Woodworking Exotic Woods

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Thursday September 26, 2019 | Evansville, IN. US. 47715
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If a credit card is declined, it will be processed again as early as the next day. If the credit card is again declined, Bidder will be given three days (72 hours) to make payment arrangements or will be considered in default and the lot(s) Bidder won will be subject to being resold. Payment for all lots must be received by Acclaim no later than 10 days following the auction or the lot(s) are subject to resale to backup bidders. Acclaim shall not be liable to Bidder for any damages caused to Bidder for failure to pay for Bidder's lot(s) within the required time. Any deficiency, together with all expenses and costs of resale, will be the responsibility of the defaulting Bidder. In no event shall the amount owed by the defaulting Bidder be less than the Buyer's Premium printed on the Bidder's original invoice.* This auction will be conducted online only through HiBid. * Bidders may contact Acclaim for detailed descriptions or personal opinions of individual lots. However these are only opinions and not warranties or guarantees. Bidder should always inspect lots at times offered for such inspections to make their own determination of quality and value.* All HiBid bidders must be pre-approved before they can bid. In most cases, the approval process is automatic. On occasion, manual approval is required, and such approvals will be handled as quickly as possible. It is possible that requests just prior to or during the live auction may not receive timely attention. If your registration is declined, please contact HiBid for the reason. * All lots are sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS" AND "WITH ALL FAULTS" with no warranties, express or implied. All sales are final with no returns except for reason of authenticity (proof of non-authenticity by a recognized authentication service is required) or gross description error. There are no returns for disagreements regarding grade or quality of an item. Before a claim for a return for reason of authenticity or gross description error will be reviewed, the Bidder must contact Acclaim within 30 days of the end of the auction. No returns may be made if notice has not been given to Acclaim within that timeframe and agreed upon in writing by Acclaim. All costs related to third party authentication shall be borne by the Bidder. Upon request, Acclaim will reimburse the Bidder (up to $25) for authentication in the event that the lot is determined to not be authentic. There shall be no reimbursement of any expenses to Bidder in the event the item is determined to be authentic. * Auctioneer intends to only photograph the lot being put up for auction, but may in some instances have other items or lots in the frame of the photograph. Read description to determine contents of the lot up for bid. Auctioneer's determination on contents of the lot is final* Acclaim exercises care to describe lot(s) accurately and thoroughly, and that detailed photos are provided to assist our bidders. While Acclaim takes significant effort to provide clear and accurate photographs as well as an opinion of grade and description, Acclaim DOES NOT guarantee the grade or condition of any item. Acclaim is no expert in identification of all varieties and types of merchandise will not be responsible for any misidentified or misdescribed lots. Acclaim strongly encourages interested bidders to view lots and/or ask questions about any lot(s) of interest prior to the auction. If Bidder has any questions about any lot, please contact Acclaim by e-mail at [email protected] * If applicable, Bidder is responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance. Acclaim uses the U.S. Postal Service for shipping using estimated shipping and insurance costs on invoices sent out after the auction. If Bidder has questions about shipping options or costs, please contact Acclaim at [email protected] Bidder agrees no negative review(s) will be given based on cost of shipping. * Acclaim may at their sole discretion agree to ship a lot or lots from an otherwise advertised "no shipping" auction. In addition to payment of all shipping and packaging cots, Acclaim may add up to a $20 per lot handling charge for time and transportation. Bidder should contact Acclaim in advance with any shipping questions for any lot(s).* If winning bidder is unable to pick up item at the specified pick up time(s), they must must make alternative arrangements with Acclaim immediately and authorize a charge of $20.00 plus$5.00 per lot that is required to be moved. Alternate arrangments are available at the sole discretion of Acclaim.* Acclaim shall be neither financially nor legally responsible for any problems Bidder may experience with any electronic equipment or online software that may constrain or prohibit online bidding. In the event that Bidder experiences problems with online bidding, Acclaim asks that Bidder please contact HiBid. * Sellers /Consignors are prohibited from bidding on their own lots. Sellers/ Consignors do have the right to place reserves on any of their lots prior to the auction.* In the case of a dispute during the auction, the decision of the Acclaim is final. In the event of a combined online-on-site auction, tie bids will usually be ruled in favor of the on-site floor bidder.* Acclaim reserves the right to deny bidding privileges and/or to cancel the registration and bids of any bidder in its sole discretion. * Acclaim reserves right to bid on behalf of the Seller, or a buyer or for Acclaim, its managers or employees* By registering to bid on our auction(s), you agree to allow us to email you about future auctions.* Acclaim may attempt to identify and point out problems Acclaim sees with an item, however Acclaim makes no warranties or representations express or implied regarding the same. Acclaim may not be able to identify information including but not limited to: a) that an item has or has not been cleaned, mishandled, damaged, repaired, tooled, etc.; b) that any item is authentic, of a certain quality or grade or will achieve a certain grade by any third party grader; or, c) that any item has a particular provenance. Bidder agrees to the following: a) that grading is subjective; b) that an item's grade has a material effect on value; c) that others may differ with the grading opinions or interpretations of third party graders, Acclaim, or others; and d) that such difference of opinion is not grounds for return, refund, exchange, or price adjustment. Acclaim may announce and/or present the grade and/or description of a third party grading service and/or provide its own description and/or opinion of grade without any warranty or guarantee whatsoever. Each Bidder shall determine his/her own opinion of grade, condition, and value prior to bidding. * BIDDER AGREES TO DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS ACCLAIM, ITS AFFILIATES, MEMBERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES AND PARTNERS, FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LOSSES, DAMAGES, LIABILITIES, JUDGMENTS, FEES AND EXPENSES INCURRED THROUGH THE USE OF THE HIBID BIDDING PLATFORM. 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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Acclaim Auctions LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Woodworking Wood- Possibly Bubinga

Lot#: 2

Woodworking Wood- Possibly Bubinga

Lot#: 3

Honduran or Tropical Walnut for Woodworking

Lot#: 4

Honduran or Tropical Walnut for Woodworking

Lot#: 5

May be Peruvian, Honduran and/or Tropical 2 Pieces

Lot#: 6

May be Peruvian, Honduran and/or Tropical 3 Pieces

Lot#: 7

May be Peruvian, Honduran and/or Tropical Walnut

Lot#: 8

May be Peruvian, Honduran and/or Tropical Walnut

Lot#: 9

Exotic Woodworking Wood - Posibly Bubinga?

Lot#: 10

May be Peruvian, Honduran and/or Tropical 3 Pieces

Lot#: 11

May be Peruvian, Honduran and/or Tropical 2 Pieces

Lot#: 12

What Appears to be Bubinga - 2 Pieces

Lot#: 13

Bubinga Very Large Piece 21lbs

Lot#: 14

May be Peruvian or Honduran Walnut 28lbs+

Lot#: 15

Appears to be Mohagany Wood 8 Pieces

Lot#: 16

May be Peruvian or Honduran Walnut 2 Pieces

Lot#: 17

May be Bubinga Long Piece Rough Sawed 10lbs

Lot#: 18

Rough Sawed Bubinga or Honduran Walnut 14lbs

Lot#: 19

May be Osage Orange 3 Pieces

Lot#: 20

Cocobolo Large Long Piece 11lbs+

Lot#: 21

Mixed Exotic Woodworking Woods 20 Pieces 34lbs+

Lot#: 22

May be Peruvian or Honduran Walnut 3 Pieces 12lbs+

Lot#: 23

Appears to be Mahogany for Woodworking - 5 Pieces

Lot#: 24

Mahagony or Bubinga? Large Piece 22lbs+

Lot#: 25

Appears to be Brazilian Cherry or Mahogany 11lbs+

Lot#: 26

Large Piece of Wood Size of Railroad Tie

Lot#: 27

Mixed Lot of Exotic Woodworking Wood 3 Pieces 10lb

Lot#: 28

Bubinga? 2 Large Pieces Woodworking Wood 13lbs+

Lot#: 29

Osage Orange Woodworking Turning Blank Waxed

Lot#: 30

Mixed Lot 7 Pieces Exotic Woodworking Wood 19lbs+

Lot#: 31

A Variety of Mixed Lumber

Lot#: 32

Variety of Exotic Woodworking Wood 20 Thin Pieces

Lot#: 33

Large Cocobolo for Woodworking Turning Blank 15lbs

Lot#: 34

Redheart and Purplehear Woodworking Wood 2 Pieces

Lot#: 35

Tub of Smaller Exotic Wood Pieces Over 36lbs

Lot#: 36

Mahagony or Bubinga Some May Be Turning Blanks 6lb

Lot#: 37

May Be Osage Orange Turning Blank 3lbs

Lot#: 38

3 Large Pieces of Bubinga Woodworking Wood 22lbs

Lot#: 39

10 Blanks Honduran or Tropical Walnut Wood 14lb

Lot#: 40

4 Large Pieces Tropical Walnut 19lbs+

Lot#: 41

2 Pieces of Tropical Walnut for Woodworking 25lbs

Lot#: 42

3 Pieces Tropical Walnut 17 lbs

Lot#: 43

5 Pieces of Woodworking Maple 22lbs

Lot#: 44

Brazilian Cherry & Mahagony Wood? 6 Pieces 19lbs

Lot#: 45

Cherry or Bubinga 6 Pieces for Woodworking 19lbs

Lot#: 46

Cherry Bubinga or Mahagony? 5 Pieces 21 lbs

Lot#: 47

Mixed Exotic Wood Working Woods 5 Pieces 24lbs

Lot#: 48

Turning Blanks Padauk Mahogony Woods 14 lbs

Lot#: 49

Variety of Exotic Woods Very Long Cut Pieces 38lbs

Lot#: 50

Mixed Exotic Woodworking Wood Lot of Larger Pieces

Lot#: 51

Variety of 10 Woodworking Wood Long Narrow Pieces

Lot#: 52

Bundle of Wood 6 Pieces

Lot#: 53

Cherry or Mahagony? 3 Pieces 1 with Bark 10lbs

Lot#: 54

Maple or Osage Orange? Wood Blanks 7 Pcs 19lbs

Lot#: 55

Osage and Maple Woods 2 Pieces 7 lbs

Lot#: 56

5 Turning Blanks Cocobolo and Others 12lbs

Lot#: 57

Peruvian Walnut? and Other 7 Pieces 21lbs

Lot#: 58

9 Pieces Exotic Wood Working Wood

Lot#: 59

Box of Hobby and Craft Wood 13 Pieces

Lot#: 60

Bar Clamps Wood Clamps C-Clamps 17+pieces

Lot#: 61

12 Pieces of Hobby and Craft Wood Blanks

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