Friday October 18, 2019 12:00 pm | 110-8350 Chiles Industrial Ave, Red Deer, AB. CA.
110-8350 Chiles Industrial Ave, Red Deer
Viewing: Monday to Friday 8:00am-4:30pm at 110-8350 Chiles Industrial Ave, Red Deer. Pick Up Monday Oct 21-25th. Auctioneers Note: Large amount of household items, including yard and shop tools.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. McDougall Auctioneers Ltd, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

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Subject to additions and deletions. Not responsible for errors. DL # 313316.

Lot#: 2000

10" Skilsaw Table Saw UNRESERVED

15 Amps 120V Model 3400

Lot#: 2001

10" Skilsaw Table Saw On Stand With Attachment UNRESERVED

15 Amps 120V Model 3400

Lot#: 2002

Outdoor Fire Pit UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2003


Lot#: 2004

Briggs & Stratton Easy Spin Rototiller UNRESERVED

Gasoline Engine Model 10-523-05

Lot#: 2005

Simoniz Pressure Washer 200PSI UNRESERVED

Peak Pressure 2000 Psi 120V Model XE16

Lot#: 2006


Lot#: 2007

Char-Boil Propane Smoker UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2008

Tires With Rims 235/75R15, Small Tire 6.00512 UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2009

Normark Fin-Bore Ice Auger UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2010


Model # 9867-87X

Lot#: 2011

Glass Top Table, Umbrella With Stand UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2012

Foldable Closet With Hangers and Garment Bag UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2013

Wine Rack (Holds 168), Bottle Holder Racks ( Holds 64 and 25) UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2014

Dresser (Plus Contents) UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2015


60"X30" Side Piece 42"X18"

Lot#: 2016

Table With Leaf UNRESERVED

42"X42" Table 42"X18" Leaf

Lot#: 2017

Built in Kenmore Sewing Machine (Plus Contents in Drawers) UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2018



Lot#: 2019

Coffee Table, Magazine Holder UNRESERVED

Coffee Table 47.5"X17.5"X17.5"

Lot#: 2020

Panasonic Microwave UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2021

Unused Coleman Drip Coffee Maker UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2022

TNT Golf Bag With Clubs UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2023

Bennington Golf Bag With Clubs, Golf Balls UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2024

Glovelt Golf Bag With Clubs UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2025


Lot#: 2026



Lot#: 2027

8 Track Stereo and Cassette Player/Recorder, Speakers, Coffee Table UNRESERVED

Model RE-1209

Lot#: 2028


Model MFCO7M1BW1

Lot#: 2029

Box Spring and Queen Mattress UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2030


Lot#: 2031


4' X 3'

Lot#: 2032

Kenmore Stand-up Freezer UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2033

China Cabinet With Extra Glass UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2034

Standing Cabinets- Must Take 3 Times the Money UNRESERVED

Lot#: 2035

Hardwood Dresser and Mirror UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3000

Sprinkler, Sprayer, Brush, Shovels, Electric Weed Eater UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3001

Trimmer, Gloves, Shovels, Unused Brass Hose Repair Kit, Unused Brass Hose Joiner, Dog Leash Holder, Unused Boiler Drain Tops 1/2" UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3002

Three Drawer Cabinet, Unused Small Bags, Unused Trim, Beads, Hooks UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3003

Fishing Hooks, Containers, Beads, Mustad Snelled Hooks UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3004

59 Drawer Container, Ribbions, Pins, Fishing Hooks UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3005

30 Drawer Container, Assorted Fishing Hooks and Supplies UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3006

Tackle Box, Wobble Jig, Fishing Hooks, Ice Fishing Hooks UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3007

Unused Ice Fishing Hooks, Fly Fishing Hooks, Fishing Hooks, UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3008

Matrin Fly 8067E 8' Line WT. 6/7 Rod, Martin Classic Fly 8' Line WT. 7/8 Rod UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3009

Sub-Zero Ice Fishing Rod UNRESERVED

Model 3 SZ-28

Lot#: 3010

Zebco Fishing Rods, Enfrocer Medium Action Fishing Rod UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3011

Unsued Duststop Air Filters UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3012

Bissell Vaccum UNRESERVED

Model # 6599-B 120V

Lot#: 3013

Light Shades, Bases, Unsued Globe With Mount UNRESERVED

6 Light Shades 6 Bases 1 Globe With Mount

Lot#: 3014

Dremel Flexible Shaft UNRESERVED

Model # 225

Lot#: 3015

Axe, Ptimer Bulb, Assorted Wrenches, 5" Scroll Saw Blade, Unused Dry Wall Anchors, Bits, Saw Blades UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3016

Floor Creepers UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3017

Hooks, Unused Storm Door Chain, Dry Wall Screws, Unused Masonary Anchors, Hose Splicer UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3018

Nails, Electrical Cable, Aire Hose, Primary Wire, Biscuit Hardwood Shapes UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3019

5' Step Ladder UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3020


Lot#: 3021

Single Bed Frame UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3022


Model #TC180A 500W 120V

Lot#: 3023

Pine Planks 12"x96" UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3024

Landscape Fabric UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3025

3in1 Silent-Step Under Layment, Rolls of Plastic UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3026

Unused Little Giant Utility Pump UNRESERVED

Model # 360 115V 1.6 Amps

Lot#: 3027

Unused Screws UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3028

Hand Saws, Levels, Chalk Line, Hack Saw, Sander, Ruler UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3029

Heater, Ice Melt, Electrical Bars, Screen Spline, Unused Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper, Air compresser, Sanding Discs UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3030

Assorted BBQ Utencils, Stove Rack, Hot Dog Sticks UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3031

Daewoo Air Condtioning 19" UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3032

Assorted Plaster Tools, Sand Paper, Trowels, Chalk Line UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3033

Metal Shelf 36"x75" UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3034

Fasteners, Unused Nails UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3035

Paint Rollers, Caulking Guns, Electrical Testers, Measuring Tapes UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3036

Knee Kicker, Tile Cutters, Level, Grind' n Sand Fibre Discs 7"x7/8" UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3037

Vareity of Oil, Windshield Washer Fluid UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3038

Sockets, Air Hose Ends, Unused Fasteners, Nails for Nail Gun UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3039

Ceramic BBQ Briquettes, Coors Sign, Unused Hose Repair Kit, Wine Rack, Crafstman Battery Chargers, Batteries UNRESERVED

Craftsman Charger 18V

Lot#: 3040

Fire Extinguisher, Propane Bottles, Torches, Roller Wheels, C- Clamps UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3041

Tarps, Wooden Box UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3042

Jerry Cans (Plus the Fuel inside) UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3043

Freight Dolly UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3044


Lot#: 3045


Lot#: 3046

Folding Saw Horses UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3047

Shovels, Rakes,Brooms, Floor Squeege UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3048

Unused Roof Snow Shovel UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3049

Tie Downs, Axe, Chicken Wire, Thermostat UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3050


Lot#: 3051

Traps (Mice, Skunks, Squirrels) UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3052

Chair, Stools UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3053

Jacks, Two Ton Hydraulic Jack UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3054

Propane Tank With Torch UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3055

Folding Lawn Chairs UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3056

Ice Pick, Broom, Snow Shovels UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3057

Garden Hose, Black & Decker Weed Eater, Plastic UNRESERVED

Weed Eater 120V

Lot#: 3058

Garden Hose, Electrical Cords UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3059

Wooden Sawhorses UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3060

Screens, Shop Vac, Fire Place Cleaner Set, Plastic Hosing, Kingsford Charcoals UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3061

Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Bolts UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3062

Floor Jacks, Delonghi Heater UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3063

Saw Clock, Suit Cases, Christmas Lights UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3064

Gold Carriers, Golf Balls, T-Mat, Ping Golf Bag with Clubs, Golf Bag UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3065

Blinds, Unused Cafe Rod, Unused Mini Blinds UNRESERVED

Sizes: 36"x45" 48"x45" 28"x48" 31.5"W 43.5"W 35.5"W 27.5"W

Lot#: 3066

Mugs, Jars, Pumpkin Ornament, Potpourri Stove, Unused Elastic, Unused Self Gripping Fastener UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3067

Pictures, Frame UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3068

Battery Cables, Motomaster Battery Charger UNRESERVED

Model B-141 292-902

Lot#: 3069

Bolt Bins, Caulking UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3070

Hammers, Tools, Fish Tape, Sandpaper UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3071

Drill Bits, Air Chisel Set, Socket Screw Driver Set, Glove Box Tool Kit UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3072

Glue Guns, Glue, Staple Guns, Metal Bracketing, Staples (Assorted Sizes) UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3073

Nails, Screw Drivers, Wrenches, Sanders, Welder Gun, Unused Elmers Wood Filler UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3074

Pro Pulse Air Stapler, 18 Gauge Brad Nails, 18 Gauge Staples UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3075

ROK 18 Gauge Air Stapler UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3076

1/2" Impact Wrench, Stanley Electric Stapler, Skil Saw, Heat Gun UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3077

Sandpaper and Discs, Jobmate 4 1/2" Angle Grinder, Black& Decker Sander, Mastercraft Sheet Sander UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3078

Fogmaster Jr. Sprayer, Rubber Boots (Size 8) UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3079

Unused Yardworks, Hedge Trimmer UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3080

Laminate Flooring (Different Colours) 4' UNRESERVED

Total Overall Qty, 43 Pieces

Lot#: 3081

Folding Card Table, Wooden Rolling Cabinet, Fire Place Cleaning Set UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3082

Grease Guns, Screws, Wire, Measuring Tape UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3083

Exercise Mats, Dumbbell Weights Set UNRESERVED

2.5 lbs 5 lbs 10 lb

Lot#: 3084

Office Chairs, Fan UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3085

Garbage Bins, Hats, 2' Step Ladder, Cooper Basball Glove, Iron, Sony Beta Moive BMC-110, Mirror UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3086

Squeeges, Umberellas, Weed Sprayer, Snow Brush,Screw Driver Bits, Coleman Propane Catalatic Heater, Coleman Air Mattress UNRESERVED

Heater Model 5447-901

Lot#: 3087

Tea Pot, Elephant Collectables, Jars, Mugs, Glasses, Unused Foil Trays UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3088

Pie Plates, Roaster Dishes UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3089

Candle Holders, Ash Trays, Beer Glasses, Set of Glasses, Napkin Holder, Mug, Jar UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3090

Bissell Powerlifter Vaccum, Haussmann Aspirator Vacuum UNRESERVED

Bissell Model L660 Haussmann 5 Gallon 23 L Model 964-06 120V

Lot#: 3091

Patterned Rug UNRESERVED

Pattern Rug 62.5"X84.5" Brown Rug 68.5"X137"

Lot#: 3092

Variety of Tools, Stanley Heavy Duty Stapler UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3093

Brooms, Mops, Coat Wall Racks, Mop Cloth Heads, Dusters UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3094

V-Tech Phones, Baskets, Power Bars, 8" Unused Chimeny Brush, Door Mat, Unused Christmas Lights UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3095

Filing Cabinet With File Folders UNRESERVED


Lot#: 3096


Model 27A32

Lot#: 3097

13" Electrohome and Citizen TV's, Remote UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3098

Folding Chairs, Wooden Folding TV Dinner Stand UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3099

Folding Camping Chairs, Horse Shoe Game Set UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3100

Plungers, Wicker Baskets, Frames,Traveling Outlet Converter UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3101

Food Saver V300 With Unused Rolls, Cuttlery Organizer, Mixer Accessories, Bowls, Brass Dishes, Brass Candle Holders UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3102

Poker Chip Set, Cookie Cutters, Crib Board, Pastry Mat, Veggie Slicers, Shoe Traction Clip Ons, Unused Christmas Lights UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3103

Punch Bowl Set, Bowls, Jars,Glasses, Voss, Salt&Pepper Shakers, Rose Bowl UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3104

Cake Pans, Tea Pot, Shot Glasses, Glass Lazy Susan, Casserole Dish, Mixing Bowl, Corelle Platter UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3105

Crystsl Dishes, Pickle Dish, Cups, Fruit Bowl, Whiskey Glasses UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3106

Placemats, Shredder, Whicker Baskets, Knife Sets, Kitchen Cutterly, Cutting Boards UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3107

Shot Glasses, Crystal Bowls, Fruit Bowls, Flutes, Platter, Wine Glasses UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3108

Philips Bread Maker, Black&Decker Toaster, Flat Top Grill, Flavour Center Steamer, Pizza Pan, Muffin Tins, Wire Racks UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3109

Tiger Woods Book, Extension Cords, Unused DVD's, Unused VHs Taspes, Coleman Lantern, Coleman Cooler, Oil Patch Belt Buckles UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3110

Stainless Steel Pots, Ice Cream Maker, Popcorn Popper, Toaster, Unused Tin Pans, Pitchers UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3111

Crib Boards, Puzzles, Building Blocks, Brass Voss's, Pictionary Game UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3112

Tea Pot, Plastic Plates, Pasta Dishes With Bowl, Glasses UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3113

Jars, 25th Anniversary Cups, Lazy Susan, Curling Rock UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3114

Bundt Pans, Pie Pans, Cooking Tools,Rolling Pins, Muffin/Tart Tins UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3115

Bundt Pans, Oven Mitts, Wine Cork Cooler, Can Opener, Skewers, Corn Holders, Unuse Shoe Polish Kit UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3116

Collectors Spoons With Racks UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3117


Lot#: 3118

Bed Rails With Wheels UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3119

Extension Cords, Kettles, Tim Hortons Coffee Maker, Roaster Pan, Sun Beam Mix Master UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3120

Arm Chairs - Must Take 2 Times the Money UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3121

Board Games, Dart Board, Storage Box UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3122

Canning Jars, Lids, Seals UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3123

Unused Canning Jars UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3124

Gold Club Head Covers, Duffle Bag, First Aid Kit, Money Clips,Pocket Knife, Binoculars, Exercise Ball UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3125

Frames, Bulbs, Mirrors UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3126

4' Artifical Christmas Tree, Lights, Ornaments, Wrapping Paper UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3127

Artifical Christmas Tree and Lights/Ornaments UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3128

8-Tracks, Cassette Tapes, Unused Cassette Tapes UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3129

Black Shelf, Wooden Stand UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3130

Book Shelf, Whicker Drawer Stand UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3131

Cookie Tins, Step Ladder, Pin Board, Tupperwear, Pro Heat 2X Bissell Vaccum UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3132

Clip Boards,Binders, Not Pads, Shoe Rack, Office Supplies, Unsued CD's, Hangers UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3133

Tri Pods, Cassette Players, Alarm Clocks, Water Flosser, Shaver, Cameras UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3134

Record Player With Records UNRESERVED

Model LL35638

Lot#: 3135


Lot#: 3136


Lot#: 3137


Lot#: 3138


Lot#: 3139

VHS Player, 13" TV, Key Board, Power Bar, DVR's UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3140

Camping Cups, Plates, Coffee Pot, Axe UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3141

Monitor, Harddrives, Key Board, CD's, Kids Books, Speakers UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3142


Lot#: 3143

Cuisinart Meat Grinder, Food Dehydrator's UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3144

Iron Table, Cat Carrier, Wire Racks, Hoover Vaccum, Fan UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3145

Screws, Cobra Cable Chain, Sandpaper, Extension Cords, Fans's, Hanging Work Light UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3146

DVR's, VHS Players, Printer, Video Cassett Recorder, Extension Cords, Power Bar, Alarm Clock UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3147

Foot Stool, Toaster, Electric Can Opener, Cuttlery, Wine Sealimg Tools, Bottle Caps, Picnic Basket, Canning Kit UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3148

File Holders and Folders, Stapler, Light House Light, Plaque, Pencil Bins UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3149

Mugs, Glasses UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3150

Glasses, Mugs, Platter, Bowls, Deep Dish Casserole Pans UNRESERVED

Lot#: 3151

Bowls, Plates, Saucers UNRESERVED

7 Bowls 7 Saucers 8 Plates

Lot#: 3152

China Plates, Saucers, Cups, Platter, Milk and Sugar UNRESERVED

8 Saucers 8 Plates 8 Dessert Plates 7 Bowls 7 Cups

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