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Northern Kentucky Auction | Online Auction
Tuesday April 27, 2021 | MORNING VIEW, KY. US. 41063

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Questions: All questions should be directed to Doug Garner, Principal Broker - Auctioneer. CENTURY 21 Garner Properties and Northern Kentucky Auction. 859-525-6777 (office) or 859-391-2100 (Mobile) Doug Garner Broker/Auctioneer CENTURY 21 Garner Properties - Northern Kentucky Auction, LLC 5285 Madison Pike Independence, KY 41051 859-525-6777 (Office) 859-363-4274 (Fax) 859-391-2100 (Mobile) Open for Inspection At the designated time listed on or, by appointment. BIDDER TERMS AND CONDITIONS These Bidder Terms and Conditions apply to auctions conducted by Northern Kentucky Auction, LLC, and constitute a legal, valid, binding, and enforceable contract between Auctioneer and each Participant, Bidder, and Buyer. These bidder terms and conditions also form the basis for the contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer. 1. Auction Conducted Under and In Accordance with These Bidder Terms and Conditions, Additional Terms and Conditions Posted by Auctioneer, and Announcements Made at the Time of the Auction, and Applicable Law. The Auction is conducted under and in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other Terms and Conditions posted by Auctioneer (whether at the Auction Site or online), any announcements or corrections made by Auctioneer at the time of the Auction, and applicable law. By participating in the Auction, whether at the auction site, online, telephonically, or through any other means (including Absentee Bid), each Participant agrees to be bound by, and to abide by, all such Bidder Terms and Conditions. 2. Definitions. The following definitions apply to these Bidder Terms and Conditions for each auction conducted by Auctioneer: ?Absentee Bid? means a bid submitted to Auctioneer in advance by an Absentee Bidder for the execution during the Auction under terms established by Auctioneer. ?Absentee Bidder? means a person or entity that submits an Absentee Bid. An absentee Bidder may or may not be present at the Auction. ?Absolute Auction? or ?Absolute? applies only if and when expressly indicated and means that property is sold to the highest bidder regardless of the amount of the final bid, with no limiting conditions, restrictions, or reservations. This type of auction is also known as an auction Without Reserve. Provided that a bid is received within a reasonable time after property is put up at Absolute Auction, the property will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of the final bid amount. Property put up at Absolute Auction may be withdrawn by Auctioneer if a bid is not received within a reasonable time. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY STATED BY AUCTIONEER IN WRITING, NO PROPERTY IS BEING SOLD ABSOLUTE OR WITHOUT RESERVE. ?Attendee? means any person who attends the Auction at the Auction Site, whether such person is a Registered Bidder or not. ?Auction? means the auction sale at which Auctioneer solicits bids, or is scheduled to solicit bids. ?Auction Site? means the physical location of the Auction, or, for an Auction conducted entirely online, the location where Property may be inspected and where a Buyer may pick up Personal Property. ?Bidder? means any person or entity that makes a bid at the Auction. ?Bidder Number? means the number or other identifier issued by Auctioneer to a Registered Bidder for the purposes of identifying bids to such Registered Bidder. ?Bidder Registration? means the information provided by a prospective Bidder, and the process of registering such prospective Bidder to bid at the Auction, including the prospective Bidder?s agreement to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. ?Bidder Terms and Conditions? means these Bidder Terms and Conditions. ?Broker Participation Fee? means an amount that is paid to a broker who has participated in procuring a Buyer, or has otherwise assisted in facilitating the sale of Property at the Auction, under the terms and conditions and in the amount established by Auctioneer. "Buyer" means the Winning Bidder with respect to each Lot of Personal Property or of each parcel of Real Property, as the case may be. "Buyer's Premium" is an amount with respect to each Lot of Personal Property or with respect to each parcel of Real Property, calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price, that is payable by the Buyer to Auctioneer for Auctioneer's own account. For offered Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, the Buyer?s Premium will be calculated on the amount of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation. ?Commission? means the amount payable by or on behalf of Seller to Auctioneer for Auctioneer?s services, calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price. ?Fall of the Hammer? means the point, after bids have been received, at which Auctioneer declares a Lot of Personal Property or Real Property ?sold? to the Bidder acknowledged by Auctioneer as having made the Winning Bid. During an auction that is exclusively online, the Fall of the Hammer may occur electronically at the end of timed (or extended) bidding. In an auction that is Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, the Fall of the Hammer will occur on Seller?s Confirmation of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation. ?Hammer Price? means the high bid amount recognized by Auctioneer with the Fall of the Hammer. ?High Bid? means the high bid amount recognized by Auctioneer at the conclusion of bidding on a Lot or on a parcel of Real Property, as the case may be. ?High Bid Subject to Confirmation? means the High Bid amount recognized by Auctioneer at the conclusion of bidding on Real Property put up at Auction Subject to Seller?s Confirmation. If the High Bid Subject to Confirmation is confirmed by Seller, it will be the Hammer Price. ?High Bidder? means the Bidder recognized by Auctioneer as having made the High Bid with respect to a Lot or a parcel of Real Property. "Knocked Down" or "Knock Down" means, with respect to any Property put up at the Auction, that Auctioneer has acknowledged the Winning Bid with the Fall of the Hammer, or by announcing "sold", or by giving a similar such indication. Property may be Knocked Down electronically at the conclusion of a timed online auction event. (Also, "Struck Off" or "Strikes Off"). ?Lot? means each individual item or grouping of Personal Property offered at one time by Auctioneer. ?No Sale? occurs if Property is put up at the Auction but is not Struck Off or sold, and Auctioneer passes on such Property or declares a No Sale. ?Online Auction Platform? means the hardware and software utilized to conduct the Auction online and to facilitate online bidding, including any associated, adjunct, and/or complementary websites, services, premiums and promotions. ?Online Auction Platform Provider? means the provider of the Online Auction Platform and related services. "Online Bidding Period" means, with respect to an Auction conducted in whole or in part online, any established period during which online bids may be tendered. ?Participant? means any person who attends, or otherwise participates in, the Auction (in person or remotely). The term Participant includes, but is not limited to, Attendees, Registered Bidders, Bidders, and Buyers. ?Personal Property? means the tangible and moveable property, and any intangible property (including, without limitation, intellectual property) put up at the Auction. ?Private Sale? means an event in which Property is sold by Seller, or on Seller?s behalf, other than at the Auction (including a sale at an auction conducted by a person or entity other than Auctioneer). ?Private Sale Price? means the fair market purchase price of the Property paid, or agreed to, at a Private Sale in an arms-length transaction between Seller and the purchaser of the Property. If the Property is sold through a Private Sale for less than its fair market value, or in a transaction that is not an arms-length transaction, or is gifted by Seller, the Private Sale Price will be an amount equal to the fair market value of the Property in an arms-length transaction. ?Property? means the Real Property and the Personal Property. ?Purchase Price? means an amount equal to the Hammer Price or High Bid Subject to Confirmation, as the case may be, plus the Buyer?s Premium. ?Real Property? means The real property located at ___________________________________ Property identification number (if available): _________________________________________ The separately deeded parcels of real property identified on an attachment to these Bidder Terms and Conditions. ?Realty Closing? means the settlement on the sale of the Real Property at which Seller sells, transfers, assigns, and conveys Seller?s right, title, and interest in the Real Property to the Buyer, and the Buyer pays the Purchase Price for the Real Property. ?Realty Closing Date? means the date on which the Realty Closing occurs. ?Realty Deposit? is the good faith deposit made by the Buyer against the Purchase Price for the Real Property. ?Realty Purchase and Sale Agreement? means the contract for the purchase and sale of Real Property put up at the Auction executed at the close of bidding by the Winning Bidder, or the Bidder making the High Bid Subject to Confirmation, as the case may be. In an Auction Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, Seller will execute the Realty Purchase and Sale Agreement only on Seller?s confirmation, approval, and acceptance of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation. "Registered Bidder" means a person or entity that has registered to bid at the Auction. ?Registration Deposit? means, if required by Auctioneer, the deposit made by a Registered Bidder in order to register for the Auction. Auctioneer may require that the Registration Deposit be made in certified funds or in such other form as determined by Auctioneer in Auctioneer?s discretion. ?Reserve? or ?With Reserve? means that property put up at auction may be withdrawn by the Auctioneer and/or bids may be rejected by Auctioneer prior to the Fall of the Hammer. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY STATED OTHERWISE BY AUCTIONEER IN WRITING, ALL PROPERTY IS BEING WITH RESERVE. ?Reserve Price? means the minimum price that Seller is willing to accept for specific Property. If Property put up With Reserve is subject to a Reserve Price, such property will not be Struck Off unless the Reserve Price is met or waived. ?Seller?s Confirmation? means Seller?s confirmation, approval, and acceptance of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation acknowledged and recorded by Auctioneer. "Struck Off" or "Strikes Off" means, with respect to any Property put up at the Auction, that Auctioneer has acknowledged the Winning Bid with the Fall of the Hammer, or by announcing "sold", or by giving a similar such indication. Property may be Struck Off electronically at the conclusion of a timed online auction event. (Also, "Knocked Down" or "Knock Down"). ?Subject to Seller's Confirmation? means, with respect to any Property expressly identified in this Agreement as being sold Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, that after the High Bid Subject to Seller?s Confirmation has been received and acknowledged by Auctioneer, Seller may determine, in Seller's sole and absolute discretion, to (i) accept such bid or (ii) reject such bid. ?Winning Bid? means the highest bid received and accepted (and if Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, confirmed by Seller). "Winning Bidder" means the Bidder who is recognized by Auctioneer as having made the Winning Bid. ?Withdrawn?, ?Withdrawal?, or ?Withdraw? refers to the circumstance in which the Property is removed or withdrawn from the Auction, or in which it is determined that such Property will not be offered or sold at the Auction. ?Without Reserve? means Absolute. 3. Bidder Registration; Bidder Qualification. All persons desiring to bid at the Auction, must register to bid and be issued a Bidder Number. In order to register to bid, each potential Bidder must provide such information (including identifying information and qualifications) as requested by Auctioneer. Each person registering to bid represents to the Auctioneer that such person is at least eighteen (18) years of age and is otherwise legally able to enter into a contract. Auctioneer may refuse to accept a Bidder Registration from any potential Bidder, may refuse to issue a Bidder Number to any potential Bidder, and may revoke any Bidder Registration or Bidder Number. Each person registering to bid, or otherwise participating, at the Auction acknowledges and agrees that such person has read, understands, and agrees to be bound by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions. In Auctioneer?s discretion, bids may be received from a person who has not registered to bid, and/or who has not satisfied all requirements for Bidder Registration, and/or who has not been issued a Bidder Number, and, by bidding, such person will be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. Auctioneer may establish such Bidder qualifications as Auctioneer determines, in Auctioneer?s discretion, are reasonably necessary or appropriate. Bidder qualification provisions (which may include proof of the availability of funds) are intended for the benefit of Auctioneer and Seller, and create no rights or interests in any other persons, including competing Bidders. Auctioneer and/or Seller may (but will not be required to) waive any Bidder qualifications, either globally or on a case by case basis. 4. Auction Conducted in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Auction is conducted in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All Property is offered for sale in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and will be Knocked-Down or Struck Off in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Notwithstanding the physical location of any Participant, these Bidder Terms and Conditions are entered into in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, all bids and payments are received in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and all contracts between Seller and Buyer (including the Realty Purchase and Sale Agreement, if any), are formed and entered into in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 5. Buyer's Premium. All Property offered at the Auction is subject to a Buyer?s Premium, which will be paid by the Buyer to Auctioneer for Auctioneer's own account. The Buyer's Premium will be calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price, and will be added to the Hammer Price to determine the final Purchase Price. The Buyer?s Premium for Personal Property will be amount equal to __________ percent (__%) of the Hammer Price for each Lot Struck Off at the Auction.. The Buyer?s Premium for Real Property will be amount equal to _____TEN__________ percent (_10____%) of the Hammer Price for each parcel of Real Property Struck Off at the Auction. 6. Access to Auction Site and/or Online Auction Platform. Participants assume all risks associated with their presence at the Auction Site and/or their access to any Online Auction Platform utilized by Auctioneer. Any person may be denied access to the Auction, the Auction Site, and any Online Auction Platform utilized by Auctioneer, and may be removed at Auctioneer?s discretion. 7. Nature of the Auction. The Auction for the Real Property will be With Reserve. Prior to the Fall of the Hammer, Auctioneer may Withdraw the Real Property, or any of it, from the Auction. 8. Bidding. Bidders may only bid at the Auction by agreeing to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. By bidding, each Bidder acknowledges and agrees that such Bidder is subject to, and bound by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions. 9. No Bid Retraction. No Bidder may retract a bid that has been acknowledged by Auctioneer or that has been submitted online. Each Bidder acknowledges and agrees that Auctioneer is acting in reliance on tendered bids in the conduct of the Auction, and that bid retraction is disruptive and interferes with the Auction, and that, as an inducement for Auctioneer to accept such Bidder?s Bidder Registration and for such Bidder to bid at the Auction, each Bidder agrees not to withdraw or to attempt to withdraw any tendered bid. 10. Online Auction. The following terms and conditions apply if the Auction is conducted, in whole or in part, online: 10.1. Online Bidding Registration. Anyone desiring to bid online, or to establish the possibility of bidding online, will be required to create an online bidding account by completing all necessary forms and providing required information. 10.2. Bidder Terms and Conditions; Notices and Announcements. The Auction will be conducted in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions and any notices or announcements by Auctioneer and/or posted online or onsite. 10.3. Posted Times. All times are based on the Eastern Standard Time zone unless stated otherwise. Posted closing times and time displays are approximate. Auctioneer reserves the right to close early or extend the Auction at Auctioneer?s sole and absolute discretion. 10.4. Online Bidding Increments. Auctioneer may establish bid increments, and may modify or change bid increments, in Auctioneer's sole and absolute discretion. 10.5. Records of Online Activity. Absent clerical errors, Auctioneer?s records will be final and conclusive. 10.6. Technology Disruptions. Auctioneer will not be responsible for technology disruptions, errors, or failures (including disruptions to bidding or the failure to execute, recognize, or record online bids), whether caused by (i) loss of connectivity, breakdown, disruption, or failure of the Online Auction Platform, (ii) breakdown, disruption, or failure of a Bidder's internet connection, computer, or system, or (iii) otherwise. Auctioneer may, but will not be required to, continue, suspend, delay, extend, reschedule, or close the Auction because of disruptions caused by technology failures, even after bidding has commenced. 10.7. Failures by Online Auction Platform Provider and its Affiliates or Contractors. Auctioneer may use an Online Auction Platform Provider to facilitate the Auction. Under no circumstances will Auctioneer be liable for any failure of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform all or any of its obligations, or for the failure of any affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, or contractors of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform their obligations. 10.8. Auto Extend Feature. Any Online Bidding Period may include an auto extend feature. This means that, if an online bid is entered within a set time period approaching the end of the established Online Bidding Period, the Online Bidding Period will automatically be extended for an additional amount of time in increments established by Auctioneer, and will continue to be so extended until there is a set period of time that lapses during which no online bids are received, after which bidding will close. 10.9. Disclaimer. Auctioneer makes no representations or warranties, and disclaims all representations and warranties, (i) that the Online Auction Platform or any related website or technology will be uninterrupted, error free or virus free, (ii) as to the results that may be obtained by using the Online Auction Platform or any related website or technology, or (iii) as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, or current nature of the Online Auction Platform or any related technology. 10.10. Responsibility for Online Bids. Each Registered Bidder is responsible for all bids transmitted from such Registered Bidder?s computer or from such Registered Bidder?s account for the Online Auction Platform. If a Winning Bid is sent from the computer of a Registered Bidder, or from a Registered Bidder?s account for the Online Auction Platform, such Registered Bidder will be the Buyer. 10.11. No Reduction or Retraction of Online Bids. Except in extraordinary circumstances and in Auctioneer?s sole and absolute discretion, online bids may not be reduced or retracted. 10.12. Competing Online and Onsite Bids. In the event of contemporaneously made online and onsite bids, Auctioneer will determine which bid is the successful bid, and may, in Auctioneer...

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Northern Kentucky Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1000

Jennings-Fey Rock-Ola Slot Machine with key.


Lot#: 1000a

No U Turn Sign, 48" x 48".

Lot#: 1001

Metal Railroad Crossing sign, 48".

Lot#: 1002

Yellow and Black Railroad Crossing sign.

Very heavy metal. 36".

Lot#: 1003

Railroad crossing sign 48", very heavy metal.

Lot#: 1004

Model airplane, 39" nose to tail w/ 50" wing span.

Lot#: 1005

Frigid Test Anti-Freeze can.

Lot#: 1006

Vintage military clothing plus Rubbermaid tote.

Lot#: 1007

Military clothing.

Lot#: 1008

Navy canvas bag. Military clothing, 4 white tops,

3 White pants and cap.

Lot#: 1009

Two flags.

Lot#: 1010

Meals - Ready To Eat & heater.

Lot#: 1011

Case (12) MRE's.

Lot#: 1012

Stop sign - heavy metal, 36".

Lot#: 1013

Old trunk - 19" t x 32" w x 17.5" d.

Lot#: 1013a

Military clothing. Two jackets and one pair of


Lot#: 1014

Miscellaneous wood on shelf.

Lot#: 1015

Misc. drill bits and parts.

Lot#: 1016

Box lot of vise grips.

Lot#: 1017

Miscellaneous old papers.

Lot#: 1018

Dust masks, bank pouches, badges, old staplers..

Lot#: 1019

City of Newark No Trespassing sign, 24" x 18".


Lot#: 1020

No parking sign made of metal, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1021

Absolutely No Smoking metal sign,

Approx 19.5" x 6.75". Heavy rust on front.

Lot#: 1022

Metal Restricted Area sign, 14" x 10".

Lot#: 1023

Plastic Under Surveillance sign, 14" x 10".

Lot#: 1024

Plastic Reward sign, 11.25" square.

Lot#: 1025

Navy sign made of plastic, 14" x 11".

Lot#: 1026

Plastic Robke license plate sign, 12" x 6".

Lot#: 1027

Plastic No firearms allowed sign, 12" x 8".

Lot#: 1028

Metal Keep Out sign, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1029

Reserved Parking metal sign, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1030

Project Funded By American Recovery &

Reinvestment Act Through HUD sign, 12" x 18", metal.

Lot#: 1031

Metal sign for WTM, 12" x 15",

Wood, Taber & Morse's Steam Engine Works.

Lot#: 1032

Metal Levi Garrett Chewing Tobacco sign.

Approx 12" x 19".

Lot#: 1033

No Trespassing, heavy plastic sign, 9" x 12".

Lot#: 1034

Metal Endangered Species Colony Buffer Zone sign,

Approx 12" Square.

Lot#: 1035

Metal 4 - Way sign, 6" x 12".

Lot#: 1036

Metal Tow Away Zone sign, 6" x 12".

Lot#: 1037

Jokers Wild Lounge, FT. Pierce, Florida sign,

Approx 6" x 12" made of metal.

Lot#: 1038

Property Boundary sign, 10" x 7".

Lot#: 1039

Beware of Owner metal sign, 4" x 13".

Lot#: 1040

Metal School Bus Stop Ahead sign, 30" square.

Lot#: 1041

Intersection metal sign, 30" square.

Lot#: 1042

Route 8 metal sign, 24" square.

Lot#: 1043

Kenton Station 1079 metal sign, 6" x 36".

Lot#: 1044

Metal Stop Sign, 30" square.

Lot#: 1045

Box lot of fishing stuff.

Lot#: 1046

Falls City Wade In Bucket and Worm Bucket.

Lot#: 1047

Fishing line, sinkers, tackle box, containers..

Lot#: 1048

9 Minnow buckets, some are stuck together.

Lot#: 1049

7 Containers of fishing stuff.

Lot#: 1050

"C" Clamps and drill bits.

Lot#: 1051

H-51 The Super Ratchet.

Lot#: 1052

4 Roof jacks.

Lot#: 1053

Deer skulls and antlers.

Lot#: 1054

Propeller blades.

Lot#: 1055

Old Washstand beveled mirror, 18" x 22",

And wood framed wall mirror, 25" x 31".

Lot#: 1056

Closed sign, metal, 12" x 48". Blank on the back.

Lot#: 1057

Williams & CO. metal sign, 23.5" x 15".

Lot#: 1058

Reserved for Doctors, metal sign, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1059

Miscellaneous parts, hinges, etc.

Lot#: 1060

2 Ammo cases, 8.5" x 21" x 9" and 10" x 20" x 9".

Lot#: 1061

Ammo box, 7" x 37" x 12".

Lot#: 1062

2 Ammo boxes, one without lid, 7" x 27" x 11",

And 6" x 33" x 12".

Lot#: 1063

Box of books.

Lot#: 1064

Miscellaneous parts.

Lot#: 1065

Old boat cushions.

Lot#: 1066

Cast iron bell yoke, #3, 24" w.

Lot#: 1067

2 Military gas cans.

Lot#: 1068

T square, wrenches, hasp's, files, etc.

Lot#: 1069

Brass fittings, latches, etc.

Lot#: 1070

Cast iron bell with yoke

By the The C.S. Bell CO., Hillsboro. Lamp Lighter by Vintage, stamped on the yoke and 16" dinger.

Lot#: 1071

Metal Telephone USMC sign, 4" x 16"

Lot#: 1072

Metal, 18" Public Telephone sign.

Lot#: 1073

All PVC and wood.

Lot#: 1074

All wood in this section.

Lot#: 1075

6 Tarps.

Lot#: 1076

5Ttarps, all used.

Lot#: 1077

Display case, 37" x 25" x 4.5".

Lot#: 1078

Danger Live Fire Range, metal sign, 18" x 24".

Lot#: 1079

Fallout Shelter sign, 20" x 14", made of metal.

Lot#: 1080

Absolutely No Smoking, metal sign, 7" x 20".

Lot#: 1081

FR 72/UP

Lot#: 1082

PVC, Downspout parts and register covers.

Lot#: 1083

Tool box with contents.

Lot#: 1084

Tool box with contents.

Lot#: 1085

Tool box with contents.

Lot#: 1086

Tool box with contents.

Lot#: 1087

Cast iron base for a Stop sign, 23"w x 16".

Lot#: 1088

Thru Stop Highway cast iron sign, 24" square.

Lot#: 1089

Metal Thru Stop Highway sign.

Lot#: 1090

Display case with mirrored back.

Sliding glass doors, 3 glass shelves. Glass is broke on the doors. See photos. 47" w x 30"t x 12" d.

Lot#: 1090a

Display case with sliding glass doors.

Approx 40" t x 36" w x 14" d.

Lot#: 1091

Massey Ferguson sign, 10' w x 49" t.

Lot#: 1092

Metal desk, 5'6" x 25" x 30".

Lot#: 1093

Fruit/lard Press.

Lot#: 1094

American Beauty Iron with stand.

Lot#: 1095

Hooks for peg board.

Lot#: 1096

Box lot of wire.

Lot#: 1097

4 Wheel dolly.

Lot#: 1098

Hand tools.

Lot#: 1099

Old hand mower.

Lot#: 1100

5 Old card tables.

Lot#: 1101

Antique brass bed & side rails, looks full size

Lot#: 1102

4 Display cases, 18" x 14".

Lot#: 1103

Box lot of brackets, some metal, some cast iron

Lot#: 1103a

Fishing stuff.

Lot#: 1104

Journeyman's saw kit, Snap-On Tool kit,

Ridgid screw extractors, wire brushes, cut off wheel, etc.

Lot#: 1105

Pipe cutter, threaders, metal snips,

And Stanley nail puller.

Lot#: 1106

472nd Engineers poster, old ads, berry baskets,

And book ends.

Lot#: 1107

Paper towels, dispenser, duct tape & caution tape.

Lot#: 1108

Miscellaneous lot. See photos.

Lot#: 1109

Tools, hole saws, extractors - 1/8th to 7/8th's

Lot#: 1110


Lot#: 1111

Hard hat, Sand Blaster hat and Scale.

Lot#: 1112

Box of wire.

Lot#: 1113

Books, old photos, cheese boxes and wood drawer.

Lot#: 1114

Drywall tools.

Lot#: 1115

Hornets nest.

Lot#: 1116

Glaze Breakers, old household oil cans,

Snap-On Stone sets, etc.

Lot#: 1117

Mallets and some shop rags

Lot#: 1118

Drill bits.

Lot#: 1119

Fuel can and Merusol Liquid Petrodatum can.

Lot#: 1120

Turtle Shell 14" long.

Lot#: 1121


Lot#: 1122

Sledge hammer heads, horn/siren & ball peen head.

Lot#: 1123

Metal cabinet with drill bits, 8" x 14.5" x 7.5"

Lot#: 1124

Heat gun (did not test), Victor Flow Meter,

Regulator and cable.

Lot#: 1125

2 Tangential Blowers and one cover.

Lot#: 1126

3 Mercury bulbs and 2 light bulbs.

Lot#: 1127

Hilti Fastening Systems - DX350 Actuated Tool.

Lot#: 1127a

Box lot of pullies and knobs.

Lot#: 1128

Cast iron Sinclair & CO. sign, 10" x 15"

Lot#: 1129

Buckeye - Akron cast iron tractor seat.

Small crack on the seat rim. 16" w x 15" d.

Lot#: 1130

3 Box lots, ratchet, sockets, springs, etc.

Lot#: 1131

Foam seal, bearings/parts, bit sharpener,

"Skipper" Time Switch and Teel Condensate Pump.

Lot#: 1132

Walton Tap Extractors & Micrometer Depth Gauge.

Lot#: 1133

Box lot of miscellaneous motors/fans, etc.

Lot#: 1134

Squares and miscellaneous hand tools.

Lot#: 1135

Drill Bits

Lot#: 1136

Fractional letter/number drill bits.

Lot#: 1137

Scale weights.

Lot#: 1138

Micrometer Depth Gauge tools and Snap-On case

With miscellaneous tools.

Lot#: 1139

Granite pans, coffee carafe, matches,

John Wayne Toilet Paper, 3 mugs, glass and Hotel Gibson Spoon.

Lot#: 1140

Box lot of miscellaneous screws, bolts,

screwdriver bits, magnifier, etc.

Lot#: 1141

Miscellaneous books and periodicals.

Lot#: 1142

Metal drawer with clamps, pulley wheels, etc.

Lot#: 1143

Tap extractors, Hall Piston kit, Hex keys,

Hand tools, etc.

Lot#: 1144

Decimal charts, clip board, drill set, grill pan

And contents.

Lot#: 1145

Hammers, mallets and miscellaneous items

Lot#: 1146

Miscellaneous parts/tools.

Lot#: 1147

Box lot of books.

Lot#: 1148

Miscellaneous hand tools and parts.

Lot#: 1149

Iron pot with gate mark on bottom, enamel pot,

And oil can.

Lot#: 1150

Glass light cover for outdoor light,

And miscellaneous lights.

Lot#: 1151

Motion sensor security light, new in box and

Vaporgard light fixture and rope.

Lot#: 1151a

Naval training book, carbine holders, Belt Troop,

And Turret Gunners Safety belt, strap shoulder, left hand, grenade and mask.

Lot#: 1152

Tin snips, vise grips and pliers.

Lot#: 1153

4 Metal boxes and contents.

Lot#: 1154

Wire, bandsaw blade and metal box with contents.

Lot#: 1155

Nails, light and hatchet.

Lot#: 1156

Safety glasses.

Lot#: 1157

Black Hawk corn sheller, which is damaged,

See photos for condition.

Lot#: 1158

Federal Sign & Signal Siren.

Lot#: 1159

"Don't Move" lighted sign, 10" x 10" x 10.5".

Lot#: 1160

2 Oil cans.

Lot#: 1161

Old silverware, West Bend aluminum cups,

Buffalo china cups, Fire King bowl and misc. utensils.

Lot#: 1162

Mixed lot of paint brushes, shop rags,

Coin books, etc.

Lot#: 1163

1 Ice cube tray with 2 dividers,

And one press/masher.

Lot#: 1164

Metal double sided "Road King" sign,

Approx 11.5" t x 48" w.

Lot#: 1164a

Jeep sign, 2.25" x 10".

Lot#: 1165

Federal Emergency Admin of Public Works,

Bronze sign, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President. 16" x 28".

Lot#: 1166

Bronze Sign, Water District #1, Kenton Co.,

Approx 20" x 28".

Lot#: 1167

2 Stands.

Lot#: 1168

Squirrel cage fan.

Lot#: 1169


Lot#: 1169a

Lead pots and ladles.

Lot#: 1170

Miscellaneous tools.

Lot#: 1171

Bucket of hinges.

Lot#: 1172

Large assortment of tools and gadgets.

Lot#: 1173

3 Chairs.

Lot#: 1174

Half of a weather vane made of iron.

Lot#: 1175

Old wall mounted bell.

Lot#: 1176

Brass signs for "National and Howe".

Lot#: 1177

Wall phone from Bell System/Western Electric.

Lot#: 1178

Wood tool chest and contents. 16"t x 26" w x 9.5"d

Lot#: 1179

Measuring tools/gauges and vise grips.

Lot#: 1180

Wood tool chest & contents. 17" t x 20" w x 9.5"d

One drawer is stuck and one needs repaired.

Lot#: 1181

Old ceiling lights. See photos.

Lot#: 1182

Old camping stove and Hot Stove #1.

Lot#: 1183

Wood tool box with contents. 13" x 16" x 9".

Bottom drawer is stuck.

Lot#: 1184

Large vise, table mount

Stamped The Chase Parker CO. #204.

Lot#: 1185

Large vise, table mount. The Chase Parker CO.

Lot#: 1186

4 Electric motors.

Lot#: 1187

Two chairs, one on rollers & 1 old wood desk chair

Lot#: 1188

3 Vinyl covered chairs.

Lot#: 1189

3 John Wayne pictures and 1 airplane.

Lot#: 1190

Framed Front Page "The Cincinnati Daily

Enquirer", August 1, 1865.

Lot#: 1191

9" Cast iron skillet.

Lot#: 1192

9" Wagner Ware cast iron skillet.

Lot#: 1193

Cast iron skillet by Wagner Ware #2.

Lot#: 1194

Metal sign, Danger Acid, 14" x 20".

Lot#: 1195

Metal sign, East, 12: x 24".

Lot#: 1195a

Highway distance markers.

Lot#: 1196

Plastic signs.

Lot#: 1197

No Parking - Fire Lane, metal sign, 24" x 18".

Lot#: 1198

Metal "Phone" sign, 18" x 18".

Lot#: 1199

Metal, 24" x 18", Private Tow - Away Zone sign.

Lot#: 1200

Metal stop sign, 24".

Lot#: 1201

No Dumping, metal sign, 18" x 24".

Lot#: 1202

Discover Gold - R J Gold Chewing Tobacco sign,

Approx 17" x 21.5".

Lot#: 1203

U.S. Army Field Calibration Support sign, metal,

Approx 30.5" x 24".

Lot#: 1204

1 Old frame, 21.5" x 25.5" & 1 photo, 24.5" x 34".

Lot#: 1205

2 Old framed photos, 19" x 15" and 16.5" x 13".

Lot#: 1206

2 Old framed prints, 18" x 14" and 17" x 13".

Lot#: 1207

3 Old wood frames, 19"x11.5", 19"x15" & 19"x16"

Lot#: 1208

3 Visitors Parking signs, 14" x 20",

Made of heavy plastic.

Lot#: 1209

2 Visitors Parking signs, 14" x 20",

Made of heavy plastic.

Lot#: 1210

Reserved Parking metal sign, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1211

Metal sign, Sewer Line Smoke Testing This Week,

Measures 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1212

Short Term Customer Parking, metal sign,

Measures 18" square.

Lot#: 1213

No Standing, metal sign, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1214

No Parking, metal sign, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1215

Directional sign, 13" x 10".

Lot#: 1216

Directional sign, metal, 24" square.

Lot#: 1217

No Parking Snow Emergency metal sign, 24" x 18".

Lot#: 1218

Directional arrow, metal, 24"

Lot#: 1219

Display case, 25" x 25" x 5".

Plexiglass top and tin bottom.

Lot#: 1220

Dietz lantern lamp, 21.5" tall, worked when tested

Lot#: 1221

2 Framed newspaper prints dated June 14, 1944,

And May 7, 1945, and one marriage license dated Sept. 4, 1937.

Lot#: 1222

2 Framed photos, see pics for subject & condition

Lot#: 1223

Propeller blades, lights, Bell, timer and GE

Walkie Talkies (did not test).

Lot#: 1224

Framed "Harpers Weekly", dated March 5, 1864,

And 3 vintage photos.

Lot#: 1225

Two old framed photos.

Lot#: 1226

Electric box covers, plastic and metal.

Roll of vinyl foam tape.

Lot#: 1227

Wood drawer with contents.

Lot#: 1228

Starrett and Brown & Sharpe Tap Drill Sets.

Lot#: 1229

4 Wood rollers, 2-23.5", 1-18" and 1-27" x 3.25".

Lot#: 1230

2 Mirrors, set of mirrored cabinet doors,

And one oval glass table top. (2) Mirrors - 24" x 18", doors - 18" x 14" and oval glass - 35" x 17".

Lot#: 1231

Leather goods.

Lot#: 1232

Gillette display case, 14" x 18" x 2".

Glass is cracked.

Lot#: 1233

Plastic crate with 4 fuel cans, 3 Coleman and 1

Sears with liquid fuel.

Lot#: 1234

Starrett #199 Master Precision Level in wood case.

Lot#: 1235

Collection of pocket knives inside a wrap case.

Lot#: 1236

Assortment of pocket knives.

Lot#: 1237

Old door hardware, casters and hinges.

Lot#: 1238

Cast iron Emergency Pull Box by Gamewell CO.

Measures 12.5" x 9" x 5".

Lot#: 1239

Game Well cast Iron Emergency Pull Box,

Measures 18" x 12.5" x 6". Door is locked, no key included.

Lot#: 1240

Tank labeled 75lbs. of working pressure.

Measures 26" x 12".

Lot#: 1241

6 Floor jacks and 2 handles.

Lot#: 1242

pulley wheels, possibly for water pump.

Lot#: 1243

Fishing tackle.

Lot#: 1244

Screw jack and metal plates.

Lot#: 1245

Approximately 14 rake teeth.

Lot#: 1246

Rake, hay fork and pick axe heads, no handles.

Lot#: 1247

Model E5 Traffic Control Light.

Lot#: 1248

Tree trimmer.

Lot#: 1249

Traffic control light. tested and working has 110V

has 100V plug. Lights flash in sequence. We removed this from an outdoor pole.

Lot#: 1250

AT4, was previously fired, can not be reloaded.has

homemade nose cone screws on to plywood plate. .

Lot#: 1251


Lot#: 1252

Tree saw.

Lot#: 1253

Bundle of tools.

Lot#: 1254


Lot#: 1255

Large monkey wrench - alloy steel 36".

Lot#: 1256

Metal stand and wall mount bar.

Lot#: 1257

U.S. Navy practice bomb.

Lot#: 1258

Small cooler with contents. See photos.

Lot#: 1259

Camper Port-A-Potty and health care potty chair.

Lot#: 1260

Large wood handle & some type of lift on wheels

Lot#: 1261

Hand tools.

Lot#: 1262

Pipe cutter, Barnes #5.

Lot#: 1263

Screw jack with handle.

Lot#: 1264

Coal/ash bucket with shovel.

Lot#: 1265

Old Navy photo, Blizzard of 1977 photos,

Historic photos of Cincinnati and The Faculty & Students of Bliss College,

Lot#: 1266

Old journals and Cincinnati Terminal Warehouse

Minute books.

Lot#: 1267

Aviation photos and Nashville Banner, 1919,

Measures 23.5" x 17.5".

Lot#: 1268

Framed shell casings, 22" x 32.5".

Lot#: 1269

Armadillo taxidermy. Piece of tail has been taped.

Lot#: 1270

Hudson bug sprayer.

Lot#: 1271

Metal thermometer sign, GM, Delco, AC Quality

Parts. 19" x 19".

Lot#: 1272

Cast iron "Stop, Look, Listen sign, 19" x 14".

Lot#: 1273

3 sets of regulators.

Lot#: 1274

Spider pot pre-1900, #12, HV and #12 lid.

Lid and pot have gate mark.

Lot#: 1275

Wheel pattern.

Lot#: 1276

5.5" and 8" cast iron skillets.

Lot#: 1277

8" Cast iron lid.

Lot#: 1278

Griswold #7 cast iron, Tite - Top Dutch Oven lid.

Patented Feb 10, 1920.

Lot#: 1279

10.5" Cast iron lid with gate mark, Knoxville, TN

Lot#: 1280

Electric chain saw sharpener by Chicago.

Worked when tested.

Lot#: 1281

Dalton magnifying light.

Did not come on when tested. May need new bulb.

Lot#: 1282

Metal rulers and miscellaneous metal.

Lot#: 1283

Torches, goggles, soldering wire, strikers, etc.

Lot#: 1284

GM tire inflator.

Lot#: 1285

Wood box of chalk.

Lot#: 1286

Snap-On Tools with case.

Lot#: 1287

Coleman camping stove.

Lot#: 1288

Fish tape, respirators and misc. tools.

Couldn't pull fish tape out.

Lot#: 1289

Tire irons, MAX 2 7/8" wrench and lug wrenches.

Lot#: 1290

Miscellaneous metal.

Lot#: 1291

Mister Cool-Tool, 5 gal. can, contains liquid.

Lot#: 1292

2 Plastic crates of light bulbs, different types

Lot#: 1293

1 - 76", 2- 64" blades and 2 misc. pieces.

Lot#: 1294

Plumber's acetylene tank and striker.

Lot#: 1295

Block with rope, band saw blades and iron hook.

Lot#: 1296

Vintage, porcelain ceiling light, 20" diameter

Lot#: 1297

2 Metal cans, Davis Welding & MFG. CO.

One has liquid inside

Lot#: 1298

Two handled saw blade - 72" x 6", no handles.

Lot#: 1299

Do Not Block Parking Spaces metal sign,

Measures 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1300

30 Minute Parking metal sign, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 1301

Double sided Wolf RD. sign, metal, 6" x 18".

Lot#: 1302

Some sort of press tool or riviter

Lot#: 1303

Ceramic soldier, 21" tall.

Lot#: 1304

2 Clock radios, worked when tested.

Lot#: 1305

Clip on fan. Worked when tested.

Lot#: 1306

10.5" metal cannister with holes in the bottom.

Lid is stuck.

Lot#: 1307

K&F 14" cut off saw, worked when tested.

Lot#: 1308

2 Boxes of shop aprons, welding gloves, etc.

Lot#: 1309

Iron links and brass nozzles.

Lot#: 1310

5 Oil cans.

Lot#: 1311

Old cable winch with wood box, 8" x 8" x 5".

Lot#: 1312

DeWalt tool case with contents. See all photos.

Lot#: 1313

Plastic tub with Aladdin Mantles.

Lot#: 1314

Remington - Rand manual typewriter in case.

Lot#: 1315

Cable Ratchet.

Lot#: 1316

Box lot of misc. items. Flatware, braid, jadeite,

Navy Buckle, etc.

Lot#: 1317

2 Compressed air paint guns

Lot#: 1318

2 Oil cans.

Lot#: 1319

Tool box. safety light, pans and work lights.

Lot#: 1320

Old fly swatter, bird clock, alarm clock,

Lunch box (no thermos) and Stantex Radio.

Lot#: 1321

Cords and retractable work light.

Lot#: 1322

Old bottles, Dads Root Beer, Sun-Rise, Coca-Cola,

Ace Ginger Beer, L. Fritz, clear bottle, Vicks Vapo Rub and 13" brown bottle, plastic crate and cord holder.

Lot#: 1323

2 Stools.

Lot#: 1324

Small metal drum with contents.

Lot#: 1325

Metal shelf, 58.5" x 12" x 10".

Lot#: 1326

Mice and rat traps.

Lot#: 1327

2 Heavy pieces of iron.

Lot#: 1328

9 Oil cans.

Lot#: 1328a

Bow saw.

Lot#: 1329

Old product packages.

Lot#: 1330

Old wash board, 25" x 14.5".

Lot#: 1331

Tool box with contents.

Lot#: 1332

2 Water/oil cans.

Lot#: 1333

Box lot of oil cans and funnels.

Lot#: 1334

Wood box, 13" x 5.5" x 8.5".

Lot#: 1335

2 "C" clamps.

Lot#: 1336

Blasting Machine.

Lot#: 1337

Oil cans and mini tool kit.

Lot#: 1338

Assortment of tools. See all photos.

Lot#: 1339

Black & Decker 7320 - 7 1/4" Deluxe Circular Saw,

1 1/2 HP. Worked when tested.

Lot#: 1340

Heavy drill, came on when tested.

Lot#: 1341

Makita 4 1/2" Disc Grinder. Worked when tested.

Lot#: 1342

The Standard Electrical Tool (grinder) 1/4 HP

And grinding wheel. Both came on when tested.

Lot#: 1343

Acemite C-600 ?

Lot#: 1344

Box of brushes, some wire.

Lot#: 1345

Box of wire brushes.

Lot#: 1346

Rearview mirror, reflector cover and tail light.

Lot#: 1347

Misc. shop metal.

Lot#: 1348

Hand tools, wrenches, chisel's, ratchet, etc.

Lot#: 1349

Spikes, hand tools and misc. metal.

Lot#: 1350

Jacks, horse shoes and misc. items.

Lot#: 1351

Funnel, snips, wrenches, oil can, old drill & misc

Lot#: 1352

Wrenches, snips, hammers, screw drivers and misc.

Lot#: 1353

Plastic crate with chains.

Lot#: 1354

Axe head, pick axe head, spike, jack, hinges, etc.

Lot#: 1355

Wood shelf/bookcase, 40" x 30" x 11"

Lot#: 1356

Wood box w/ wheel barrel handles & bundle of wood

Box is 16" x 16" x 21".

Lot#: 1357

10 Pieces of misc. hardware.

Lot#: 1358

Misc. hardware and 2 wrenches.

Lot#: 1359

Safety signs.

Lot#: 1360

Cork message board.

Lot#: 1361

Vintage records.

Lot#: 1362

Old documents and periodicals.

Some in poor condition.

Lot#: 1363

Wood box, 12.5" x 14.25" x 5"

Stamped metallic cartridges.

Lot#: 1364

6 Cigar boxes.

Lot#: 1365

Old & new photos, old documents, periodicals,

Military ribbon and WW II Ration Tokens.

Lot#: 1365a

3 Framed pieces of foreign money.

Lot#: 1366

Fishing reel's and tackle.

Lot#: 1367

Old gun parts, primer tool, thermometer,

69 Cal Civil War tool, can openers, etc.

Lot#: 1368

Basket with contents.

Lot#: 1369

Ohio license plate, 1961.

Lot#: 1370

Photo album, some photos are tin.

Lot#: 1371

Odd lot from desk drawer.

Lot#: 1372

Ice pick, old Ever Ready Batteries, coins,

Silverware, etc.

Lot#: 1373

3 Victor Feather Weight slides, old post cards,

Popular Mechanics dated 1938.

Lot#: 1374

Wood tool carrier, 15" x 10" x 4".

Lot#: 1375

Wood box, 20.5" x 8" x 6".

Lot#: 1376

15 Short Way Bridge Tokens.

Lot#: 1377

Toy Soldiers, 2 are plastic & the rest are metal.

Includes broken pieces.

Lot#: 1378

Antique cuff links, military buttons & pins.

Lot#: 1379

Arrowheads and stones.

Lot#: 1380

Presidential cigarettes, Air Force 1 Holiday card,

Old eye glasses, comb, straight razor, tobacco pipe, zipper repair kit and 14 kt. cross.

Lot#: 1381

Kurt Carlsen memorabilia - see photos


Lot#: 1382

Old photos & book copyrighted 1921 "History &

Rhymes of The Lost Battalion".

Lot#: 1383


Lot#: 1384

Military pins, ribbons, medals, patches,

American Legion items, US Navy Buckle and cup. Ration Book holder, Guide to US Army Insignia, camo face paint and Book on Patriotic Civil War Tokens.

Lot#: 1385

Cheese box, 12" x 4.25" x 3.5".

Lot#: 1386

Cheese box, 10.5" x 4" x 3".

Lot#: 1387

5 Pieces of lead.

Lot#: 1388

Wood box, 14.5" x 14.25" x 5.5".

Lot#: 1389

Machine tools on stand, 43" x 18" x 12.5".

Lot#: 1390

Galvanized trash can with handle, no lid.

Measures 13" x 14.5".

Lot#: 1391

Old canvas mail cart, 31" x 20.5" x 23".

Lot#: 1392

Metal "Speed Limit 25" sign, 30" x 24".

Lot#: 1393

Metal "Speed Limit 45" sign, 30" x 24".

Lot#: 1394

Box lot of pocket knives, political pins,

Old tire gauge, calipers, soap, spark plugs, old stamps, etc.

Lot#: 1394a

Crock jug, 7.5" x 5.25".

Lot#: 1394b

Framed Navy recruiting ad, 17" x 13".

Lot#: 1395

Display case, 5' x 38" t x 20" d. No front glass

Lot#: 1396

Metal Navy recruiting sign, 41" x 30".

Lot#: 1397

Metal "speed limit 35" sign, 30" x 24".

Lot#: 1398

Fishing rods, reels and net.

Lot#: 1399

Wall mounted pencil sharpener.

Lot#: 1400

Bowling pins.

Lot#: 1501

33 Buffalo/Indian head nickels,

Dates are extremely worn

Lot#: 1502

44 Buffalo/Indian head nickels

Very worn dates, but most can be determined.

Lot#: 1503

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1504

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1505

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1506

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1507

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1508

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1509

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1510

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1511

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents. No D mint marks.

Lot#: 1512

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1513

15 1972 UNC Lincoln cents.

Lot#: 1514

3 1943 Steel Lincoln cents

Lot#: 1515

3 Civil War tokens

1863 - The Flag of our Union-If Anybody Attempts to Tear it Down, Shoot Him on the Spot, Our Country, Army & Navy-The Federal Union, It Must and Shall be Preserved

Lot#: 1516

1904 ?V? nickel, 1975-D Jefferson nickel,

And a $5 Mexican coin.

Lot#: 1517

1828 US Large cent

Lot#: 1518

1837 US Large cent

Lot#: 1519

1845 US Large cent

Lot#: 1520

1995 Silver Eagle - 1 oz Fine Silver

Lot#: 1521

Small glass pitcher the coins were stored

In-about a half gallon.

Lot#: 1522

Approximately 50 Lincoln steel cents.

Most are pretty rough condition.

Lot#: 1523

Quart bag of Lincoln Memorial cents.

Lot#: 1524

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1525

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1526

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1527

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1528

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1529

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1530

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1531

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1532

Approximately 100 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1533

Approximately 75 Lincoln wheat cents.

Lot#: 1534

Old Kroger coffee can, missing key

Lot#: 2000

Torch Set. Canisters contain liquid.

Lot#: 2001

Metal cabinet with contents. 42" x 34" x 12".

Lot#: 2002

Craftsman tool boxes with contents. See photos.

Lot#: 2003

2 Metal shelving units and contents.

Measures 85" x 36" x 12". See photos.

Lot#: 2004

1/2 ton hoist, 11' W x 10' T x 6' D.

This is a 10'x11' huge A-Frame that does not come apart. Make plans to bring help to load and haul.

Lot#: 2005

2 Metal shelving units with contents.

Measures 85" x 36" x x12".

Lot#: 2006

2 Metal shelving units with contents.

Measures 85" x 36" x 12".

Lot#: 2007

Metal shelving unit and contents,

14 Drawers in each column with 3 columns. 52" x 27.5" x 12".

Lot#: 2008

10' Fiberglass ladder.

Lot#: 2009

Werner 6' ladder.

Lot#: 2010

Rolling cart and contents, 32.5" x 34" x 17".

Lot#: 2011

6 Gas tanks, 33" x 38" metal frame and hoses.

Lot#: 2012

Werner 10' aluminum single & extension ladder.

Lot#: 2013

Birdcage stand.

Lot#: 2014

Locker bin cabinet, 50" l x 21" t x 18" d.

Lot#: 2015

Metal trash can by The Bennet Mfg. Co.,

Measures 36" x 16" x 16".

Lot#: 2016

Heavy Anvil. 24"

Lot#: 2017

Compressor, GX160, Honda 5.5, not tested,

Motor is free.

Lot#: 2018


Lot#: 2019

Box lot of grease guns, oil pan, wire brushes, etc

Lot#: 2020

2 Galvanized trash cans with contents, funnel lid,

And old feed sack.

Lot#: 2021

Vintage wardrobe, 55" w x 87" t x 16" d.

Lot#: 2022

Machine shop equipment, metal stand,

And 2 tool boxes.

Lot#: 2023

Metal stand, 24" x 25"@ base x 19".

John Deere 2010 Crawler Loader Book, piece of marble and misc.

Lot#: 2024

No. Y21, Model C, Owatonna Tool CO., 68" x 34"

Plus metal.

Lot#: 2025

Table grinder (?) , Baldor Industrial Motor,

Single phase, 3/4 HP and contents.

Lot#: 2026

Old tool boxes and contents.

Lot#: 2027

8 Top shelves of metal/iron.

Lot#: 2028

8 Bottom shelves of metal/iron.

Lot#: 2028a

Grinders, vise, table and fuel can with liquid.

Lot#: 2029

Safeway cord reel and electric cord.

Lot#: 2030

Air hose with wall mounted hose reel.

Lot#: 2031

Mixed lot with hand tools, zip ties,

And sanding drum kit.

Lot#: 2032

Snap-On sockets, gauge and chalk.

Lot#: 2033

Tool boxes with contents.

Lot#: 2034

Tresler Comet drum on wheels, welding irons,

And bucket contents.

Lot#: 2035

Metal workbench and contents in the drawers,

Measures 34"t x 60"w x 28"d.

Lot#: 2036

Antique tools and one handle.

Lot#: 2037

Metal shelving unit, 74" x 36" x 18".

Lot#: 2038

Metal shelving unit, 84" x 38" x 30".

Lot#: 2040

4 Wheel floor dolly.

Lot#: 2041

Cables and rope.

Lot#: 2042

Ropes and pullies.

Lot#: 2043

Oil and other liquids on 3 shelves.

Lot#: 2043a

24" Painted saw blade.

Lot#: 2044

Air compressor/paint sprayer by Sears, 150 PSI,

Twin cylinder utility, 2 HP.

Lot#: 2045

Grinder on stand.

Lot#: 2046

Heavy duty grinder on stand.

Lot#: 2047

Misc. metals.

Lot#: 2048

5 Heavy garage door type springs.

Lot#: 2049

Heavy work table with contents. 36" x 30" x 24".

Lot#: 2050

Metal cabinet with contents & galvanized trash can

Lid and contents. Cabinet measures 30" x 12.5" x 10".

Lot#: 2051

Metal cabinet and contents w/ SS Bar stock

7' x 6' x 21".

Lot#: 2052

Several pieces of plexiglass, different sizes.

Lot#: 2053

Framed US Army WWII Asiatic-Pacific Theater

1941-1945 Map, 24 x 36.

Lot#: 2054

Uniform accessories and Enlisted Insignia's,

cc 1983, 20 x 24.

Lot#: 2055

lath material w some SS Bar Stock, 64" x 60.

Lot#: 2056

4 Cabinets, top and contents, 48" x 72".

Lot#: 2057

4 Cabinets, top and contents, 48" x 72".

Lot#: 2058

2 Metal drums, 22.5" x 16.5" stamped Civil Defense

Lot#: 2059

2 "C" clamps, jaw 8.25" and 2.25".

Lot#: 2060

Box lot of hoses.

Lot#: 2061

2 Framed periodicals, 1 golf art.

Dated May 8, 1945 and June 30, 1950. Glass is broken on one print.

Lot#: 2062

Heavy duty grounded extension cord.

Lot#: 2063

Glass display case, 5' x 38" x 20".

Glass on one end is cracked.

Lot#: 2064

Old Cosco Step Stool.

Lot#: 3000

Canedy Otto, Cincinnati 21 Sliding Head Spindle *

Drill Press. Came on when tested. This is a huge 1500+ lb machine. This item can not be removed until the week after the auction. Hosea riggers quote to move outside the building and load on your trailer is $3,000 AT BUYERS EXPENSE (for all three machines) A section of the barn wall will have to be removed to get it to the edge of the barn slab.

Lot#: 3001

Delta Rockwell Drill Press, serial #116-5720 *

Came on when tested. Bring lots of help to remove and load.

Lot#: 3002

Monarch Series "K" Lathe with additional parts.

See photos, has two lots. 1500+ lb machine. This item can not be removed until the week after the auction. Hosea riggers quote to move outside the building and load on your trailer is $3,000 AT BUYERS EXPENSE (for all three machines) A section of the barn wall will have to be removed to get it to the edge of the barn slab

Lot#: 3003

1000 lb Pick Up Truck Lift by Central. *

Model # S-1647.You will be responsible to remove from the floor

Lot#: 3005

Cincinnati Milling Machine, Serial #6J4V5R-82,

220 Volts. Came on when tested. 1500+ lb machine. This item can not be removed until the week after the auction. Hosea riggers quote to move outside the building and load on your trailer is $3,000 AT BUYERS EXPENSE (for all three machines) A section of the barn wall will have to be removed to get it to the edge of the barn slab

Lot#: 3006

Table & contents, machine parts.

Table is 32" x 32" x 24".

Lot#: 3007

Parts shelf, 15" x 25.5".

Lot#: 3008

Miscellaneous metal and wood handles.

Lot#: 3010

Shelving and contents. Miscellaneous iron/metal.

Lot#: 3011

Dura Gauge, Iron hammer and miscellaneous.

See all photos.

Lot#: 3012

Drill bits and metal stamps.

Lot#: 3013

Miscellaneous items from the machine shop.

See all photos.

Lot#: 3014

Miscellaneous items from the machine shop.

See all photos.

Lot#: 3015

Drill bits.

Lot#: 3016

Drill bits, B&D tool case, steel stamps,

Drive pin punches, gaskets, etc.

Lot#: 3017

Fire plug.

Lot#: 3018

Metal shelving, 110" w x 39" t x 21.5" d,

With contents in drawers and on bottom shelf. See all photos.

Lot#: 3019

2 Metal cases, 6.5" x 9.5" x 24" and contents.

Lot#: 3020

2 Metal cases, 6.5" x 9.' x 24" and contents.

B&D Extra Heavy Duty Drill, worked when tested.

Lot#: 3021

2 Metal cases, 6.5" x 9.' x 24" and contents.

B&D 3/8" Drill, B&D Die Grinder and Dumore. All worked when tested.

Lot#: 3022

All drill bits and pieces of iron/metal on top of

This cabinet, this section.

Lot#: 3023

All bins and their contents.

Measures 10'2" w x 42" t x 24" d. Bring lots of help to unload drawers, move and load cabinets.

Lot#: 3024

2 Metal parts cabinets and their contents.

Measures 12" t x 16" w x 12" d.

Lot#: 3025

Box lot of miscellaneous parts.

Lot#: 3026

Iron weights, meting pots, rack & misc iron.

See photos.

Lot#: 3027

Shelf with drawers, sliding door cabinet & content

Measures 9'L x 39" t x 22" d

Lot#: 3028

Shop table, 30" t x 22" x 23.5".

Lot#: 3029

Grinder on stand, worked when tested.

Lot#: 3030

Lyman Mold Master Electric Furnace,

One Lee and one Mould Master XX.

Lot#: 3031

Metal desk and contents, 54" L x 34" t x 31" d

And metal plate, 3" t x 30.5" x 24.5". See photos.

Lot#: 3032

6 Drawer rolling tool cabinet, 8 metal parts bins

And all contents in cabinet, bins and cubbies on the side of the cabinet.

Lot#: 3033

Johnson Sea Horse Boat Motor with stand,

And one Evinrude outboard motor. Not tested.

Lot#: 3034

1 Metal wall cabinet, 42" t x 36" w x 21" d.

Lot#: 3035

1 Metal cabinet with safe inside (no combo).

Measures 42" x 36" x 21".

Lot#: 3036

6 Drawer metal file cabinet used for tools.

Lot#: 3037

Old iron stove with Magic Heat Blower.

Needs to be dismantled and removed in a professional manner. Bring lots of help and a plan . We have no idea how heavy this is. Appx. 38" t x 28" w x 41" d.

Lot#: 3038

Deake Arbor press with bench and contents.

Measures 37" t x 22" w x 24" d.

Lot#: 3039

2 Sets of metal shelving, 7' t x 6' w x 19" d,

And contents. Needs to be dismantled.

Lot#: 3040

1 Metal shelving unit and contents,

Measures 7' t x 37" w x 19" d. Needs to be dismantled.

Lot#: 3041

Wall mounted wire shelf and contents.

Needs to be removed from the wall.

Lot#: 3042

8 Folding chairs.

Lot#: 3043

2 Metal flag poles on floor stands.

Lot#: 3044

2 Shelving units & contents. 84" t x 74" w x 19" d

Need to be dismantled.

Lot#: 3045

2 Shelving units & contents. 84" t x 74" w xd19"d.

Needs to be dismantled.

Lot#: 3046

2 Metal shelving units, 84" t x 72" w x 19" d.

Includes all parts bins and contents.

Lot#: 3047

Military helmet.

Lot#: 3048

Military helmet liner.

Lot#: 3049

Military helmet with liner.

Lot#: 3050

Infant gas mask.

Lot#: 3051

Military canister for a gas mask

Lot#: 3052

Medium adult gas mask.

Lot#: 3053

Military gas mask.

Lot#: 3054

Gas mask with pamphlet.

Lot#: 3055

Canteen with pouch.

Lot#: 3056

military light.

Lot#: 3057

Folding military shovel with canvas pouch.

Lot#: 3058

Avril Solder and National Lead Co.

Lot#: 3059

Military ID tags.

Lot#: 3060

Submarine Service USN ring.

Alpha and something else is inscribed inside the ring. Not sure of size.

Lot#: 3061

Decontamination packet kit w/ case & shoulder bag.

Lot#: 3062

U.S. military canvas holders,

And Japanese ammo holder.

Lot#: 3063

Water canteen with holder.

Lot#: 3064

Japanese mess kit, holder only and misc items.

See photos.

Lot#: 3065

2 USN mess kits with silverware inside.

Lot#: 3066

Canvas air pump ?

Lot#: 3067

Canteen stamped Germany, cloth ammo bag,

And miscellaneous pieces.

Lot#: 3068

Military phone in a bag.

Lot#: 3069

Audio Oscillator USAF.

Lot#: 3070

Military belts, ammo pouch, USN belt buckle,

And other military items.

Lot#: 3071

1924 Johnson Outboard motor.

Lot#: 3072

Metal Cutting Band Saw with manual.

Lot#: 3073

26" Wood and rubber wheel. Very heavy.

Lot#: 3074

Toy Jeep Trailer matches lot #3075.

Made of plastic. Note broken spot on front wall. 12" x 8".

Lot#: 3075

Jeep vehicle matches lot #3074.

Made of plastic. 21" x 10".

Lot#: 3076

Metal military tank. 4.75" x 2.5".

Lot#: 3077

Metal military tank (toy). 4.75" x 2.25".

Lot#: 3078

Metal military tank (toy). 5" x 2.5".

Lot#: 3079

Metal military tank (toy). 5" x 3".

Lot#: 3080

Metal military car (toy). 5" x 2".

Lot#: 3081

Hinged angle vises.

Lot#: 3082

Bolt cutters and furniture clamp.

Lot#: 3083

Navy poster, 19" x 14".

Lot#: 3084

Paper sign "Thank You For Smoking", 11" x 17".

Lot#: 3085

Old pencil sharpener, Hub Cap, insulator,

Old sad iron and iron weights.

Lot#: 3086

Old metal bread box and contents. See photos.

Lot#: 3087

Cannon ball on stand.

Lot#: 3088

Homemade cannon. Not intended to be fired

Lot#: 3089

All welding material, face shields, goggles,

Rods, etc. plus milk crate.

Lot#: 3090

Wood carpenters box on wheels,

Approximately 32" x 16" x 15.5".

Lot#: 3091

Black & Decker Cut Saw in case.

Worked when tested.

Lot#: 3092

Stanley Sabre Saw, model H75B in case.

Lot#: 3093

Portable cabinet on wheels,

Measures approximately 25" x 24" x 22".

Lot#: 3094

Craftsman Hand Sander in case.

Worked when tested

Lot#: 3095

Old wood box with contents. 6.6" t x 11" w x 7"d.

Lot#: 3096

Compass from W.S. Darley & Co.

Lot#: 3096a

Cavalry Sword, inscribed 3692, 1",

V 183:7 (possibly). Appx. 29" long.

Lot#: 3096b

Sword. Markings are hard to read,

Gunthler is visible. Appx. 30" long.

Lot#: 3096c

Machette, Approx. 22.5" long.

Lot#: 3096d

Leather holster, very large

Measures approx 14" l x 8" w.

Lot#: 3097

Miscellaneous hand tools, parts and Reamers.

Lot#: 3098

Box lot of miscellaneous items. See photos.

Lot#: 3099

Weller Soldering Iron in case.

Came on when tested.

Lot#: 3100

Containers of lead.

Lot#: 3101

Creeper. Wood top is not attached.

Lot#: 3101a

Stainless Steel Heavy Metal box. Appx. 5" x 17" x


Lot#: 3102

Ammo box with drill bits.

Lot#: 3103

Cheer Up Wood Box. Appx. 9" x 10.5" x 17".

Lot#: 3104

Heater / utility hand crank. Model 796-A

Stewart Warner Chicago

Lot#: 4000

Fuel or kero pump

Lot#: 4001

Log splitter, motor free. See all photos.

Lot#: 4002

Bundle of hand tools.

Lot#: 4003

2 Metal frames, 5' x 2' and one metal sign frame.

Lot#: 4004

Freeride 110 Snowboard.

Lot#: 4005

One 4 ft., and two 5 ft. Flexible Flyer sleds.

Lot#: 4006

Saw horse (see photos),galvanized tub, 2 metal

can's, one rusted out at the bottom, old metal yard chair, metal post's, chain, funnel, razor wire, single plow blade and other metal.

Lot#: 4007

All metal and 3 clay chimney liners.

Lot#: 4009

3 pnt homemade boom pole

Lot#: 4010

12' x 6' Trailer frame.

Lot#: 4011

Red metal yard cart, 3'4" x 2'6".

Lot#: 4012

6x4 Utility trailer Metal floor.

Box is 6' x 4'.

Lot#: 4013

Tractor Supply County Line 5' Cutter.

Lot#: 4013a

5 Sided metal storage unit,

Approximately 70" t x 43" x 34" x 61" x 34". See all photos. VERY HEAVY. please bring your own manpower to load.

Lot#: 4014

Case International 385 Tractor.

approx 982 hours. Tractor started with battery boost. Fuel drip leak at bottom of fuel pump. Left side of 3point lift has a broken linkage.

Lot#: 4015

Everything on the shelves, left side of shelter.

Lot#: 4015a

Iron beam, 16'6" x 3.5".

Lot#: 4015b

Very heavy metal dolly. Appx. 40" x 19".

Lot#: 4015c

12 Hand tools.

Lot#: 4015d

Iron breaker bar.

Lot#: 4015e

7 Hand tools.

Lot#: 4015f

7 Hand tools, 2 stick sanders, 1 jack & 1 blade

Lot#: 4015h

Metal, rebar and metal fencing parts.

Lot#: 4015j


Lot#: 4016

6 Plastic barrels.

Lot#: 4017

Several buckets, plastic and metal.

Lot#: 4019

2 Containers of hand tools, 2 cycle engine oil,

Stapler, etc.

Lot#: 4020

Weber table top grill. Appx. 17" tall (top of

handle) x 14" diameter.

Lot#: 4023

6 Propane tanks and 1 gas container.

Lot#: 4023a


Lot#: 4023b


Lot#: 4023c

Galvanized oval tub. Appx. 42.5" l x 24" w x 11"


Lot#: 4024

5 Shelf metal cabinet, no door, 63" x 15" x 12".

Lot#: 4027

6 Blades and 5 window weights.

Lot#: 4028

Broken cast iron bell, #3, no dinger

And small piece of railroad rail.

Lot#: 4029

4 Disc/plow blades.

Lot#: 4030

Galvanized water can.

Lot#: 4031

Milk crate of assorted chains.

Lot#: 4032

Vise, Parker #271.

Lot#: 4033

2 Galvanized buckets. #10 on bottom of one bucket.

Lot#: 4034

2 Stands and one walker.

Lot#: 4035

Propane tank with flame thrower.

Lot#: 4036

4 Military gas tanks.

Lot#: 4037

Vintage Fire Extinguisher.

Lot#: 4038

Metal case, approximately 15" t x 18" w x 9.5" d.

Lot#: 4039

Folding lounge chairs, 3 metal folding chairs,

And 3 stools.

Lot#: 4040

Metal "Danger" sign on metal post, approx 5' 8" t

Lot#: 4041

Vivitar 8 x 50 Binoculars.

Lot#: 4042

Propane tank with heater attachment.

Lot#: 4043

Plastic case outdoor thermometer.

Lot#: 4044

Stone grinding wheel w/ one 17" & one 16" wheel

Lot#: 4045

Table gun rest, approximately 37" x 24" x 24".

Lot#: 4045a

Parker vise, 14" x 8",

Lot#: 4046

Craftsman table saw on stand with wheels. Did not

Did not test

Lot#: 4047

2 Metal Visitor Parking Only signs, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 4048

Two Hour Parking sign, metal, 18" x 12".

Lot#: 4049

Metal 30 minute parking sign, 12" x 12"

Lot#: 4050

Private Tow Away Zone metal sign, 24" x 18"

Lot#: 4051

Route 66 metal sign, 15.5" x 15.5".

Lot#: 4052

Everything on these shelves as seen in photos.

Lot#: 4053

18' Aluminum ladder.

Lot#: 4054

Metal stand, fencing, tomato cages & misc. iron.

Lot#: 4055

Frame for a carrier, 30" t x 36" w.

Lot#: 4056

Large iron kettle in good condition.

No handle or stand. 32" x 17' d.

Lot#: 4057

Iron bell on a mounting bracket.

Approximately 15" x 8", has dinger.

Lot#: 4058

Commercial Spotlight, 24" w. rewired for bulb

Lot#: 4059

Part of a fountain and half of a plastic barrel.

Lot#: 4060

Pieces of a carrier frame, 38" x 18" x 18",

And misc. piece of metal, 33.5" x 12.5".

Lot#: 4061

Vintage plow.

Lot#: 4062

One 10' wood tongue, and 3 pieces of I-Beam,

11'6" x 6" (2) and 18" x 8" (1).

Lot#: 4063

2 Frames, 1 43" wheel and metal fence posts.

Lot#: 4064

1 Metal road block type gate,

Approximately 13' 11" long.

Lot#: 4065

Piece of iron.

Lot#: 4066

Old iron fireplug.

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