" bit.

Lot#: 136

Lot#: 136 - DeWalt Clutch Driver/Drill

DeWalt 3/8" cordless driver/drill 14.4V with case and user's manual. Comes with 2 battery packs. Batteries and drill are untested.

Lot#: 137

Lot#: 137 - Wolfcraft Workshop Roller

Wolfcraft adjustable roller for your workshop. Roller heights adjust from 27" - 44". Item folds for easy storage.

Lot#: 138

Lot#: 138 - Craftsman Wrenches

Lot includes 6 piece open ended Craftsman wrenches ranging from 6mm - 19mm. Also 10 piece small set of Craftsman open ended wrenches ranging from 5/32" - 7/16". Also various other wrenches from different makers - assorted sizes.

Lot#: 139

Lot#: 139 - Stanley Rolling Tool Box

Nice plastic Stanley rolling tool box. Lots of compartments for storage of tools, bits, hardware.

Lot#: 140

Lot#: 140 - Assorted Nails and Bins

Lot of assorted nails sorted into plastic bins. Bins match those in lot 125.

Lot#: 141

Lot#: 141 - Tuflex Polyester Slings

Group of 3 Tuflex Liftall polyester slings. All appear to be 6 ft. length. Type BS1-30x

Lot#: 142

Lot#: 142 - Trowels and Floats

Group of trowels and floats for your next flooring or tiling project. Lot also includes a bag tile spacers.

Lot#: 143

Lot#: 143 - Craftsman Wrench Sockets

Several sets of Craftsman wrench sockets with holders.

Lot#: 144

Lot#: 144 - Greenlee Fish Tape

50 ft. x 1/8" Greenlee steel fish tape.

Lot#: 145

Lot#: 145 - Leatherman Pocket Knife/Tool

Nice Leatherman Wave pocket multi-tool/knife set. Items doesn't appear to have had much use. Lots of handy options.

Lot#: 146

Lot#: 146 - Jigsaw and Sawzall Blades

Group of jigsaw blades - various blade cuts and lengths. Most are NIP. Also a group of sawzall blades - includes both new and used.

Lot#: 147

Lot#: 147 - Ryobi Cordless Saw & Drill

Ryobi 18V cordless set includes a circular saw and drill and heavy duty plastic case. Comes with 2 battery packs. Items are untested.

Lot#: 148

Lot#: 148 - Optimus Speakers

Two sets of Optimus speakers. Black set comes with brackets - Model Pro X77. White speakers - Model Pro X5. Both sets are untested.

Lot#: 149

Lot#: 149 - Plastic Organizing Bins

Group of plastic organizing bins - mounting brackets and some miscellaneous hardware.

Lot#: 150

Lot#: 150 - Hard Saw Collection

Nice collection of various styles and sizes of hand saws. One for whatever project you are working on. Brands include Stanley, Marples, Vaughn and more.

Lot#: 151

Lot#: 151 - Aluminum Step Ladder

4 foot aluminum step ladder. Rated to up 200 lbs.

Lot#: 152

Lot#: 152 - Workshop Project Helps

Collection of items to help you with your projects and organizations. Some items are NIP.

Lot#: 153

Lot#: 153 - Craftsman Tool Box

Large Craftsman Professional toolbox with lift out tray.

Lot#: 154

Lot#: 154 - Wood Screw Group

Large collection of wood screws - various styles and sizes.

Lot#: 155

Lot#: 155 - Genie Shop Vac

6 gallon Genie wet/dry shop vacuum. Item is untested.

Lot#: 156

Lot#: 156 - Yard Tools

Lot includes a 3.5 Black Widow Michigan Axe, Ryobi hedge trimmer (no batter), Ryobi weed/grass trimmer (missing the top section of the shaft and tree saw.

Lot#: 157

Lot#: 157 - Long Handled Tools

Great starter or replacement group of garage long handled tools. Includes a couple of shovels, snow shovel, floor scrapers and more.

Lot#: 158

Lot#: 158 - Greenlee Glo Stix

15 ft. Greenlee Glo Stix in the original package. Item is untested.

Lot#: 159

Lot#: 159 - Wheelbarrow

True Temper steel wheelbarrow.

Lot#: 160

Lot#: 160 - Auger Bits & Grinding Pads

Group of Irwin auger bits - one long ship auger bit. Also two grinding pads.

Lot#: 161

Lot#: 161 - Workshop Accessories.

Lot includes a Workforce Flooring Installation Laser (appears to have little use), head wearing magnifying glass with light, and two different shop lights. All items are untested. Lot includes tote.

Lot#: 162

Lot#: 162 - Hand Tool Collection

Great collection of hand tools includes hammers, levels, pipe wrench, unique hand saw, 4 ft. metal ruler and more.

Lot#: 163

Lot#: 163 - Digital Soldering Station

Tech America Digital Soldering Station with extra rolls of solder. Item is untested.

Lot#: 164

Lot#: 164 - Drill and Driver Bits

Lot of DeWalt driver bits - some NIP. Also a variety standard drill bits - Craftsman and DeWalt. Lot includes a screw extractor (missing 2 of the set).

Lot#: 165

Lot#: 165 - Router Bits

Pair of NIP Freud Industrial Router Bits.

Lot#: 166

Lot#: 166 - Tin Snips, Screwdrivers & More

Lot includes a pair of tin snips, wire cutters, several sizes and varieties of screwdrivers, battery cleaner, fuses and more.

Lot#: 167

Lot#: 167 - Concrete Anchors

Several partial boxes of Red Head concrete anchors and several packages of mostly partial Tapcon blue concrete anchors.

Lot#: 168

Lot#: 168 - Laser Level and Knife Set

Ryobi Airgrip Laser Level in carrying case. Item is untested. Also a Kobalt knife set with several interchangeable blades and other accessories. Comes in a case. Case zipper is broken.

Lot#: 169

Lot#: 169 - Senco Mini Hand Nailer

Pneumatic SENCO Mini Hand Nailer. Item has original paperwork and box. Item is used and untested.

Lot#: 170

Lot#: 170 - Miscellaneous Tools and More

Lot includes some handy items for the workshop. Lot includes a drywall lifter, floor roller, several NIP 3/8" Quick Link loops, wall brackets, ratchet strap and more.

Lot#: 171

Lot#: 171 - Variety of Real Estate Signs

Variety of real estate style signs.

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